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Your Character's Boss Fight


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This was a thread a few years back... somewhere. I thought I'd revive the idea and see what you guys can come up with!

So... what would your character be like as a boss? Either as a raid boss, trial, or dungeon boss? What would they say throughout the fight? Before? After? Why would the WoL or a party of adventurers be after them? What would the quest be? How many people would it require? What abilities would they have? Is there a HM? Ex? 


Let's see what you've got!



I'll add my own as time goes on!



Oriens Workshop 16 - 4-Person (Normal) / 8-Person (HM/Ex) Trial 


Location: Beneath Castrum Oriens, Workshop 16


Quest: Aether De-anima-ted

"The Xth Legion's dangerous Project Anima is nearing completion. Its lead engineer, Corelyn jen Bellor, has developed some mysterious breakthrough that could provide the Empire with another powerful means of destruction they hardly need. The project must be stopped at all costs and Bellor captured or slain before whatever horrible creation she's creating is complete!"



Dialogue: Kiss of Chaos


Phase 1: Steel Reason


Phase Switch, Phase 2: Ultima 



Pre-Fight Dialogue:

"There truly is not much I can say that would not sound overdone, but... consider me surprised that this caught anyone's attention, let alone enough for... this." v

"But consider for a moment that we fight for a same cause. We both seek to eliminate the eikons that plague the land, do we not?"


Dialogue Choices:

1. "Yes, but not like this!"

2. "We don't need the Empire's help."

3. "That's not all this will be used for and you know it."

4. "..."



1. "Then what would you do? Struggle for eternity until this very star is devoid of life? I can't let you stop my work!"

2. "Then you are a stubborn fool. Fine, then! If this is what you savages want, then you will have to go through me."

3. "I... I know. But this war must end, one way or another, as must the eikons. I am sorry. But I cannot let you stop this project."

4. "Your silence will not intimidate me. If you mean to stop this project, then you will have to kill me. Prepare yourself."


Combat Dialogue:

"Bloody barbarians! It's always 'Fight first, logic later!' Be that way, then!" - Fight Start

"Stay back!" - Magitek Shield Pulse

"Ugh... You won't find me so simple a target!" - First set of Magitek Bits

"Why... won't you... listen?!" - 55% Health, before Phase Switch

"You've forced my hand. This ends now!" - Phase Switch 

"Impossible! H-how did...?!" - Surviving Phase Switch

"Damn your ignorance!" - Survivor's Guilt

"We could be allies! We could save this world, all of us!" - 10% Health 

"I... I never wanted... this..." - Defeat



Phase 1: Corelyn: Architectus

Corelyn engages the party, shielded by a magitek barrier and wielding her gundagger, Anthyllis. She will fire shots at random party members, and will toss ceruleum grenades, as well as summon magitek bits to impede players.


Invulnerability - Corelyn rendered invulnerable by her magitek shield. Lost after Magitek Shield Pulse is interrupted.


Auto-Attack - [instant, Global CD] Corelyn thrusts Anthyllis at the highest enmity target.

Rosefire - [instant, 8 sec CD] Fires a pink-hued round at a random ranged target. Deals moderate damage and leaves a dispellable "Burns" debuff.

Ceruleum Grenade - [4 sec cast, targeted AoE, 12-second CD] Tosses a ceruleum grenade at a targeted party member, causing an explosion with a 10-yalm radius. Does heavy damage and leaves a 30-second heavy debuff. Targeted area will burn for 15 seconds afterward with Burning Ceruleum.

Magitek Bits - [instant] Calls out Magitek bits that fire beams across the field. Beams deal heavy damage and inflict vulerability for 1 minute. 4 are called per cast. Cast with every 15% health lost until 55% (total 3 times, 12 Bits).

Magitek Shield Pulse - [3-second cast, interruptible, 10-second CD] Causes a burst of energy that will stun all players within 5 yalms. If this is interrupted, it will disable her Invulnerability buff. If it is used successfully, Corelyn will regain invulnerability.



Ultimate/Phase Switch: Leveller

At 40% health, Corelyn overcharges her shield and uses a teleporting device. Alarums are set off, and two Saboutaged Reapers appear. Sabotaged armours will cast photon stream on a 15-yalm line toward the highest enmity target for each. If kept close to one another for more than 10 seconds, they will self-destruct and deal lethal damage to all players. If not killed within 30 seconds, Leveller will trigger the self-destruct as a bomb slowly descends onto the field with a pulsing damage radius.


When Saboutaged Reapers are defeated, they remain where they are, and will still self-destruct if brought too close together. After 30 seconds, if both are defeated when Leveller's timer expires and the bomb touches down, they will still explode, but will one-third damage.



Phase 2: Corelyn: Animatus

Corelyn reappears, having donned modified Garlean armour and wielding her gun-rapier, Dianthus. She no longer possesses her magitek shield, but deals increased damage and has higher resistances. She no longer calls Magitek Bits, tosses Ceruleum grenades, or uses Magitek Shield Pulse. However, Rosefire is now Empowered Rosefire and she gains new abilities from wielding the prototype Anima Module.


Aetherward - [instant, 10 sec rotation] Every 10 seconds, Corelyn becomes resistant to magic, physical melee, or physical ranged attacks and takes 50% less damage from that source until a new resistance is gained.


Auto-Attack - [instant, Global CD] Corelyn thrusts Dianthus at the highest enmity target.

