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Writing Issues with Character "progression"


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Hello there folks.

So, for awhile now I've had Yul for the better part of a year as a character. I'll get straight to the point that I've written her into a corner and I'm not sure what to do or where to go from here.

The skinny is that she ended up betraying the community of her "blood" tribe (being a Dotharl who's changed for redemption) which involved her defeat after a duel, but not character death due to an honorable fighter who merely "killed the old character". (I also did not wish her death, which the duel set as ground rules). She was instead mortally wounded, etc etc.


My issue arises that I roleplayed with these people frequently, but now that I've had a hard time even trying to play as Yul, because I've felt I maybe should of never done that.


It's been bothering me for awhile, but I don't have an FC to go back to nor too many people to roleplay with outside of that small cluster. Is there anything I could do to forward my character, or at the very least get this writer's block broken? :(

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Being in an unfamiliar place is always discomforting to us. Ever play a survival game where you can explore, possibly die easy, and find yourself constantly using the same paths, and generally sticking to the areas you know?


Frankly, it's human nature to miss what we had and go back to that comfort zone. It sounds like your character has had a major milestone in their story, which is now backstory moving forward, that you can play off of in the future. As far as advice goes? Just get out there and try to be social, maybe go to a few events, fight in the Grindstone, hang out at a few bars; you never know where you will meet contacts that will stick.


Another thing to keep in mind is that you need a character that can be engaging and not always resulting in waiting on someone to come to you. Many try the silent type who lean against a wall and it's usually what leads to a dry spell in their RP because they won't interact. Actually, even if you are standing by the wall you could still emote doing so and that your character looks about, maybe your eyes linger on someone, something for people to bite onto. I'm not saying your character is one these, but I don't really know by what's you've told me if they are or not but this is just the worst case scenario. Some people might ignore you, but there will be those out there as hungry as you are.


Otherwise, if you need writing ideas, give us a lil information on what you are looking for and I'm sure there are plenty of us that would love to help.

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Kinda sounds to me like you've written the character into the corner of a silo that she needs to be broken out of now, because the silo no longer suits her, which isn't something that's terribly hard to do, thankfully! Hopefully I've got the right general idea here of your problem. 


I would suggest finding some linkshells with a similar vein to Yul, or even creating a Making Connections post for her with what you'd be interested in trying to find with her (possible directions, ideas you've got, and the like). If you lack ideas entirely, then just throw her out there and get her interacting with other characters. Those characters may give you some ideas, or even give Yul some ideas directly. With a wider range of contacts and networking, you'll have a lot more doors open and a lot more directions to go with her, and you can avoid getting trapped because Yul betrayed a particular niche.

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You might not like what I'm about to say, but sometimes characters just run their course. There's nothing wrong with just waving goodbye, leaving a nice story behind and move on to the next.


I see it as "Well you had your main series, do you really want to go for the shitty spin offs?" type of deal when I get in situations like that.


If you don't feel her story is there any more? Why not roleplay something else (on an alt) for a bit? See if you can get more and new roleplay that way? Even if it doesn't seem that way, Balmung is HUGE. You will always find new people to roleplay with, even if it feels you can't.


Personally I was in a similar situation a while ago, and I just rerolled something new. I have no regrets whatsoever! Maybe that will get you over your writer's block. Starting over again on a new character is not a bad idea you know? You don't have to get rid of her after all! Yes levelling an alt is tedious, but I can suggest it if you need a (temporary) get away from a character who just doesn't do it for you any more.

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I'm mostly with Virella on this.


I had a character who was based around a very specific set of circumstances, including a very strong aversion to touch or being touched. The worst happened, and it broke her. I tried to change her up, adapt her around it, come up with outside circumstances, everything. But she was broken. I could no longer tell fulfilling stories on her, or have meaningful interactions with her. So...that was that.


But, before you put her down for good, I do think it's worth pursuing those avenues. You know her best. Would she be down and out for good? Would she drag herself somewhere to be alone or live a quiet life for the rest of her days? Did what happen break her?


