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Returning Player ♥

Lorie Bluteau

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Hello there everyone! Old player here and eagerly returning.

Currently waiting for the game to redownload.

The old free company I was in unfortunately disbanded and I'm hoping maybe those folks are still around and I can reconnect with them!


My name is Lorie. Out of all the games I've tried RP in, this one is still the one that has been the most fun. I think I mostly just connected with my characters the most here.

My main is Suzume Nakamura. She's a tiny Au Ra hunter.


I'm really hoping to meet some new people and perhaps this thread will appeal to old friends!

I greatly enjoy doodling and tend to be really shy with meeting people despite how much I really wanna.


I hope to have another fun time here! ♥

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Hello! I do not know you but I am also very shy! 


First of all welcome back in FFXIV and I really wish we will over-do our shyness and try to make our toon meet in game so we can start a story. ^^


My toon name's Farrell Feidliming,.


Hello Farrell! Once I'm all downloaded and such, I'll have to look for you.

Starting a story would be very nice!

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Hey there, and welcome back! :thumbsup:


You're certainly welcome to tap me if you like- Kasi is a wandering trader, mercenary, and odd-job explorer, so she has plenty of reason to pop up all over the place. I'd also suggest you hit up ShroudLife because you mentioned 'hunter'- probably be worth a shot! Farrell's also a bang-up RP'er. 


If you're interested, I have links to both in my signature! Happy hunting!

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