Empowered Rosefire - [instant, 8 sec CD] Fires a pink-hued round at a random ranged target. Deals slightly more damage, knocks back 10 yalms, and leaves a much more potent, but still dispellable, "Burns" debuff.

Survivor's Guilt - [5 second cast, 15 sec CD] Corelyn unleashes a storm of charged thrusts and slashes in a 10-yalm radius. Deals heavy damage, knocks back 10 yalms, and leaves a stacking damage down debuff for 1 minute.

Ruination - [instant, 5 sec CD] Corelyn blasts the highest-enmity target with concentrated, unstable aether, dealing moderate damage and applying a stacking vulnerability up debuff (max 5) for 12 seconds.



HM Differences:

Mechanics carry over from Normal with the following differences:


Phase 1: 

Rosefire/Ceruleum Grenades - Rosefire will leave small burning areas on the ground under the target hit. If the Burning Ceruleum areas from Ceruleum Grenades and Rosefire touch, they explode and deal heavy damage to the entire area.

Magitek Bits - 2 extra Bits spawn each time Bits appear.

Feedback - When interrupting Magitek Shield Pulse, the interrupter will be knocked back 10 yalms and suffer a stacking vulnerability debuff for 30 seconds.


Ultimate/Phase Switch:

Magitek Cannon - [4 second cast, 15 sec CD, 10y radius] Saboutaged Reapers will fire a magitek cannon at one player at random.

Leveller - Leveller increases the explosion range of destroyed Saboutaged Reapers by 15 yalms.


Phase 2:

Ruination - Now deals very high damage damage and inflicts a potent, but dispellable "burns" debuff on top of vulnerability.

Survivor's Guilt - Now reduces all targets hit to half current HP and applies a 1 minute febrile debuff instead of damage down.

Ceruleum Grenade - Still used from Phase 1.



Ex Differences:

Mechanics carry over from HM with the following differences:


Phase 1: 

Security Bit - [3 second cast, 5 sec CD] A permanent, non-targetable Magitek Bit will hover above Corelyn, targeting a random player and firing a beam in that direction.

Magitek Bits - Bits are now shielded from ranged attacks and can only be damaged within 5 yalms. Players within 5 yalms take persistent electric damage every 2 seconds.


Ultimate/Phase Switch:

Imperial Mechanic - An alarum is raised and an imperial mechanic will appear with each armour, casting repairs on it that must be interrupted. This is a high-HP add that can only be killed by Leveller.

Leveller - Leveller increases the explosion range of destroyed Saboutaged Reapers by 20 yalms. Safe spaces are very small.


Phase 2:

Ruination - Ruination will now instantly kill a target still affected by the "burns" debuff.

Magitek Bits - 6 Magitek Bits are summoned at 30% health and then again at 15% health.[/b][/b]


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Would definitely be the weak boss in a 4 person dungeon.


Fight start would say "Oh gonna get rough in here, can't say I've be handled by four people at once. How exciting!"


Random target charge would say "How about we get to know each other better? What do you say good looking?"


Big single target attack "Hey, what that behind you?"


Upon defeat "All that effort and not a bit of pleasure, you guys are no fun" then he runs away.

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I gave this as a writing prompt to some folks about a year ago, so I'm gonna shamelessly copy-paste the whole thing. =B (CONTEXT: I have an IC running gag with Y'raja claiming to be The Godsbow. Nobody actually believes this, herself included. She's just being being obnoxious.)



Y'raja Lhiza

Trial: Drifter's Concerto Hall (Hard)

8 Players



To deny Y'raja as the ever-exquisite Godsbow is to sing the song of insanity. To quell these false accusations, this odd Sun Seeker challenges all who dare to question the validity of her Oschon-blessed title. She wants to play a game. One based on her own rules, in her very own lair acquired via somewhat legitimate means -- an abandoned Sharlayan amphitheater in the Dravanian Hinterlands.



Sorry to disappoint, but there isn't a lot of actual fighting in this fight. Why? Well... You see...





This battle is a rhythm game~!




Phase 1 - 100-75%:

Even tempo, 4-note chords.


Phase 2 - 75-25%:

Faster tempo, 5-note chords.


Phase 3 - 25-0%:

Much faster tempo, 6-note chords.



The map is broken up into a theater-esque layout. Y’raja will be positioned in a large inner circle while players must file into either of two connected platforms. There is a panel on either side that a player must activate to begin the encounter.


These sections will have three circles on the ground with corresponding symbols. Players need to run across these glowing circles to play notes that match the chords Y’raja plays. (There will be a timer element on the UI in addition to a visual cue to denote exactly when players should hit their respective notes.) The ‘notes’ are only marked by sound and symbols. The order of these are randomized each time you start a new instance, and players are constantly being cycled in and out to attack Y'raja (minus healers), so every player should memorize every symbol and its note at the start.


Whenever the party fails to match a note (not the chord as a whole), the raid will receive Dissonance. After Dissonance reaches a certain amount of stacks, the raid will wipe to Y'raja's signature attack, The Godsrain.


Y’raja directly fights two people at a time in this encounter. A tank and a DPS are chosen at random after a series of chords are successfully completed (I was thinking maybe around 3-6). This is marked by a buff called Harmony. Once Harmony runs out, the chosen duo is launched back to their respective platforms.



Here's a dumb diagram:




Important Attacks/Debuffs:


Harmony -- A temporary buff that increases damage output by 25% (while temporarily replacing Dissonance… solely for the sake of logic). This is to account for the fact that only two people can fight her at a time. Only people with Harmony can activate the jump pads to Y’raja’s platform. Has a duration of one minute and fifteen seconds. When Harmony ends, both players are launched back to the platforms they came from.


