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I'd figure I would post something here to see if I get any bites. Basically I would like to have some Long-Term Roleplay Connections. We can talk about possible plot ideas involving our characters enhancing our stories. Maybe we can add a few some humorous short term RPs. If your interested you can send me a PM here or if I'm online send me a message

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If you wanted someone who is a different contrast to her feel free to look me up on Vett Tia.


Young, rogue-ish sort of fellow, he knows basic first aid and served as a combat medic with the Adders for awhile before rushing off to find his own adventures. Some legal, others, maybe not quite so.


Altogether though he is not considered evil or dark. I just does what usually seems to work out the best or seems to be the most fun.


I would picture their relationship to be a playful one, I'm sure he'd tease her about her height, being a "goody-goody" etc, the list could go on.


PM me if you'd like, I'm sure we could at the least arrange an IC bump into each other.

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I would love to have my cat interact with your characters - Faith especially.


Just to share a little bit about her: Rila is a mage and craftsman who makes her living as something of a "procurer". Make of that what you will. She's curious and friendly, loves to cook and loves to travel. Morally gray. Well versed in destructive magic and potions. Very tall for a miqo'te, but rather unattractively noodly and looking for some kind of a physical trainer.


Also she's a little bit high more often than not, so if you're squicked out at all by non-reckless drug use, you'll want to steer clear.


I'd be interested in seeing how Rila's moral ambiguity jibes with Faith's do-gooderism, especially since they're both friendly and well-meaning people. But I bet she'd also have some fun misadventures with your Sea Wolf kitty.


PM/tell me if you're interested and we can get to plotting!

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