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Treasure hunting Lalafriend needs help finding connections

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I'm relatively new to RP in this game, despite having done similar things elsewhere, and could really use some help getting into it and having a few friends to play with on Balmung.

My character Kokoli Koli is a Lalafell who seeks to learn to improve her magical abilities in arcanism and conjury so that she may become a successful treasure hunter, and find the most interesting artifacts and hidden relics Eorzea has to offer. She's also a friendly person in general, and would be easy to pull along into other characters' plots and activities. 

Primarily I'd just like to find her more friends, maybe even someday a relationship, and possibly linkshells to join that cater to light-hearted RPers that aren't grim and hardcore all the time. Also would enjoy doing things like running dungeons IC!


Unfortunately my available times are often late at night, such as after 11 or 12 EST (3-4 AM GMT), and I may be sometimes occupied with friends off-server.

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Hi! Cute lalafell, check. Learning arcanima and conjury, check. Likes treasure hunting, check. Looking for more buddies... check! 


Seems to me Kokoli would benefit from our linkshell Order of Ouroboros. We're a secret mage society FC/LS and our goal is to teach mages to be responsible wielders of magic, find and secure rare, old and forbidden artefacts and knowledge and save Eorzea from some crazy thaumaturges or voidsent. 


We have weekly events on the weekends usually, I don't know if that would fit in with your schedule better? Anyways, feel free to get in touch and good luck in your search for RPz!

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My lalafell is also, broadly speaking, a treasure hunter (she's a "retrievals expert" for archaeology organisations), so they might run into each other!


I am at BST, so we might have a little trouble roleplaying together on the regular; but from experience, it should be fine for occasional bumping-into-each-other-how-have-you-been type RP.


I'm most likely to be logged onto my main, Aghurlal Qar'akimusun. Give me a poke and if I'm not busy I can log over to the tomb robber archaeologist!

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I would be absolutely interested in the Order of Ouroboros except for the scheduling, according to what I'm seeing for the meeting times :( My times are unfortunately not very flexible at all, regardless of the day. It sounds like a lot of fun though, and if there's ever any activity that late I'd enjoy being a part of it.


I would be more than happy to add to friends any of you who feel like you may be on at those times, though - don't feel as though there's any specific theme requirements other than a new friendly face and a way to get out of the pit of not knowing hardly anybody!

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Some of my most regular hours for playtime are around late EST, so I'll be sure to keep an eye out for you the next time I'm online! 


I'm still fairly new to the game in general, and am trying to find more friends to help break into the RP scene, so if you ever happen to see Flynn Ivers around just hit me up!

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Lalafriends are :thumbsup:


Oskwell is a hunter as well, but a monster hunter rather than a treasure hunter. Granted, some of the rarer monsters he hunts could be considered treasures. Well, either that or they're guarding the ancient riches of a long-dead civilization or something stupid like that.


He also tends to lend his spear arm to just about anyone, provided they actually need his services and aren't doing anything illegal or distasteful in general, so a traveling treasure hunter might find need for his help, and he's quite eager to give it.

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