Drifter's Scherzo -- A 30-second buff that increases Y'raja's damage output by 50%, while lowering her defense by 50%. This buff also enables her the ability to use 'Drifter's Lament'.


Drifter's Lament -- An attack with a 3-second cast time that will one-shot the DPS. It can be stunned or silenced.


Dissonance -- A permanent debuff that is placed on the entire raid 1 stack at a time. Dissonance occurs whenever the raid misses a note. After every series of 5 chords, Y’raja performs 'Godsrain'. If the raid has more than 6 stacks of Dissonance, the raid wipes.


Godsrain -- Operates just like Sagittarius Arrow (BRD LB3), but it effects the entire raid. All players are showered by a torrent of magical arrows, dealing damage that healers can easily handle. Once that ends, these arrows explode. The damage dealt by this explosion multiplies based on the amount of Dissonance stacks the raid currently has.






Each DPS will eventually be chosen to go with a tank to fight Y'raja 2 on 1. To account for the cycling in and out of people, every party member must know their symbols/notes. To help with this, parties should refer to 'note circles' as 1-6. Station a party member at each note. Tanks just wait on standby and take over if a DPS on their side must leave to fight Y'raja.


As the fight goes on, the tempo and complexity of note combos increases slightly. Just pay attention and you're fine.


2v1 Duel:

All the DPS needs to do is DPS. The tank's job is just to hold aggro, help DPS, and stun Drifter's Lament. Easy.



Note: If a fight like this actually existed, there'd be probably colors and/or visual cues to accommodate for the colorblind and hearing impaired.


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I have to type out Alyx. I do plan to add more when i get back to a legit computer...


Duty Finder: Trial of the Quintessence


The boss: Alyx Quintessence, Gaia Quintessence, Igni Quintessence, Forta Quintessence and Wati Quintessence.


Bio: After giving the sisters practice one on one, Alyx has declared a challenge. To fight her sisters all at once. However, she did allow you to gather many fighters like yourself to attend this battle. On top of her personal tower. The fight itself will not be simple like practice. for they will be bringing out their full strength in this fight.


Do not falter and show your might as a team against her own!


Location: On top of the Quintessence Tower in Corethas.


The fight itself


Phase one: The four elemental sisters.



Tanks must pick up Igni and Wati, Forta is untankable and Gaia is a healer.

Wati does a cone aoe damage attacks and Igni is single target with having to swap between them to counter their Debuffs.


At 50% of their individual HP bars, they will cast a special skill.


Wati: Tidal Slam= Deals Water damage and knocks down players for five seconds.

Forta: Wind Barrage=Boosts her attack speed and damage 

Gaia: Earthen Barricade= Reduces damage done to all her other sisters for the remainder of the fight

Igni: Flare Blitz= Starts tossing straight line AOE strikes at random positions.


They can all be defeated seperately. Easiest strat: Igni first, Forta, Wati then Gaia. Gaia's heals can be interrupted with ease.


Phase two starts when all four sisters are defeated. They then rest on an alcove in the distance and Alyx joins the fight.



Alyx MUST NOT BE TANKED ON THE EDGES! Keep her in the center.

On occasion she will summon six aether bombs, one of each element. All players aside the tanks will get a corresponding color marker. Match the color with the bombs to suppress the AOE damage to minimal single target damage. If someone hits the wrong color, it will blow the bomb prematurally and give Durability damage increase to all players.


Alyx will also lob Lava bolts for AOE strikes to other range targets while the tank deals with her basic Ruin Three Spell. 

Tank swap happens after she does saber slash. The tank takes more magic damage depending how many stacks.


At 50%, Alyx will then start summoning Obelisks that radiate eletricity. DO NOT STAND NEAR THEM! Avoid them and they will eventually fade.


Once she reaches defeat, the fight ends....


EX mode has a third phase.



grlI6R7D6Xo Once Alyx reaches 5% life, the shade of her mother imbunes her with untapped potential, giving her full life once more and starting the last phase. It retrains the Mana bombs as the second but now on occasion, her sisters will join in and apply their special abilities, with Gaia's being cast last and only lasting for twenty seconds.


At seventy five percent, Alyx will gain a shade of herself that will echo her Ruin III spell that cannot be tanked and will fire off at range. It's weaker than her main Ruin so do not feel overwhelmed


At 50% she will summon another shade that will cast a Lava Bolt onto a location where the farther you are the less everyone takes. It comes in once every minute until the end.


At 25% Alyx will infuse herself with the power of her elemental crystals. All abilities up to this point stop casting and being used but now she has a saber of all six elements imbuned. From there it's a burn phase while still matching the colored bombs accordingly.




Loot rewards are weapons with at least two elemental fusions in them reflecting your role complete with glow effect and rare chance at Mini Quintessence Minions (randomly chosen)

well now... i got work so CHECK BACK on it later!

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Testarossa Fate


                               Riot Force 6 – The Coliseum ( Hard Mode)


Introduction: For your upcoming adventures you have found new comrades in a small military force called the Riot Force 6. However, some of their members still doubt your abilities and strengths. There is only one way to convince them: You have to take on the 'Lightning Goddess' herself.


Phase 1: The battle takes place in a large, circle-shaped arena while the outside resembles a coliseum. Several familiar NPC's are watching the battle with interest.


