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Looking for Long-Term RP connections!

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Hey there, guys. Title pretty much says it all! I'm after more long-term RP connections instead of connections that last for a short period of time. The goal is to enhance my character's story and those associated with her (including yours!), for the sake of building a more interesting overall story. Interested? You can post here, hit me up in a private message, or in-game. Thanks for reading!

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Oh gosh, I'm addicted to long-term RP, I really prefer to make lasting connections.


Look for 'Noa Lanbatal' if you are interested, and help you find some people who crave long term RP connections.


Funny, I actually know another Bajihiri as well, might make that interesting! Hope to see you in-game!

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I just got the game the other day and am up for any and all RP.


Characters name is Sani Rock and I'm a lalafell tribesmen, feel free to message me for whatever although I'm a low level pleb right now so I don't know how much I can do haha :cactuar:

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Rynathan Elurhandir would probably butt heads with Mhaya at first, but I think it would be interesting for RP.  He can come off as a bit of a knave since he's a member of the Rogue's Guild. But I think they could be fast friends, if not share at least a friendly rivalry of some sort. Ryn's mate Marianne is also a phenominal cook, and not opposed to the occasional spar. And their little circle of friends in Limsa Lominsa are pretty active as well.


Feel free to send a tell sometime if you see the miqo'te around! I'm usually around during the week, more active on weekends, and I'm in the Central Timezone (Texas).

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Hey everyone! I appreciate all of the responses. I would recommend friending me in-game, as I'm online often and that will give me a direct heads-up that you're online; we can chat then! I would definitely enjoy meeting everyone. Mhaya would probably get along well with a knave from the Rogues' Guild if said Rogue has a decent heart. (She doesn't really mind thieves, just don't go killing everyone in sight!). As per the cook, fast friends indeed. Mhaya loves to cook and she'd likely exchange recipes. Also, she needs more Lalafell friends too. Memories of one time she hoisted a lalafell with a slingshot onto her shoulders and let them snipe at some brigands for fun.

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