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symptoms of Aetherial imbalance, distuption, and other maladies


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Is there any information as to maladies pertaining to one's personal aether? like, what would be the symptoms of a person's aether being imbalanced or disrupted? Is it different between personal aether being affected and aether reserves being affected? And are there remedies that exist for sicknesses or injuries pertaining to these?

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Is there any information as to maladies pertaining to one's personal aether? like, what would be the symptoms of a person's aether being imbalanced or disrupted?


In Eorzea, the most common aetherial malady is called "Aether Sickness," which is caused by a prolonged over-saturation of ambient aether. This most commonly affects those new to Eorzea, as the realm is awash with higher concentrations of aether than most other places in the world due to Silvertear Lake. Alternatively, aether sickness can also afflict Eorzeans who remain in an area over-saturated with abundant aether such as a battlefield or underground dungeon, which is actually the original lore reason behind dungeon timers for places like Toto-rak.


The symptoms for Aether Sickness begin with Dizziness, then Headaches, and finally fainting or prolonged unconsciousness. The only treatment for this seems to be removal from the source of the exposure and letting the sickness run its course. Once a person has been removed from the over-saturated area and recuperated, various remedies such as sabotender flower petals brewed in herbal teas and other various concoctions have been said to reduce the headache and vertigo symptoms.


Have you perchance experienced sensations akin to aether sickness of late?

Feelin' the effects of the aether' date=' I reckon. You'll get used to it though, don't worry.[/quote']

It's terrible' date=' kupo! We were so fixated on mining crystals that we didn't realize just how thick the air was with aether, until it struck down over half of our squad![/quote']

I admit' date=' the possibility of Mogmenders becoming affected by aether sickness completely slipped my mind, kupo. It seems the fault, in this case, lies with me. We moogles are more adept at manipulating our aetheric flow than most. However, as this is less an acquired skill and more a natural talent, we are more like to succumb to overexposure.[/quote']

He goes on to explain that a number of his crew has been struck down' date=' overwhelmed by the vast amounts of aether being emanated from the crystals around them. Believing he will be able to see their harvested crystals safely back to Mogek if he can shield the few remaining moogles from their adverse effects, he asks that you fashion an aetheric shielding for their chests. The moogle you hand the aetheric shielding to is beginning to feel dizzy─a telltale sign of aether sickness. He is concerned that if his condition worsens, he will be unable to deliver the crystals he promised Mogek.[/quote']

You must also keep the following in mind - once you set foot in the Maws' date=' I cannot permit you to re-enter until your body has had time to rid itself of the noxious residues of woodsin and aether which permeate the place.[/quote']


As for a person's aether becoming imbalanced or disrupted entirely, this can often result in grave injury or death depending on the severity of the imbalance. For instance, ingesting a crystal of any aspect can create a fatal imbalance to one's own aetherial aspect. Being exposed to corrupted aether can affect one similarly if not properly protected.


When a living entity dies, the aether remaining will normally leave the body and return to the world's aetherial currents (also known as the Lifestream). When a living entity, however, experiences death-inducing trauma, such as a mortal wound in battle, the resulting sudden release of its most heavily-aspected life energy will oft times manifest corporeally before it can return to the Lifestream - a phenomenon we know as crystals. This can also occur when a wound is dealt to the very land itself, and is a reason why crystal deposits are found throughout the land.


The elemental aspect of the energy trapped in these crystals can be harnessed and used in a myriad of manners. Applying fire crystals to a forge can increase its internal temperature, assisting in the smelting of ore. The cooling properties of an ice crystal can assist a grocer in maintaining the freshness of meat or produce. That said, due to the extreme concentration of aspected aether within a crystal, direct consumption of a crystal by a living being can severely alter the aetherial balance within its body, ultimately resulting in severe injury or even death.

But to the matter at hand─did you say you wish not to conduct field observations' date=' but to harvest a corrupted crystal? Egads, woman! At least take the necessary precautions so that you do not suffer from exposure to its harmful energies! I'm beginning to wonder if you've sufficient qualifications to handle such hazardous materials...[/quote']


Aetherial imbalances can also affect the environment, not just man and beasts - to equally devastating effects usually.