Dialogue starts at the pull.


Testarossa Fate: It is an honor fighting against you, Warrior of Light. However, make no mistake. Even though this is a sparring match, I will not hold back in the slightest. I expect the same from you.


Ability Breakdown:



Piercing Lancer: Heavy Tankbuster that has to be mitigated.


Sonic Move: Fate dashes through the arena in different patterns, causing high damage to players hit while inflicting paralysis.


Plasma Lancer: 2 Random players will be targeted with debuffs. One player will receive the debuff “Living bomb” while the other player receives the debuff “Thunderstruck”. When debuff “Living bomb" runs out it will deal high damage to the person it was cast upon while dealing high to extremely high damage to the raid depending on how good or bad the mechanic was dealt with. The player with the debuff “Thunderstruck” will receive massive damage, potentially oneshotting him if not dealt with the mechanic properly.


Thunder Rage: Fate rams Bardiche into the floor and causes a thunderstorm across the arena, creating medium AoE damage that hits the party. Thunder Rage will continue dealing damage until a certain amount of DPS has been dealt to Fate. Small dps check.


Timeline for Phase 1:


10 seconds into the fight Fate will cast Piercing Lancer which is then followed by Thunder Rage. After approx. 30 seconds another Piercing Lancer follows which is then followed by Sonic Move. Sonic Move can have one of three patterns and the charges will be visualized by a small thunder cloud appearing atop the danger zone shortly before the hit.

Hexagon Pattern: Fate charges across the arena in a Hexagon-like pattern, leaving only the middle of the arena safe.


Slice Pattern: Fate charges across the arena in an X-fashion, covering a huge part of the arena while only a small part, a slice, is left over as a safespot.


Triangle Pattern: Fate charges through the arena in a triangle pattern, leaving only a safespot outside of the triangle.


After Sonic Move and about 1 Minute and 30 Seconds into the fight Fate will use another Piercing Lancer, followed by a Thunder Rage and another Piercing Lancer.


About 2 Minutes and 10 Seconds into the fight Fate will use Plasma Lancer.


How to deal with Plasma Lancer:


The solution to dealing with “Living Bomb” is to simply pass on the debuff to other players before it runs out. Each time the buff is passed on another 5 seconds will be added to the timer. The longer it takes for Living Bomb to actually blow up, the less raid damage will be received. After passing Living Bomb the player will not be able to take the debuff off of other players.


The solution for dealing with “Thunderstruck” is to have the Offtank take the debuff and move towards Fate. Thunderstruck will still deal massive damage to the Offtank, so proper mitigation is key. Positioning yourself next to Fate is important, as she will get hit by her own Plasma Lancer, thus preventing another use of Plasma Lancer.


For Hard Mode failing those mechanics won't necessarily cause a wipe, however it will result in massive damage and give healers a hard time.


Depending on dps Fate will use another Piercing Laser, followed by Sonic Move, followed by another Thunder Rage. Once enough dps has been dealt or after the last Thunder Rage Phase 2 of the fight will begin. The following dialogue signals the transition:


Fate: You really are a worthy rival. Few have pushed me this far, but this battle is far from over. Let's go Bardiche.


Phase 2: During the begin of Phase 2 Fate will become untargettable and charges her ultimate attack.


Ability Breakdown:


Sonic Fate: Sonic Fate is a hard hitting add that needs to be tanked by both the MT and OT. It has the lowest health pool of the adds.



Sonic Sail: Sonic Fate charges a random player for high damage while simultaneously swapping the aggro of the charged player with that of the tank. Shortly after the charge it will cast Jet Zanber.


Jet Zanber: Heavy tankbuster that needs to be mitigated.


Lightning Fate: Ligtning Fate is a low hitting add with a big health pool. It acts mostly as support for the other adds while also inflicting debuffs.


Lightning Bind: A random dps will be bound on the spot. The bind can be attacked and destroyed to free the player.


Thunder Fall: Shortly after Lightning Bind a Thunder Fall will be cast on the same player. Thunder Fall is a debuff that does moderate raid wide damage after going off and inflicts a damage down debuff to the entire raid.


Sealing: A random Healer will receive the “Sealed” debuff, rendering him unable to use any Healing abilities. Shielding is still possible.


Round Shield: A Shield buff will be casted on either Sonic Fate, Lightning Fate or Blaze Fate.



Blaze Fate: Blaze Fate is a medium hp ranged add that cannot be aggroed and will attack random party members.


Thunder Bullet: A random party member will be targetted with a yellow marker and AoE circles will be dropped on him. Stepping into a circle before the mechanic is finished will cause it to explode, resulting in low to high damage depending on which circle the player stepped into. Further explained later.


Photon Lancer Multishot: 4 random party members will receive moderate, unavoidable damage.


Arc Saber: Blaze Fate moves to one side of the arena and then proceeds to shoot the entire arena in a 270° cone.


Testarossa Fate: After approx. 2 minutes Fate will have finished charging up her attack and uses Photon Lancer : Phalanx Shift.


Photon Lancer Phalanx Shift: The entire arena is surrounded and covered in Thunder Orbs. Fate points Bardiche towards the players upon which the orbs move towards them, exploding in thunderous glory. If any of the adds was still alive at this point it will automatically result in a wipe.


Timeline for Phase 2:


All adds spawn simultaneously at the beginning of the phase. It is vital that one of the tanks immediately picks up Sonic Fate as she will be using Jet Zanber approx. 5 seconds into the phase. At about 10 seconds into the fight Lightning Fate will use Sealing on one of the two healers. Shortly afterwards Blaze Fate will use Photon Lancer Multishot.


