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Long-time lurker, saying hello!


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Wasn't sure whether to make a post in here or jump right back in, since my last post was in February. But then I thought hey, what's the harm!


So, re-hello everyone! I've been crawling around the forums for the past couple months, reading and rating and such. :D Looking forward to leaping back into the community!


My main character is Ruran Vas, though you may have known me/him as Locke Rinannis when I was frequenting the forums last. I'm always open for more RP or just a friendly OOC chat, so feel free to give me a poke!

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ohai Mae~ Excited to be here, thank you! ...I like your avatar.


Xeno, let'sbehonest we both know that candy would be gone before it ever reached anyone else's hands. +_+

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