But winter hasn't come to the North Shroud. The conjurers believe an imbalance in the aether is to blame' date=' but no one can say for certain.[/quote']

Since the Calamity' date=' there has been much imbalance in the elements. Founts of over-aspected aether erupt from the soil and manifest into corrupted crystals. These crystals, in turn, attract the most unsavory of creatures, the most common of all being elemental sprites who, upon absorbing the crystals, become corrupted themselves. The Brass Blades are seeking adventurers to comb the desert and find the crystals, slaying any corrupted sprites encountered.[/quote']

And what might the consequences of such a disruption to elemental balance entail? Domitien hypothesizes that the disturbance could give rise to peculiarities among monstrous wildlife' date=' as well as alter the flow of aetheric energy. This last point is especially worrisome, as the “rivers” of aether that run through the land are what make instantaneous travel between aetheryte locations possible. Should the aetheric flow become sufficiently warped, it may well prevent us from using aetherytes altogether.[/quote']




Is it different between personal aether being affected and aether reserves being affected?


There is a difference between one's aetherial reserves, or mana, and one's aether which makes up their being, although with all things being aether the lines tend to blur some. Everyone is made up of aether, but man and beast also possess a "wellspring" of aether in reserve called "Mana." It's from this reserve that many mages and beasts draw from to manipulate aether into magic.


Mana can be affected in many varied ways, it may wane when sick or become old. It may be strengthened somewhat through physical or mental discipline. However, ultimately, how vast of a reserve one might possess is unique to and limited by birth. Sapping this mana reserve completely has ill and sometimes lasting effects on the body, but is recoverable with rest or an alchemical concoction like ethers or food to restore one's aetherial stamina. However, over-drawing upon this wellspring can have fatal consequences, especially with repeated taxation on the body.


As I mentioned before' date=' Cocobusi is dangerously unsuited to the wielding of thaumaturgy. Even with the proper training, he would be unable to evoke the smallest flicker of flame. Were he to attempt to force a manifestation of power, the strain on his woefully inadequate aetheric reserves would likely kill him.[/quote']

For we mages, you may as well equate the aetheric energy flowing through our veins with our very lifeblood─should a battle find us lacking in this precious resource, we are as good as dead. Controlling the expenditure of your power requires an understanding of aetheric balance. The scales can tip in one of two directions─astrally or umbrally. When your mind and spirit lean in an umbral direction, your thaumaturgy is affected by a state known as “Umbral Ice.” The potency of your spells is diminished, but they also require less energy to invoke. On the other hand, a thaumaturge in the “Astral Fire” state will find the potency of her incantations enhanced, but at a greater cost to her aetheric stamina.


Oho? Most practical, indeed! A discreet withdrawal to await the replenishment of your energies is a sound strategy. But should there be nowhere left to run, a vial of ether can be your stoutest ally. Ah, ether! The draught of the gods! We thaumaturges─indeed, any who practice the arts of arcane manipulation─value this substance above all others.

If you find yourself wanting for other approaches' date=' consider the efficacious combination of Aetherflow and Energy Drain. When timed appropriately, you can simultaneously restore your own waning supply of mana and deal a crippling blow to your opponent.[/quote']

Ambient aether suffuses the natural world - when this energy is leeched dry' date=' the surrounding land is stripped of its capacity to bear forth life. For most arcane arts, a mage's own reserves of mana suffice to fuel even the most powerful incantations, but certain formidable spells from the school of black magic drink deep of the world's wells of life energy.[/quote']


Basic Aetherology

Within all beings - whether it be man, animal, or even plant - does aether flow. It is the spark which grants life to the lifeless. Conversely, death can be said to occur once aether has left a corporeal object. From this it is clear to see why many scholars use the words "life" and "aether" interchangeably. It can be assumed that a young man of sound mind and body will possess a high concentration of aetherial energy in his humours, whereas an older man, or one inflicted with corruption, will not. Some scholars have expanded upon this hypothesis saying that the consumption of food serves not only to fill the belly, but to provide the body with aether lost through exertion.


Aether is not by any means static. It constantly flows though creation, forming currents through earth, water, and air which ensure that life is sustained throughout the world. The stoppage of these currents would be akin to the atrophication of a limb cut off from the heart. Aether is the lifeblood of Hydaelyn, and without it She - and Her children - would perish.


Manipulation of aether in a manner that deviates from its natural tendencies is what scholars call "magic." While the various schools of magic such as thaumaturgy and conjury all employ differing methods to achieve this goal, the basic concept is the same.


A similar, yet more primitive type of aetherial manipulation can also be seen in non-sentient beings. A raptor breathing fire or a biast generating a levin-like shock are all examples of lesser-born creatures utilizing the aether within their bodies or available from the nearby environment to hunt or protect themselves from harm.