At about 20 seconds into the fight Sonic Fate will use Sonic Sail, so one of the Tanks needs to make sure to grab aggro after the charge right away or the affected player WILL die. Shortly afterwards Lightning Fate will cast Lightning Bind immediately followed by Thunder Fall on one random player while Blaze Fate simultaneously uses Thunder Bullet on another random player.


How to deal with Lightning Bind/Thunder Fall and Thunder Bullet combo:


The Lightning Bind / Thunder Fall affected player should move to the edge of the arena that will be hit last by the Thunder Bullet as soon as he is freed of his bind, while the player with Thunder Bullet needs to make sure to place all circles around the edge of the arena to keep enough space in the middle for players to maneuver. An example would be to place the Lightning Bind / Thunder Fall player at NW while letting the Thunder Bullet affected player stand on North before the first Bullet comes down, thus moving in a circle and ending up on NW with the last bullet/puddle. Each subsequent bullet and the resulting puddle will cause less damage. Standing in the puddle will remove Thunder Fall before it goes off, thus preventing the damage down debuff.


Shortly after this mechanic Blaze Fate will use Arc Saber while Lightning Fate will use Round Shield on one of the remaining adds. The Round Shield acts like a strong stone skin but it will disappear after a while, so dps should focus on the other add.


During Arc Saber Sonic Fate will use Jet Zanber. Shortly afterwards she will use Sonic Sail, followed by another Jet Zanber, so tanks need to be aware.


This rotation will repeat one more time before the ultimate finishes casting and it is up to the players to decide which add to get rid of first. The Phase ends with Photon Lancer Phalanx Shift and either the wipe of the group or the transition into Phase 3.



Phase 3: The arena is now slightly demolished and the battle reaches its climax. Fate has now access to one new form called True Sonic Form.


The following Dialogue starts the transition into the 3rd and final Phase:


Fate: You withstood my Phalanx Shift. It's been a long time since someone has pushed me this far. You truly are the Warrior of Light. But I'm not done yet.

Let's go Bardiche!


Ability Breakdown:


True Sonic Form: Fate's most offensive form will cause her to gain Damage Up stacks over time. Too many damage up stacks will result in players being oneshotted, so making sure she doesn't receive too many stacks is key to preventing a wipe.


Plasma Smasher: High unavoidable raid damage that has to be healed through. Each subsequent use will increase how often Plasma Smasher hits.


Scythe Slash: Massive Tankbuster that has to be shared by the MT and OT.


Plasma Barret: A random party member's hp is immediately lowered to 1 HP. The player also receives a debuff that will grant a Damage Up Stack to Fate if said player dies within 20 seconds after Plasma Barret.


Belkan Towers: Three Belkan Towers will spawn in the Northwest, Northeast and South of the Arena.


Ancient Belkan Tower: This Belkan tower will slowly put debuffs on the healers, reducing the amount healed for each stack until healing becomes impossible.


Mythical Belkan Tower: This Belkan tower will create a Tether between itself and Fate, causing Fate to gain Damage Up Stacks. A player can move between Fate and the tower to pick up the tether. He will receive a damage up buff BUT at the same time suffers a high bleeding debuff.


Artificial Belkan Tower: This Belkan tower will tether itself to the other two towers and starts healing them. The tethers can be picked up by two players to prevent the healing of the other towers, however picking up the tether will result in a TP/Mana drain over time. This tower is invulnerable until at least one of the other towers is destroyed.


Phalanx Orbs: As the fight progresses Orbs will start swarming the arena, exploding for moderate damage upon impact. Players have to be especially careful if hit by Plasma Barret to make sure they won't be hit by any of these orbs.


Belkan Impulse: Fate will try to absorb the towers. The group will be hit with raidwide, unavoidable damage depending on how many towers were still alive prior to the cast being finished. On the other hand this skill will damage Fate herself, depending on how many towers have been destroyed. If all 3 towers were still alive this results in an automatic wipe. If all 3 towers were destroyed Fate will receive massive damage, giving players a good shot at defeating her.


Once the tower part of the final phase is over Fate will use another Scythe Slash, followed by another Plasma Smasher, followed by another Scythe Slash.


After that Fate will begin casting the Hard Enrage.


Photon Lancer Genocide Shift: Fate's Hard Enrage. At this point it's either you or her. She will finish the cast in approx. 10 seconds which then results in another Ultimate similar to Phalanx Shift, however this time it will result in an automatic wipe.

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Trial: The Bloodsands (Extreme)


For one night only, this Sunday night at Sultanamania, retired Halatali fighter Ferus Ironlash returns to the ring to take on any and all comers. Do you have what it takes?




Persistent Mechanics: (They last through the entire fight)


Hype: The attitude of the audience is affecting your party's morale. For each positive stack of Hype, the entire raid gains a 5% bonus to damage dealt. Hype is gained when the raid successfully transitions through phases and when using limit breaks. Each level of limit break grants an additional stack of Hype: e.g. level 1 LB gives one stack of Hype, level 2 gives two stacks, etc.


At negative Hype, the raid gains a debuff that decreases damage dealt by 5% for each stack. Hype is lost when a party member dies. The entire raid loses a single stack of Hype when any party member dies. If a party member dies with negative stacks of Hype, the crowd begins booing, causing the raid to lose two stacks of Hype. Hype caps at three stacks maximum.


