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Lominsan Duskwight looking for connections

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.The Character.



Michel Lefebvre is a Duskwight who grew up amongst the prostitutes of Limsa Lominsa. As a child he was known for being a troublemaker: walking with streetgangs, disrupting Yellow Jacket business, chasing drunken sailors with broken bottles - it's unknown what has triggered the change, but in his adulthood he's become a gentle, softspoken man, looking for all the world as someone who should belong in an Ishgardian court instead of killing time in brothels and calling its workers his "aunts".


.What and Why?.



I'm looking for friends, rivals, acquaintances - anything, really. I'd like to expand my social circle, and I'm not too picky. If your character has visited the brothels of Limsa Lominsa, or the seedy alleyways that are hidden from the Admiral's eyes, it's possible they have heard or seen the Duskwight man that sticks out like a sore thumb, but knows the streets and its people like the back of his hand.


Michel has recently picked up on his learning of magic, so if you're a mage he'd love to learn about what you do - especially if you practice techniques beyond the scope of the official Guilds. 


Michel knows very little about his own people, so other Duskwight are especially welcome.


.The Giraffening. 



I've been roleplaying for five years now, with many breaks in between, and it hardly feels like it's been so long. I'm pretty flexible about my timezone and I play often, but scheduling will give you the best results if you want to reach me. I also just started the game a couple of weeks ago, so my RP wardrobe is a little lacking right now! 


Last but not least, I'm ESL, so please take that into account if you wish to roleplay with me - sometimes my english just fails me, or I need some extra time to formulate the sentence I want.

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I got a couple:


My main character, Aghurlal, lives and works in Limsa. He's also a Dutiful Sister of the Eidelweiss (though obviously that's secret), and he's currently involved in an investigation, which means he might run into your character while he's investigating stuff.


My other character, Confiance, also currently lives and works in Limsa. He's currently studying (and teaching a bit of) Arcanima, but he's fairly well versed in Conjury already and very curious to learn about Thaumaturgy. He also comes from an interesting family - he himself is adopted, by a Gridanian Wildwood father and a Sharlayan Duskwight mother.


I'm usually logged onto my main, Aghurlal Qar'akimusun; feel free to whisper me there and we can try and set something up, or at least exchange friend requests!

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I really dig this character and the person playing them is just as awesome. Super friendly, super helpful and a great writer. I wouldn't have had much success in getting myself to actually start RPing had this person not approached me at an event and taken me under their wing.

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My duskwight, Milloux, actually grew up in and around Limsa under very similiar circumstances, and spent much of her life doing some... well, questionable things, for questionable people.  (And amusingly, she was on a very similiar path learning magic, though that's been halted.)


She's since renounced such things under murky circumstances following the calamity, instead self-styling herself as a "Good Samaritan" of sorts these days.   She's willing to do bad things for the sake of keeping good people safe - especially those that don't seem to have a voice of their own.   Her friends are mostly hard-luck cases and strays, courtesans and 'outcasts' of all sorts.


She's the silent owner of a clinic in Ul'dah, the deeds and holdings passing to her after her husband disappeared, recently.  Still grief stricken, she leaves the day-to-day operations to others. (The clinic is in the Goblet - Ward 11 , plot 56 - SW subdivision, should you ever like to peek in!)


So, it's possible they may know one another!


She remembers very little of her early childhood in the Shroud aside from lingering and half-obfuscated recollections.  Hm.  Milloux tends to be a little rowdy and rough-spoken under normal circumstances, but she means well!


My in-game name is Milloux Allard, should you (or anyone else here!) ever like to RP!  I'd really love to expand my circle and meet new folks!

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Hooray giraffes! 


Hopefully you've been making lots of friends, and if you'd like to make some more, I have a few who'd like to meet you! Alas, we don't know many elezen at all... I wish there were more elezen characters out there. Racial diversity is pretty skewed in FF14 among the player base according to some server data and polling, but actually, that gives me an interesting idea for a future public event... maybe some sort of Elezen Day or something. That could be interesting. 


Anyway! Come on my by FC's upcoming tavern night if you'd like (event details) or feel free to reach out to us via our Discord server - details are on our FC page here on the RPC, and non-members are totally welcome, we love to RP with whomever. :3

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