If it didn't, then you gotta figure out what she would do. If she would say 'fuck it' and start over somewhere new, then it's your job as her player to find a new place for her to go. Look at LSes, making connections, FCs, events, whatever. Sometimes traumatic things destroy characters for good. Sometimes it's the end of their story. But sometimes it's a chance to have that turning point that sometimes happens in real life, where you hit rock bottom and choose to get up and fucking show the world you're not out quite yet.


That can lead to new and fulfilling character development. But just like in real life, it's not necessarily going to be easy for the first little while. You may need to put her down for a little bit, because saying goodbye to writing buddies is hard. New beginnings can suck.


Don't push yourself too hard. Think about it. Try a few different angles. Try a new character for a little while if you need to. She'll still be there if you put her down for the moment and come back later.

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There are some good suggestions here so far.


From my perspective, it seems like you're at a point with your character where she's symbolically shed all of her past, and has now become "reborn." In this rebirth, the character is more of a blank slate, with an endless stretch of possibilities ahead of her in starting her new life. This can be a very intimidating position to be in!


You could try poking around some linkshells and/or FCs, for sure. There are many of both who seem to offer actual plots and storylines that your character could fling themselves into, now that she's carving a new path for herself in the world. Will she use her Dotharl combat ability to assist new Eorzean allies in their own fight? Would she get involved in the Ala Mhigo Resistance movement, to that end? Or maybe she wishes to retire to a more peaceful life, with more mundane and domestic goals? In line with that, perhaps she could seek work in one of the many restaurants or taverns floating about? Or maybe she still seeks adventure, but not the sort that would ever harm others - and join ranks with a group of hunters or other professional adventurers? She could even find faith and join the new religious guild that's cropped up, as a representative of the Dusk Mother (forgive me for not remembering the name of the guild, but it should be in the directory! All of the RP hooks I mentioned have guilds that offer them in the RPC FC/Linkshell listing.)


If it feels like you're just beating a dead horse or trying to breathe life into a character who has run their course, there's no shame in going the alt route and trying something totally different. In the end, it's a personal choice, and I wish you the best of luck!

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I've ended up in this same corner a lot in the past as chapters upon a characters life story come to a close, and I'm left with the question of: is this where the novel ends? or where a new chapter begins?


Depending on personal preference, on if you wish to continue playing the character or not. New opportunities and the new 'stage' of their character development can easily come from exposing them to new people. New friends, new opportunities, you'd be surprised at what doors open up sometimes for characters just by finding and talking to people they haven't met before. And would perhaps push the boundaries of the small cluster you described yourself being in?


Easier said then done perhaps, specially with the character being a dotharl and depending on how they may be. But if their looking for a new lease on life, and to go a new direction, a semi-fresh start socially may be the right path to take~


I'd be more then willing to offer my characters for yours to rp with and see what may come of it, and I even have an elder Dotharl myself I'll offer up as well. n.n

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I don't know the story surrounding this "betrayal" you mention, but if the circumstances allow it you may be able to take a more antagonistic route with your former colleagues. Using your character to present IC friction between you and the tribe may be fun for those involved, if that's your sort of thing. Maybe less outright villain and more passive-aggressive disapproval, depending on your relationships.

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I know that I've grown a little weary with Mia Moui's primary storyline - the search for the sisters that joined her in servitude.


I've recently begun exploring the idea that Mia has found information (true or not) that her sisters were sent to the Far East.  If that's genuinely the case, then they are forever lost to her. What now?  Now that the primary motivation had changed or become beyond reach, what does Mia do?  How does she behave?  How does this change her circumstances?


So she's basically a new character looking for new motivation.  How long that lasts, I can't say. But I've enjoyed RP'ing her as a career fisher (and miner/botanist).  She now has more time to think about hobbies and make more substantial connections.


A simple change in her plot makes for all the difference.

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