The raid starts the encounter at zero Hype.


Bladedance: At either ten minutes after the pull or at three negative stacks of Hype, your raid completely fails to go over with the Coliseum audience, and they give all their hype to Ferus, who wipes the raid with a limit break.




Phase 1: Gladiator


Ferus begins the encounter wielding a sword and shield.



Rage of Rhalgr: Tank buster that requires cooldowns to be popped to live through. Instant kill if the target has a Vulnerability Up debuff from Full Swing.


Full Swing: Medium damage hit that leaves a Vulnerability Up debuff on the target. Debuff timer will fade out before the next Rage of Rhalgr.


Provoke: Targets a random raid member and inflicts the Taunt status on them. Taunted players lose control of their character, who immediately runs up to Ferus and only autoattacks him. Taunt also includes a Vulnerability Up debuff. Can be cleansed with Esuna/Leeches/Exalted Detriment.


Circle of Scorn: Wide range AoE attack surrounding Ferus that deals heavy AoE damage. Cast immediately after Provoke. Oneshots taunted players.



Tank and spank. Phase transition at 70%. Basic competence check/PuG killer.




Phase 2: Griffin Mount


At 70%, Ferus calls a griffin in and mounts up on its back.




Piercing Talon: Ferus tosses a javelin at the target area marked by an orange circle that does heavy AoE damage. Throws three of these, each targeting a different area to mark the three points of a triangle.


Whirling Gaol: Sucks the raid into the center of the arena for massive AoE damage. To survive, players must stack up on the javelins that Ferus threw in order to hang onto them. However, each javelin can only support a maximum of three players. If more than three players stack on one javelin, the javelin will break, dealing additional damage to each player as they are sucked into the Whirling Gaol, which will more than likely kill all of them with their combined damage. Considering four players die, this will probably wipe the raid with negative Hype.


Three Talon Strike: Ferus's griffin flies up and divebombs through where each javelin is thrown in the order they were thrown. Getting hit by the griffin will knock you inside of the triangular area marked by the javelins. Once the divebombs are complete, Ferus jumps off of his griffin to cast Ring of Thorns, dealing heavy damage to tanks and fatal damage to non-tanks inside the triangular area before remounting his griffin.



Do mechanics. If you're having trouble pushing Phase 3 DPS, casting melee LB1 at the start of the phase to build Hype is a viable option. Phase transition at 45%.




Phase 3: Job Change: Dark Knight


At 45%, Ferus is knocked off of his griffin. He throws his sword and shield away, and draws a greatsword as a dark aura begins to surround him.



Blood Price: Cast at the start of the phase. For every 10 percent of damage taken, Ferus gains a stack of haste that reduces his attack timers. Acts as a soft enrage timer/DPS and healer check.


Unleash: Roomwide AoE, hits raid for medium damage. Frequency of Unleash casts increase as Blood Price stacks increase.


Souleater: 3.5 second cast timer. Must be silenced or Ferus instantly kills the tank while recovering 15% of his health. Souleater will kill you even if you have Hallowed Ground, Holmgang, or Living Dead up. Do the mechanic.


Dark Dance: Marked with a cast timer beforehand so you know it's coming. Gains a parry buff for 7 seconds while losing invulnerabilty to stuns. Parries all physical attacks and deals medium damage and gives a Damage Down debuff in retaliation with Reprisal unless stunned.


Plunge: Marks a random healer with Another Victim for five seconds before leaping at them, dealing heavy damage. Deals near-lethal damage without mitigation. Followed up by an Unleash cast.



DPS and healer check. LB3 will generally be reached at the beginning of the phase if you haven't cast it throughout the fight yet. Ferus must be stunlocked during Dark Dance, so I hope your DPS saved their stuns. Or just bring a Paladin.

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I could imagine Valic being one of those mini fate/duty battles you end up doing for classes/jobs. For what exactly is beyond me, I could only imagine as one of the ending red mage job quests, or to test the warrior of light's strength utilizing Hydaelyn's blessing and the echo. More than likely the latter because I wouldn't want to take such an honor for the former. I can't come up with a quest line off the bat but I can get to the part just before the fight itself begins.


1 Man Fate Quest - "Knowledge is Power"


Location: A small arena designated area near Little Ala Mhigo


Prefight cutscene dialogue: "At last, I can test the mettle of Hydaelyn's Warrior of Light! I must say, I have read much and heard plenty of your ventures."


*adjusts his spectacles, light reflects the outsides of his glasses as he smirks confidently*


"Yes, I can sense your aether's immense power already..."

"However, my time in military service has shown me a vast assortment of warriors and monsters of such a fitting caliber. Hearken unto my desire, prove your prowess to me oh true Warrior Of Light!"



*unsheathes his rapier and magicked crystal medium, applying them together to toss it into the air, adjusting his collar and catching it back in hand without effort*


"En Garde!"


*music begins, diagonal camera zoom and flash of light zooming in on the fight*




Opening fight dialogue: "Satiate my devotion to Hydaelyn... and do not disappoint."



Aggro dialogue: "As swift as the Lifestream's aether..."



Combat Dialogue:

1. Casting Aero/Spells - "Your distance shall only favor mine advantage."

2. Throughout the fight - "Most impressive, I should expect nothing less!"

3. Gap closer > Retreat > Flare - "An opening... this shall prove to be your downfall."

4. Performing a random aoe - "I will test The Echo's very nature!"


Mid Fight Mechanic: "*pant...* *pant...* You have not broken my composure yet..."

