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A return! (though was I ever really here to begin with?)

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I am a returning player, well, sort of. I played for a bit when the game first launched, I was a part of the beta community but, as many others, didn't actually end up playing the game for very long.


Then I came back for the free month when ARR launched, but was busy with other things, moving from EU to the US and finishing my education being two of the major ones :D


But now I'm back! I decided to give the game a try for the free trial they're offering at the moment and ended up enjoying it so much that I resubscribed. I'm picking up the character I played back in the beginning, Seraj, and I'm looking forward to hopefully getting involved both in RP and in the community in general!



A little bit about me, I'm 29, originally from Denmark, though 6 years ago I married an American and we have been living on the East Coast of the US for the past 3-ish years. I really enjoy all things storytelling, from myths, folklore, fairytales, to books, games, movies, comics/webcomics and TV shows, and probably a bunch of other things that has slipped my mind.

I have a degree in computer science with a focus on design and is currently working on filling out some gaps with some (basic) coding while I work retail, because yay, the economy and getting started in a new country :D

We also have two cats.



I've played MMOs for over a decade and roleplayed for more or less the same amount of time, though I've been away from FFXIV for so long that my lore is arguably a bit rusty, so I'm working on catching up on that.


Me and my husband, as well as a couple of friends, are casually looking for a Free Company, preferably an RP one that also allows for non-roleplayers. While we've all been pretty hardcore roleplayers in the past, we're also all older and busier now, and generally find we enjoy a well-rounded experience where especially the social aspect is important to us. Casual - Medium roleplay will probably work best for us, though we also appreciate a general lore-adherence.


I have a general gaming Tumblr here (Rosehip-Ingame) and will probably get a character Tumblr up for Seraj one of these days.


Anyway, looking forward to meeting you all!



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Hi there! Welcome to the site! :D I'd love to RP with you sometime if you'd like! I'm usually on Sileas Bishop but I have about 5 alts so it can be difficult to get a hold on me in game lol. Our FC is always looking for new people if you'd like to check out my signature! There's also the FC hall which has lots of options as well!

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