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Returning to Role-playing

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Hello everyone!


I spent many years Roleplaying in FFXI with Crystalline and a few other Linkshells.  Now I'm finally done with my time in the Army and thought it might be fun to get back into.  Was hoping some of my friends from before may still be around but would be more than happy making new friends too.  I look forward to talking with others and maybe catching up with others as well.


FFXI Character- Mahayi

FFXIV Character- still new to the game but for now Z'mona Talmarin

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Welcome to the Community! Long ago I played Final Fantasy XI, It was really enjoyable to just be sitting about and engaging people in Jeuno or hitting the crawler's nest (lol) and trying to farm silk as I played my RDM/BLM. Really good times back then but there are some great times to be had here in FFXIV.


If you ever just want to hit someone up randomly feel free, I'll be on Friday through Sunday and always game for some random encounters =) Though I have a few events to run at certain times I will be glad to make time after or before!

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