Around 50% hp, he would cast a unique healing spell to recover about 25-30%. Unable to silence/stun through, instant cast.


"Do not falter now... We have only just begun!"



15%-10% hp remaining: "Remarkable... such tactic and form! Your technique supersedes my own..."



5%-1% hp remaining: "Damn... I yield, destined hero of Hydaelyn..."



Conclusion fight cutscene:

*music cuts in, Valic showing a brief tired out motion*




"Huff... huff... Such a display Character's name. You truly have pressed my limits and surpassed my ability in combat."


*Valic adjusts his glasses and regains his composure*


"Had I known you were so resilient to the very end, I would have not held back to begin with... I dare say you're a most formidable opponent...."


*Valic turns to a standard pose, then brings a very warm smile to his face*


"But an even greater ally..."


*warrior of light nods his/her head like the emotionless ragdoll he/she is*


"Let us celebrate over a meal shall we? I must record our my deductions from our battle into my journal promptly lest my memory wanes."

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Tyll'a would be a two-phase boss.


Phase 1


Stubborn Miqo'te

   T Y L L ' A


Tyll'a fights with his blades and his magitek staff.


Dual Slash: Tyll'a's basic attack.  Tyll'a slashes at the tank, inflicting damage twice.

Charge: Tyll'a charges at the tank's legs, inflicting damage and a Slow if he hits.

Elemental Blast: Tyll'a uses his magitek staff to send a blast of an element of his choice at the tank.


Strategy: This first phase is a tank-and-spank fight.  Heal through his attacks and you should have no problem.


At 60% health, Tyll'a transitions to phase two.


Phase 2


Feral Miqo'te

 T Y L L ' A


Tyll'a no longer uses his magitek staff.  However, his blade attacks are much faster and randomly attacks other party members in addition to the tank.


Feral Slash: Tyll'a's basic attack.  Tyll'a slashes at a random party member in range, inflicting damage twice and giving Tyll'a a stack of Feral Rage.

Feral Charge: Tyll'a charges at a random party member's legs, inflicting damage and a Slow if he hits, as well as giving Tyll'a a stack of Feral Rage.

Feral Rage: Gives Tyll'a +1% damage per stack.


Strategy: At this point, the aggro table can go out the window, as all Tyll'a's attacks now hit a random party member, not just the tank.  The healer will need to keep everyone up, and the tank will need to switch to DPS mode.  This phase is very much a DPS race, as Feral Rage will quickly overwhelm the party if there isn't enough DPS.

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This is a good thread. I like this thread.


I doubt that Xau would actually be the boss itself; she'd probably take on more of a role like Edda for the last boss fight of Tam-Tara Hard. Her combat classes are arcanist and scholar, so her boss fight would likely revolve around what she summons, but I don't think it would straight up be carbuncles or faeries, exactly. Let me expound upon my ideas.


Xau's general profession, outside of combat, is actually more of an historian, and she specifically specializes in the history of the Fifth Astral Era; that is, the era when Mhach, Amdapor, and Nym were all at their peaks and engaging in the War of the Magi, and when black, white, and arcane magic were all reaching for higher and higher heights in an attempt to outdo one another in the conflict.


Miss Dolabnha is also a rather... Curious type, to say the least, the kind of person that can't resist pressing that big red button because she just has to know what it does. So, one day, on an expedition into a ruin of the Fifth Astral Era, she finds some dusty old tomes in Amdapor or Mhach or Nym and, oh dear, what does this say? Research into combining the magics of all three magocracies? And no, no dear adventurer, this is not like red magic, this is not like red magic at all. This is talking about combining voidsent and faeries, voidsent and elementals, faeries and elementals.


Any sane person would tuck such a tome away into the depths of a library and never open it again. Xau, though? Too curious. Far too curious. She knows, though, that those close-minded imbeciles around her wouldn't allow such a thing, so she takes residence deep within some Amdaporian, Nymian, or Mhachian ruin, and starts her experiments.


After a while, though, the locals would doubtlessly notice some horrific abominations starting to creep out of said ruin, and would request somebody to go in and find out what's happening!


And that's where the party of adventurer's come in. Descending into this ruin and fighting off chimerical monsters that combine void and elemental, faerie and void, faerie and elemental.


First boss of the dungeon: Triple carbuncle fight - Emerald, Topaz, and Ruby, but all corrupted with void energy. Each would function as they normally do when summoned by an arcanist - Emerald for ranged attacks and knockback; Topaz for melee and stun; Ruby for melee and DoTs. There might be some other mechanics, but the big challenge would just be fighting three at once. I'd say that only Topaz has an aggro table, and the other function as independent enemies that only do AoEs; Emerald's would be telegraphed, but Ruby's wouldn't be.


Second boss of the dungeon: A horrific combination of a voidsent and an elemental, gone completely mad from the anathemic joining. The major mechanic of the boss fight is keeping it balanced between void and elemental energy; as long as there's an equal amount of black and white mana flowing through it, it can't use either effectively because the two forces are fighting each other within; if the balance tips too far to either end, though, then it can start using strong black or white magic attacks depending on how it's tipped. Maybe something to do with preventing adds from touching it, or some kind of tethered orbs, or something along those lines.


Miniboss: Every dungeon needs a miniboss between the second and third bosses! An opal carbuncle - a carbuncle infused heavily with holy magic; standard enemy, but strong and with a few AoE attacks.