Aetherial energies can be divided into six distinctive elements - fire, wind, lightning, water, ice, and earth. These elements provide nature with "aspects" that govern how they act in the world. For example, a region where aetherial currents are aspected towards fire will generally be hotter and drier than a region featuring primarily ice-aspected currents - a region likely to be characterized by frigid climes. The same can be said for the flora and fauna that populate an area. Seedkin aspected towards wind can navigate the skies as if they were winged cloudkin. Scalekin aspected towards earth will exhibit lithified skin protecting them from sharp-fanged predators. In addition to the six elements, there also exist two poles - astral and umbral - which greatly influence the nature of the elements - an astral charge bringing more activity, while an umbral charge resulting in more passiveness. For example, when in an astral state, fire exhibits high volatility, where its umbral state is characterized by dryness.



One fun note is that ethers are apparently, to some, addictive. Like all alchemical curatives, pop with some restraint.

It's not that─ Oh dear' date=' I'm not angry at you, you understand. It's those five, ether-addled brothers I take issue with. You tell them the next time this happens, I'll have the price taken out of their unprincipled hides![/quote']



Additional lore on aether and its manipulation can be found in the links below:

-Aether Lore Compilation

-Corrupted Aether Lore


Hope that helps!

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To give a personal, RP version. My character Milo was, due to vague reasons, tied against the corrupted crystals of the Wall of Fire in Thanalan for a good half hour or so. The resulting exposure created a permanent alteration in his aetherial balance before he was finally able to get free. This disbalance manifests as a heavy bias towards the earth aspect, and has caused his eyes to become an odd, vivid amber shade. It also gives him frequent, crippling migraines which are now minimized by an expensive Wind aspected crystal tuned to counteract the dis-balance in his aether. 


I personally RP that such disbalances are otherwise very fatal or even more debilitating. Milo was very lucky.

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It also gives him frequent, crippling migraines which are now minimized by an expensive Wind aspected crystal tuned to counteract the dis-balance in his aether.


You should actually be using a Water-aspected crystal to counteract an Earth-aspected aetherial imbalance. Earth and Wind do not interact or counteract.


Chapter I - The Six Nativities & Myriad Creation.


The spark of Lightning ignites when it strikes, and thus Fire is born.

The heat of Fire renders ash to all that it touches, and thus Earth is born.

The density of Earth shuns sun and harbors cold, and thus ice is born.

The armor of Ice melts away, and thus Water is born.

The moistness of Water mists and rises, and thus Wind is born.

The gusts and sighs of Wind gather the clouds, and thus Lightning is born.


Chapter II - The Three Conquests, Boundless and Unwavering


Earth Grounds Lightning.

Water erodes Earth.

Lightning boils Water.


Chapter III - The Three Submissions, Timeless and Unending.


Fire is extinguished by Wind.

Ice is melted by Fire.

Wind is obstructed by Ice.


Chapter IV - Dynamic Opposites & the Bifurcation of Polarity


The six elements are manifest in all things great and small, and their polarity deriveth from the Astral heavens above and the Umbral depths below.




What? You wanted a corrupted crystal composed of ice-aspected aether to counteract the effects of a raging wind? Ah...ahaha. Well' date=' this [corrupted fire'] specimen won't help you there. Anyone who knows anything about the elements could tell you that.


A cursory examination reveals that the volume is comprised of a preface and five chapters dealing with the concept of time. Penned by Lewphon of Sharlayan, master theologian and astrologist, in the Year 233 of the Sixth Astral Era, to weave together the disparate histories of the nations of Eorzea with a common thread - the thread of time. For through its inevitable march the hours turn into Suns, and they into Moons, and they into Years. And from the Years come the Ages of Man. And ever eclipsing those is the eternity of Gods.


Chapter I - The Suns

By the unit of a sole Sun we mean that period which lasts for the duration of four cycles of the six elemental hours - those of Ice, Water, Wind, Lightning, Fire and Earth. And so is the Sun twenty hours and four, and so shall it ever be.


Chapter II - The Moons

The life of a single Moon spans four cycles of eight Suns, and is thus the sum of thirty and two. The eight deriveth from the elements six, Ice, water, Wind, Lightning, Fire and Earth, and the polarities two, Astral and Umbral.


Chapter III - The Years

The Year is made when the Moons go round the two Astral and Umbral poles, fluctuating between the six elements, and that in turn. In this, the Year can be said to be the length of twelve Moons.

