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Hi to all! <Super new to RP!>


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Hi to all!

I'm super excited to be here.

I'm very new to RP and to the Lore of Eorzea (despite my having played for three-ish years now).



I've been reading up on a lot and hope to introduce myself slowly. I am easily frightened and much easier to become a distressed person. Currently I like the server I'm on. Faerie I take it is a casual/social server and a blog is my way of slowly transitioning. Maybe I will find myself on Balmung in the future.


So I've thought to introduce myself by means of an RP blog, but even that I don't know how to get started, so more research for me.



[align=center][Are there rules to follow even on blog RP? How far off the train track can I go? What's a good place to blog RP? How do I make friends!?][/align]



This reminds me of my Livejournal days lol



I hope to speak to more of you in the coming days!

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Are there rules to follow even on blog RP?


Usually depends via yourself and whoever you're RPing with! 'Different strokes for different folks' but it always pays to be respectful and to ask any questions you may have!



How far off the train track can I go?


This also depends on who you're RPing with and what you guys discuss being okay to do or not to do. Some people don't mind going outlandish while others prefer to stay more inside the box.



What's a good place to blog RP?


Tumblr is my first suggestion. You can also do forum RP here on the site as well which can also help!



How do I make friends!?


Be polite, be kind, be respectful, and don't be afraid to message someone to tell them hello! Especially here on the RPC.

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Seconding Lililove on the Tumblr idea! It's super interactive and is checked full of FFXIV players, and roleplayers especially. If you decide to go through with a Tumblr, let us know and post a link! I'd be more than happy to give you a follow. (I might also be able to give some pointers on how to set up your Tumblr profike and widgets)

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Thanks! I figured to make a tumblr and being the great imperfect perfectionist, it has been a headache lol, but cool. I have no experience with tumblr, but enough to fiddle incessantly of coding and such.


Then onto the rp-wiki to become even more perfectionist. 



Thanks for the welcomes all!

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