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Looking for EU timezone players/LS/FC

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Hello RPC, I have returned from a long absense to the game as of yesterday. However it has sadly come to my attention that I am no longer able to be around for US prime time and therefore I am looking for some more EU timezone friendly people (I am GMT) to hang out with. LS, FC any of those things really.


Mainly looking for RPz and people who like to run stuff because I am -waaaaaay- behind on everything and more than a little rusty.


Anyways hope to see some of you around :D

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More EU players? and nearly missed this thread? Shame on me.


More seriously, having a lots of contacts during indecent hours, would surely gladly got some too during more reasonable times for sure.


(and having glanced over the RPC wiki to see who was this Renaise, seem like an intriguing guy)

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