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Siren or Jenova? Opinions wanted

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I'm not interested in paying to transfer to Balmung based on the information I was given regarding the community there. And Gilgamesh is often full as well.

So I kept reading Siren and Jenova being cited as good alternatives for those who didn't want to transfer. The question is, would there be anyone around who could opiniate on which of the two they think has the most active RP community?


Now they added the RP tags I wanted to roleplay on the go. Fortunately I have a friend to play with from the beginning. We would both use the tag with intention to let walk-ups happen, while we both talked in RP mode most of the time, in public and all.

That won't be effective at all if we play in a server where there aren't enough people interested in RPing to begin with.


Could anyone give their own opinion on this? Which would you suggest? Siren or Jenova?



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I've spent some time investigating other RP servers out of curiosity, seeing as RP definitely has enough popularity to grow to other servers outside Balmung. I haven't experienced Jenova's RP scene yet, but I did find Siren's some months ago. There was a fun and very welcoming group in what I do believe is the Siren Roleplayers linkshell listed in the linkshell hall here. 


Behemoth also has a good group of friendly and cool people that were easy to find through linkshell. The queues felt a little slower there, since it's Primal instead of Aether data server, but nothing unmanageable.


I've heard good things about Jenova too, and they're next on my list, but I'm afraid I can't compare from personal experience yet.


Balmung does have great diversity and a fun open world RP scene, but the tight-knit and personal feel of the growing communities is something I find enjoyable, myself. There is a lot of talent on the smaller servers, and I doubt you'll find yourself wanting for RP opportunities no matter which you choose.

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I rolled on Siren to do some testing of things, it seemed pretty dead. I was actually on that server long long ago, RP didn't happen back then  but things could have changed. Gilga I actually left two years ago because of lack of RP. I have heard that it still exists, but is pretty small community. No clue on Jenova.


Granted I am also curious as to what deters you from Balmung. If you want open world RP, it is a place for it. They have lots of different focused RP FC's to choose from as well as many open world events of all kind. I moved here over two years ago and love it.

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There's a few groups out there on various servers. I've poked around on some of them. There's a project on my original server to try and build a community. It does seem to take quite a bit of effort to find these communities at times however. 


Though as I've spoken to different people the things I tend to hear about balmung is that it's elitist, full of cliques, erp focused, and will get you ostracized if you don't follow the lore precisely. So with rumors like that I can see how people could become wary of transferring.

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I feel I actually got more of that on Gilga than Balmung xD


Granted I do get an Erp request time to time, more on alts than Ritsu. I think my putting that she is married has deterred a lot of it. Even then, most ask politely and when I decline they don't push. I have only had a time or two with someone that got too pushy. And in those cases, Blist and move on.


It would be nice for people to have other options tho. I feel like the negative things on Balmung would be:

Low chance of ever owning property.

The Quick has changed quite a bit since when I moved here. Folks that only Erp focus tend to hang there. But to counter it - there are tons of FC hosted taverns.

Not a great server for selling, but things tend to go cheap fast. I know some servers still had the crafted Ironworks for several millions and I pretty much geared out completely for the same cost as the chest.


What project are you working on? Trying to build a better RP community on other servers?

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I think the thing I'll say in favour of Balmung is that it's big enough that you can find anything. The first thing you find might not be what you want, but that doesn't mean what you want isn't out there. It probably is. And probably so are 20 people who want the same thing as you do. They might even have a thread in the linkshell hall.


Before I was on Balmung, I was on a small RP server in WoW. It can be good for some people, but... if you ever fall out with anyone, or don't get on with their roleplay style... they're there. Forever. You have to avoid them. Forever. Which usually means transferring. Because it's impossible to avoid people in small communities. There are only so many events per week, and, say, only 10-15 people at each... it gets awkward and uncomfortable incredibly quickly to try to avoid an individual (or heavens forbid a guild).


Know why no one ever says anything bad about small server communities? Either because there isn't enough of a community to comment on, or because anyone who doesn't like it has to transfer away.


That's clique-y, at least IMO. On big servers like Balmung, if someone's mean to you or tries to shut you out, you can just find someone else to roleplay with who isn't like that. Because there are so many people. The probability of you finding 0 who meet your needs is incredibly small.


On small servers, if what you find first-time isn't what you want, that's it. Transfer time.

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