Final boss: Xau, with both Eos and Selene forms of her faerie; Eos has been strongly infused with white magic, and Selene has been strongly infused with black magic, turning them into completely different beings than their normal faerie forms.


1. The faeries have no aggro table, and instead roam around the arena on their own as they cast a LOT of AoEs.


2. The arena is divided into black and white sides. Eos can only be harmed when she's on the black side, and Selene can only be harmed when she's on the white side; otherwise, they're invulnerable. There would be some ways to force them to one side or the other, ideally, maybe some interactable objects.


3. Damage needs to be split roughly evenly between them; if one of them is much more damaged than the other, then the other will heal them up.


4. Did I mention lots of AoEs?


This post is kind of dumb in retrospect but I spent too long writing it to scrap it all so HERE YOU GO.


EDIT: During her personal boss fight, she'd probably be saying a lot of stuff like "YOU'RE INTERRUPTING MY RESEARCH!" and "NARROW-MINDED FOOLS, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!", and lots of ~MAD SCIENTIST~ stuff like that.

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There would be two ways to win my character's boss fight. One is a kind of shortcut/Easter egg, the other is the general fighting and killing way.



Scene: Adventuring group comes into a brightly colored room. There's a large table with multiple glasses, mugs, cups, and all kinds of various drinks ranging from water to wine and amazingly comfortable chairs. A lone buff Keeper Miqo'te in white heavy armor in a carbuncle themed mask is currently sitting at the table. He speaks in a deep and slow voice and waves to the table in a lazy fashion "Please, sit with me. Have a drink. I needed the company". 


Typical combat route:

After about 10 seconds of nobody taking the bait, he stands. "I take my job as ambassador seriously. I insist you become comfortable, and I said sit". Again, he begins to speak after a few seconds. "So, you haven't come for leisure... You've come to fight, then? It brings me no joy, but so be it. I won't deny you the chance to seek your pleasure".


He pulls out a large club and smashes the table sending drinks and cups flying, opening the fight with an AoE. "If you do not wish for leisure, then show me what you take enjoyment from!" The first phase is fairly straightforward tank and spank with occasional adds, giving your party compliments for working together as well as they are, calling out specific character names for healing the most damage, dealing the most damage, or taking the most damage (he will randomly switch targeting between who is in the first and second aggro positions, meaning both tanks need to have good aggro or a party member will likely be killed). The higher you are on the aggro list for your specific job's mechanic, the more likely he is to call out their name. This is important for the next phase.


The first phase switch is at 75% hp. He will then say one of three phrases: "Who among you prizes shielding your allies from harm?", "Who among you prizes spilling your enemy's blood for your allies?", and "Who among you prizes renewing your allies?". At this point, only the people who he named in the first phase can interact with him or other party members. The first indicates tanks, the second indicates DPS, and the third indicates healers. If someone attacks him that he either hasn't called out or is the wrong job, he will counter-attack them for heavy damage and knocking them to the edge of the area saying "I have taken measure, and I find you lacking". Attacking twice in this manner without being heavily healed is a guaranteed player kill. Depending on your role when he calls this, you have different tasks. Tanks need to weather his attacks for a certain amount of time. DPS has a mini-DPS race depending on the amount of people he called out. Healers will need to heal themselves/each other. He will alternate between Phase 1 mechanics of calling out players and calling out specific jobs. If there is a large discrepancy in the abilities of party members, this phase takes longer as he is more likely to keep calling out single players rather than the group to attack and interact when he has a job called out. Occasionally he will call out a specific player that is severely lagging behind in their area and say "You do not find joy from battle. You and I are kindred spirits", and will give them a buff.


The third phase starts at 30% HP. The room will grow dark and he slips his mask to the top of his head, saying "The brightness hurts my eyes. This displeases me". He will begin attacking with more vigor within the darkness. Around the outside edge of the room are blue carbuncle lamps that give off a soft blue light. By turning on the carbuncle lamps you slow him down but the lamps don't stay on for very long. Players now need to balance between all three mechanics until Aziraya is dead. Upon dying he says "You have shown me what you seek in life. It saddens me to see you wallow in the vice of your wrath, but I will not begrudge you for seeking it".


The general idea is that all of the characters in the fight are working closely together without the ability for one person to simply pull ahead of the others or to carry them.


Easter Egg route:

When he invites all of them to sit, everyone should sit in a chair. At this point he will take off his mask and pour a drink for a random player at the table and hold up an empty glass. Everyone must do a /handover emote to another player (as if pouring them a drink), and the random player poured for at the start must do it toward him. Players have 10 seconds to do the /handover as well as a /joy after being poured for. 


-If someone doesn't do a /handover emote or doesn't respond with a /joy emote after being poured within the time limit, he will hit them with the giant club and mention something about gratitude, instantly KOing them. Players knocked out in this way won't get any reward for completion of the Easter egg portion.


-If everyone did a /handover emote but not everyone was poured for (such as multiple people pouring for a single other party member on accident), he will remark, "There are some among you who haven't been served...". The party has another 10 seconds to make sure the person is served and they have emoted their thanks. If the party fails, he will wipe the group other than the people who haven't been served saying, "You think yourself better than another? I will not have that stand at this table" and then the normal fight sequence begins.


Upon successful completion of the Easter egg portion, the fight will be considered a success. He will then give everyone a journal named "Simple Pleasures" that can be exchanged for various things from an NPC merchant, chiefly among them is a sleeping emote.



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