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Community Full of Cakes: Battle Royale

Choose Your Favorite to Win  

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  1. 1. Choose Your Favorite to Win

    • Nameday Cake
    • Valentione's Cake
    • Starlight Cake
    • Cake Tray
    • Hard Rice Cakes
    • Eternity Cake

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In the spirit of the holidays, it is time to determine yet again another supreme victor of a brutal battle. Hedge your bets wisely. There can be only one.


Nameday Cake


Attack: 3/5

Defense: 3/5

Special: 3/5


The classic cake. A universal appeal. Nice as it may be, however, this cake can be wily indeed. Will its unique ability to inflict either immense excitement or terrible embarrassment upon its receiver lead it to victory, or leave it to be overshadowed? Can Nameday Cake overcome its normalcy to stand above the rest?


Valentione's Cake


Attack: 5/5

Defense: 1/5

Special: 3/5


He's going all out! A risky competitor. High stakes, and immense rewards if a victor. If he fails, however, the lowest of lows await him, and all those that placed their hopes on him. Seductive though he may be, one swift rejection will leave him reeling. Can this chocolatey charmer prevail with an all-out attack?


Starlight Cake


Attack: 2/5

Defense: 4/5

Special: 3/5


Starlight Cake is never an unwelcome sight. Lifted to great heights due to her rare appearances, she represents steadfastness and a willingness to carry on, no matter the obstacles. Will Starlight Cake's determination be enough to see her prevail? Will Starlight be doomed should she fail?


Cake Tray


Attack: 2/5

Defense: 3/5

Special: 4/5


A unique competitor. Though a hivemind it does not share, each cake allows Cake Tray to consider all options, from the mundane to the esoteric. Each cake is unique, coming with its own strengths and weaknesses. Will Cake Tray's lofty sense of superiority be able to raise it to new heights?


Hard Rice Cakes


Attack: 1/5

Defense: 5/5

Special: 3/5


It's hard. It's ready. Whether or not Hard Rice Cakes actually qualifies allows it to mire its opponents in arguments of semantics. Its iron defense is legend, and its unique appearance is intimidating enough to cuisine casuals. Will anyone be able to pierce its hard exterior to find a soft and squishy inside?


Eternity Cake


Attack: 1/5

Defense: 1/5

Special: 7/5


Well. Xe's something. Some say none have yet to truly understand the complexity behind Eternity Cake's incredible appearance. Garish. Sublime. Avant-garde. Xe is an enigma, not even xir supporters fully understanding the nature behind this beast. Will the risk be worth the reward? Is this shit even edible?



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