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New to the game.

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Yeah, sorry man- that's probably about the most disappointing thing you can run into as a new player doing a trial. So, Balmung and Gilgamesh are pretty much the big RP hubs in FFXIV- but since they're so big, they're constantly locked down and it's pretty much impossible to get on either for free (especially Balmung). Your best bet is to pay the $18 transfer fee, which, despite it saying it won't work for locked servers, does actually work. The transfer fee will allow you to move multiple characters at once for the flat cost, at least, but it does represent a pretty high barrier-to-entry when it comes to trying to get into the RP community. I can, at least, say that it is VERY much worth the money spent. 


In any case though, welcome aboard to the RPC and hopefully to Balmung in the near future!

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Hello Thunder!


TAW is offering those that are interested in joining our FC but can't get on Balmung (due to the character restriction) server transfers in form of Paysafe Cards. If you want to know more about us feel free to message me :3


You could also take a look at our FC Thread in the Free Company Section of this forum.


We are an FC that strives to be active within all aspects of this game including RP.

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