The first and second Moons of the Year are the first Astral and first Umbral, and together they share an affinity with Ice. On their watch, all is frozen, and breath of life sloweth to near silence beneath.

The second Astral and second Umbral Moons come third and fourth in turn, and they are the Water of the melting Ice, and with their flowing slaketh the thirst of life again.

Fifth and sixth are the third Astral and third Umbral Moons, and the Wind bloweth over the Water, carrying its heavenly boons near and far.

The fourth pairing of Astral and Umbral Moons come seven and eight, when the heavens rageth with the furies of Lightning, and sendeth them below with godly terror to test the faith of men.

The ninth and tenth Moons are the fifth Astral and Umbral, as the Lightning turns to Fire, and it charreth growing life with the colors of its flames, bleeding blade and leaf with brilliant hues of crimson and scarlet.

Year's end cometh in the eleventh and twelfth Moons, the sixth Astral and Sixth Umbral, in which Earth consumes all, for out of the ground we are taken for the dust we are, and to the dust we shall return.


Chapter IV - Of Man

The wisdom of the Twelve saw fit to grant man with the cycle of years, and in turn the reverence of man bound them to his gods - the Year of the Navigator, of the Wanderer, of the Builder, of the Destroyer, of the Warden, of the Traders, of the Matron, of the Keeper, of the Fury, of the Lover, of the Shcholar, and of the Spinner.

The turning of these Years twelve is a sacred thing, and together they comprise one epoch of man, by which the histories of his endeavor are measured.


Chapter V - Of Gods

The constancy and eternity of time derive form the pulse and breath of the Twelve. And by their divine will the brilliance of the Astral Eras which see the man flourish and prosper, and the shadows of the Umbral Eras which see man falter and doubt, are visited upon him in equal, and neither the greatest good nor the greatest evil may escape their purview.

Since the peace among the Twelve was broken and life was created to wage their wars, six cycles of the Eras have come to pass in keeping with the elemental order. The Sixth Umbral Era belonged to the waters, as heavy rains fell and the seas rose high, submerging and cleansing all in a great deluge. With time the waters receded, ushering in the present Sixth Astral Era, during which man has again rebuilt his halls and tilled his lands.

Naught save the ken of the Twelve themselves knoweth when the Seventh Umbral Era shall come and end our days. The sole certainty what resides within man is the selfsame as it has ever been - ours is the power to make of our Era what we might.

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I know I'm a bit late to this party, but Tyll'a is actually completely cut off from his aether.  When he was an infant, his mother had a summoning accident, accidentally summoning a minor primal.  No one was hurt, thankfully, but Tyll'a was cut off from his aether, and that's why he can't use magic.


Of course, he doesn't know any of this.  He only knows that he can't use magic, and he wants to find out why!

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To add a bit on what Sounsyy said, oppposite elements don't really interact with each other. They actually are totally neutral to each other, while they have different kinds of interactions with all the others.


For example, your Earth can be boosted by Fire, and can also create Ice. It is also a disabler of Lightning.


While it's not strictly speaking lore canon, if we translate it to biological effects, one can imagine that if your character gets into very hot areas, or in contact with flames, that it would in turn reinforce strongly his Earth aspected disorder. That Earth aspected disorder might favor colds, hypothermia and that kind of nasty ailments (favoring Ice). Since it also neutralize lightning, we could imagine that it could have a very negative effect on the neural system and nerves, maybe numbing limbs, etc.


Being an opposite of Wind, it could also mean that your character's body might be mildly immune to Wind aspected effects.




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Being an opposite of Wind, it could also mean that your character's body might be mildly immune to Wind aspected effects.


Immunity would imply a strong elemental resistance to, not neutrality. Being opposed directionally on the elemental wheel means very little when these opposites have no interaction between each other, resistance or weakness. Earth grounds Lightning but is eroded by Water. Earth would be strengthened by more Earth aspect, according to Lamberteint. All other elements would be unaffected equally, neither stronger nor weaker to.

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Maybe I'm thinking too much in terms of "electricity and conductance" where neutrality actually means isolation. And thus, a certain mild immunity, or more exactly, a heightened resistance.

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It also gives him frequent, crippling migraines which are now minimized by an expensive Wind aspected crystal tuned to counteract the dis-balance in his aether.


You should actually be using a Water-aspected crystal to counteract an Earth-aspected aetherial imbalance. Earth and Wind do not interact or counteract.



 OOPS, I actually do use a water crystal-- the item is blue for that reason. Unfortunately I wrote this when tired, and my head is so fond of going to elemental opposites from other games.

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