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Returning player LF FC/LS/small consistent RP group

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I'm not sure how successful this will be, but I thought I'd try.


More info about me as an RPer in that link down in my signature there. ::points:: Since it's been several generations since I've last played this game (and I didn't do it thinking I'd RP), I am also in the process of trying to shift classes, earn money, learn what the heck to do with all the thousands of different kinds of items/equips/crafting mats, and, most importantly, learn how to acquire cosmetic stuff to actually dress/accessorize my character the way I want. Also, I'm working on that wiki character page thing - a little overwhelmed by the coding, as I've never made wiki pages before.


Regarding my character, he's still in development while I'm learning the lore of the game in the context of RP. As such, I don't have a concrete backstory, but I know for sure he came from what once was a tight-knit family that more or less dispersed - partly due to internal strain and partly due to outside influences like beastmen being assholes or the Garlean Empire being assholes or.. just assholes in general. 


Personality-wise, I'ason .. well, doesn't seem to have any strengths, and he believes this perception. Other than being kind and sweet in general, he hates confrontations (pacifist, would rather run away than fight), loves the finer things in life, though isn't very good at making (or saving) money, and submissive sometimes to the point of others' disgust. In a pinch, however, he can be a formidable archer/pugilist. He's also a decent dancer; where he has skills, they're likely not anything miqo'te traditionally value, especially in a male miqo'te. For example, no one believes he'll ever be a nuhn (he's a Seeker, btw). In fact, he doesn't even aspire to it and is perfectly fine being a tia the rest of his life. He often gets teased for being very 'female ,' though he would scowl if he heard; he hates the concept of 'female should be this and male should be that.' If anyone follows astrology, I consider him very Piscean with a streak of Libra. He's attracted to his opposite: where he sees himself flighty, wishywashy, and weak, he admires those who are strong - not necessarily physically strong, but strong of mind or character or convictions. 




With all this in mind, I'm looking for a mature-themed FC or LS or group that can possibly build into a meaningful friendship with a 30-something-year-old full-time professional who wants to get my creaky back back into RP. Obviously, with the description of the character I gave, I don't think he'll fit into anything evil-aligned unless he got captured or coerced/enslaved. A group that can accommodate a Seeker player with a casual schedule who will probably RP 50ish% of the time in-game and whose goals are player and character bonds would be great. 


Thanks for any responses, tips, or suggestions!

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I think you'd probably fit into our FC pretty well. We're small and made up essentially entirely of people who are working adults (most of us are 30ish). We also wouldn't mind helping you to field lore questions.


Our discord is linked on our FC page here if you're interested: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=18356


Good luck finding something that works for you!

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It'll be about as successful as you'd like it to be! :thumbsup: If you don't get enough responses or would like more, give the thread a bump or two to boil it up to the top and get some more visibility. Of course, poke around on other Making Connections posts and see if anyone else's might constitute a good connection for yourself too! 


As for the wiki, the best thing to do is find someone else's wiki page, copy-paste it over and then just modify the content for your character. It'll give you a nice blueprint to get started at least. You're certainly welcome to copy Kasi's if nothing else.


Now, on the topic of connections... there's a few potential directions you could go here in terms of linkshells and FC's, depending on what strikes you. 


As far as linkshells go, there's ShroudLife which is fairly Miqo'te heavy and focuses around RP outside of the cities. It isn't central to the Shroud anymore like it implies in the name, and we tend to roam around a fair bit. It caters most strongly to wilderness-wanderer types, but mercenaries and traders can easily find some common ground here too. This really depends on how much I'ason is going to travel. There's a hunter-trader wilderness bazaar coming up in the next week too.


There's also Hydaelyn Protectors, if you're looking for a non-FC vigilante group of generally good-aligned heroes that are committed to rooting out corruption and protecting the weak and innocent. I'ason doesn't really strike me as a strong knight-type though, so this one might be a bit of a stretch... but I imagine he could potentially make a halfway decent squire to another one of the stronger types in the linkshell, and would have a lot of room to grow. They're a pretty small and focused group, so I imagine you could get a pretty solid hit here. They are a community-oriented linkshell and you will find them doing a lot of outreach and collaboration for storylines.


Now, as for the free companies...


The most obvious one is Shroudwolf Clan, which is a Miqo'te clan and offers a lot of cultural interactions. They are primarily event-driven in the same respect as a Dungeons & Dragons session that goes down 1-3 times a week for a few hours, so it's good for anyone who is very limited on their available time to RP or wants their RP to be scheduled well in advance.


The less obvious one would be Mischief's Coven, if you wanted to pitch at taking I'ason down the 'dark path.' While the Coven is a unassuming tavern on the outside where you can find a drink and some good company after a long day, it is in reality a front for what is ultimately the mob. Coming here could easily press I'ason into working for them, and he certainly wouldn't be the only one who has been coerced or conscripted into working for the Coven. The Coven is more of a community-oriented FC so you can expect to get a very strong dose of spontaneous RP that often involves working against other groups IC (such as the Hydaelyn Protectors) while we collaborate OOC to make encounters practical.


About all I got here. All of these groups are linked below in my signature if you'd like to do any further reading, of course! Regardless, best of luck on your search!

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We may not exactly be your cup of tea, but just from a characterization perspective, your character might find some friends in the Ivory Tower -- particularly if he has an interest in the practice of magic. (Yes, we're a Free Company with a house -- Mist 5, 24, in fact. We've just been a bit lazy about cloning our post in the FC Hall.)


Feel free to give me a poke here or over on yon Tumblr (link in my sig) if you want more information, if you have any questions, or if you're curious about how you might fit in IC or OOC. I'm happy to talk! :)

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Have a look at Azeyma's Oath, it's my signature. We might meet what you like which is a job for your Miqo'te that doesn't have to revolve around fighting and a housing plot. If you have any questions just pm me here or add me on discord (it's in the signature.) I won't spend an entire post explaining what we do since you can easily read about it in FC hall.


Regardless good luck on finding something that fits you!

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