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I'm Back! From Outer Space.

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Hey! I'm back playing the game after a sizable absence, in part because of the upcoming expansion and also because of settled IRL stuff.


For a brief summary of my character:

Xavieraux Reinardes is a noble from a minor Ishgardian house, who has been traveling to meet new people, fight new beasts, and read new books, and maybe help out a little a long the way.

He's just, and jovial, but with a small sadistic streak and a good sense of schadenfreude. He loves to help those who need aid, and to punish and toy with the unjust. Chaotic Good if we had to simplify his alignment.

His fighting style is a mixture of axes, rapier, and arcane magic to fell foul beasts, think of him as a Red Mage, short of the fact we don't have them in game (but we will soon!).


Also I'm looking for a new FC, to ape an earlier post of mine:

As well, I'm also looking for a Free Company! I've been keeping an eye out/making my search known in-game, and looking at the FC thread on here, but so many of the FCs just seem so great! I'm looking for one that is Medium to Large in size, but the important part is mainly that they are very active. I'd prefer an FC of 40 people in which 30+ are regularly online and doing events, to an FC of 80 people in which 10 are usually online and has one event per month. I prefer Medium-Heavy roleplay, and the FC must be LBTQIA friendly.


But yeah, feel free to add me in game and pm me for rp or if you just want to be friends.

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