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Taking a peek from FFXI


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Hello everyone,

I'm ... well, I've been many characters throughout my experience as a roleplayer. In Final Fantasy XIV the name you'll likely see me the most as is Blue Vann or Jet'a Vann. I don't mind OOCly being referred to as Chiara, which is my real name.


I'm an Italian girl and I started roleplaying on forums since when I first got my hands on a computer, around middle school. In 2006 I subscribed to Final Fantasy XI (I'm a big fan of the series, and have taught myself English by translating FFVII on my own because I was stuck... I couldn't understand that I had to crossdress to get further.), and with some Italian friends started my own RP linkshell. It died because of drama in around a year. In 2008 I met Avina (Blade Belisaire on XIV), on my same server (Siren), and decided to embark the adventure of English roleplaying. I have never quit since then, and our linkshell Tales of Vana'diel is still alive and kicking...!


I immediately bought FFXIV soon as it came out, eager to see how it looked like. Unfortunately, I didn't even get a chance to be disappointed by the game on its 1.0, as I found out my computer didn't meet the requirements to run it. After over a year (I'm not economically lucky.) I managed to finally get a new computer: my XIV RPing experience can finally begin!


I'm a Legacy member (thanks to Avina who wisely suggested me to subscribe for it even though I couldn't play), so I'm going to have several slots for RP characters when ARR will be up. I already have a handful of ideas, but so far got two settled down, and those are likely the ones I'll RP as the most.


One is Blue, a Mi'qote young girl. That's not her real name. She doesn't remember her real name nor identity, as she seems to have lost her memory in the shipwreck that brought her to this land. [Note: I realize that the amnesia idea may be an abused cliché, but I found it to be best way to justify my lack of knowledge on Hydaelyn's lore. On my experience, to RP knowing nothing at all of the world you live in is better than studying lore on the wiki for a couple days and then act like you know as much as any Eorzean citizen.] I don't have any specific big plans for her yet. I chose a Mi'qote because I wanted to try something new (on FFXI my main is a male Hume). Her job orientation may be to musketeer IF Square Enix will be as gallant as to provide us the use of single-handed guns (not a fun of big guns, habit from Fable 2 and 3). If not, who knows? I'm also looking into Alchemist.


The other is Jet'a Vann, male Mi'qote. A character born more on a whim than anything. I always wanted to RP a mithran male on FFXI, but the game won't let it happen for lore issues and our LS forbids to RP them too (undoubtedly for the best, in my opinion). On XIV I finally have the chance to fulfill my pipe dream and RP a catman (*sarcastic yay*). Again, not deep plans on him yet. He's looking for someone, and has lived far from the land in the past five years to escape from Dalamud. Job orientation so far attracts me to black mage for this character, but I'll have to test out the others OOCly first.


It's probably guessed by now, but I was led here by Blade Belisaire/Avina, my FFXI RPLS leader and a dear old friend of mine. I'll start out roleplaying with him but I'm looking forward to make more friends in this wonderful world where my character can actually sit on a chair. *glares at FFXI*


I however do not intend to abandon the huge plot and and RP activities I'm deep into with the FFXI Roleplaying linkshell, and as boring as it is, I do have a life. For these two reasons, I do not expect to be an heavy roleplayer for a while.


What else? I'm 25, trying to get through school and possibly a job. My real life dream is to manage to move to the United States and possibly pursue my currently-suspended career of horse trainer.


Oh, I also really really like to write annoyingly long introductions to bore the readers! Thanks for letting me join!^^

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Thanks for the warm welcome! Hopefully the servers wIll be back up soon for us to meet In game!


Regarding questions, I guess my first concern would be the whole RPing system, as what few I've heard sounds a lil different from what we do on FFXI (I think Blade mentioned that you RP in /say, for example). I'm probably going to need a briefing on how the different chat channels are handled (what is used for IC, what for OOC, etc.) and the chat symbols list (do you use *...* for actions? Do you use "..." for thoughts? And so on.). Is there a section or thread I could look into for that kind of information?

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Hi Chiara! Your name is one-half of one of my favourite art techniques. ;)


/Say and /shout as vicinity-based channels are indeed typically kept in character by roleplayers (don't expect non-roleplayers to respect that), as are certain Linkshells, depending on the purpose of the shell in question. A /tell is generally understood to be out of character unless there's a context given why it would be in character, but many will use ((double brackets)) to make clear a tell is OOC at least initially as a courtesy to fellow RPers.


We typically use /emote for actions, which is also kept IC, while using *asterisks* to append actions to statements in say and shout is a matter of personal taste. Some find it useful, others find it makes their messages look untidy. "Quotation marks" are frequently used to insert dialogue in emotes by anyone, however. The default emote list can be used for actions, though only the most basic sorts like pointing, laughing or dancing are generally used. More specific ones can end up clashing with the way a character is intended to be portrayed, so they get most of their use when people are being silly.


Thoughts are expressed as emotes, without quotes, by those who feel they add flavour or express complex visible emotions more succinctly than trying to describe the physical expression of their character. Others avoid them entirely for fear of metagaming or giving away inner details of their character, except perhaps when being silly.


This thread is a great introductory resource, and the RP Discussion forum is full of useful threads as well as being a great place to take your questions if you don't want to keep using this thread for them. :)

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