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[Brainstorm][Balmung] Othard Resistance

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I am posting in this forum channel as this is not an FC as of yet.





With all the Stormblood hype hitting the roleplaying community, we are seeing a further increase in character who hail from Othard. Seeing the interest in this region raise is nice to see however it is scattered. Typically we just see such character roaming the cities and popping up at events and so with this in mind, this FC idea has popped to mind.



The purpose of this FC is to house those from Othard who have appeared in Eorzea either by choice or as refugees and hopefully spring a proper community of eastern based characters.






The FC’s theme is quite difficult to place and should be referenced to ‘general’ perhaps as it will follow a few different styles. I could only imagine how vague that sounds and so I’ll go a little more into this with a list of styles I believe it will cover:



Slice of life:  Just as it means, the FC will hold an everyday setting where the roleplayers who have gathered in the FC house may simply just be enjoying their days and communicating with one another in simple RP, not everyday has to be an adventure.



Military: I personally do not like military FC’s and that’s why I would never center an FC around it however as the FC leader's character is a military samurai from Doma and the FC is named as a resistance then of course there must be combat/military elements.



To get a little more into this I should drop a small amount of information about this mentioned character. Yukio Katsuro has only recently arrived in Eorzea with a portion of his father’s forces with the intention of providing any support required against the Empire in hopes of gaining allies to help future efforts in Doma.



With this in mind there will be a need for some combat sections of RP for any characters that wish to be amongst this army and therefore it could be a potential starting location for any upcoming samurai characters being prepared for the expansion.



Culture: I believe this one is fairly self explanatory as those of this FC would not be from Eorzea they come with their own culture and I believe a way to display something such as this would possibly be with events such as markets where they trade goods from their homeland, etc. There will be an FC house that I will try to decorate as fitting as I can!






FC’s purpose/goals



This is all pretty covered but perhaps a tl;dr would be nice!



  • To create an Othard RP community
  • An opportunity for players to start their samurai stories
  • The possibility of a community crafted story that leads into Stormblood and beyond



What is needed:



Before anything comes of this idea I require a few things to help this all come to fruition.



Interest: It’d be nice to get an idea just how many people would be interested in joining such an FC.



Assistance: Just like any other FC it is almost impossible to run alone and I would require a few players with interest in the idea of managing this FC as officers.



A DM/GM: I’m all for trying to create an interesting event and story however there are people that are just simply far better and more experienced than myself and I would appreciate anyone willing to fill this slot. Of course, the more the merrier.




I believe I have covered the basics of this brainstorm and would now leave it open to comments and suggestions! If I am to add anything, I’ll be sure to post that there’s an update.


Thank you  for taking the time to read this and do not hesitate to contact me either here or in-game!

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I'm already very happy in my existing FC, and I have no plans of moving or leaving any time soon. That said, I have a few characters who would fit right in, in various Othard-centred storylines [1] [2] [3] - so if you, as an FC, ever do a storyline or something that's open to the realm in general, count me interested.

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I think it is a great idea, I would consider putting my alt (a Raen) into the FC. If it were a LS I would definitely be in.


Style wise, I'd lean more towards a home from home, resistance activists, with possibly a kind of a "rebels" feel. This would allow more room for various types of races & types. It would be interesting how the different parts of the Far Eastern refugees would overcome their differences behind a common purpose. Such IC drama would be good to have, rather than trying to lock things in with a defined hard structure I feel.


My own character is a fallen samurai/yakusa sort, who is going through a personal journey of discovering self. I also have a tribal Xaela alt that would offer some tension against the stupid samurai  ways, so may or may not fit.


I would like to know more on the OOC and IC structure as for me this is what makes an open or closed environment. I'm a fan of open RP.

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I would be interested in a LS type thing, but I am locked into my own FC. I do want to get the sisters into some type of resistance RP for the up coming 4.0. Their brother is still in Othard, so they would want to do anything to help.


Chidori is a mage, but she has been learning to wield daggers (very beginning stages of that.) Sayori is good with an axe and Minori is still very civilian.

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The idea of making this an LS as opposed to an FC had been thrown around but I believe it would thrive better as an FC since the members would have a location (the fc house) to meet and use as a simple hangout for everyday activities or such rebellious plotting.


As an LS I just think it would go unused for RP and just be a general chat so I quickly passed on that idea.


As you say this is intended as a home from home with a relaxing theme along with perhaps rebellious characters, I know my character and the other character in the FC is part of this. I left a little note about him in the main post and this of course welcomes a chance for players to begin their samurai story!


Membership is not required to RP with the FC so if you're currently happy in your own then there is no forcing you of course, but again I would rather not resort to an LS as numbers in an FC make for a far better community.


Thank you for the responses!



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I would've been interested in this because I have a plot involving my Raen I'd love to launch once Stormblood comes out (it'd involve her traveling around Othard in order to deal with ghosts of the past she initially came to Eorzea to escape from). However, a whole FC dedicated to this is kind of as much of a bummer for me as it is for others.


For comparison's sake, I'd say that a large part of the reason the Ala Mhigan Resistance is so successful and has continued to last as long as it has is because it's a LS. The subject matter of "resistance RP" has a tendency to get stale quicker than other RP guild themes, so having a LS as opposed to an FC promotes a small, manageable dosage of this.


I understand the allure of a house as a base of operations versus an apartment room or something, truly. Though, I believe that with good leadership and strong, consistent plot incentives... you won't need that to thrive. I also understand that one doesn't need to be in an FC to engage in activities with them. But, without really getting into it... let's just say that for some of us, that's much easier said than done.


Just thought I'd put all of that out there for something to consider.

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I second what Kismet says. A linkshell only becomes a "general discussion" linkshell if you let it. FC chat will fall prey to the same trap, if you let it... with the added problem that FC chat is where you'll be discussing game mechanic stuff like use of the company workshop, chest, actions, and so on.


That's why I'm in the FC I'm in - it provides, alongside agreeable people and a loose RP backdrop, terms and conditions I can agree to regarding the use of those OOC game mechanic conveniences that are only available to FCs. But I seek the huge majority of my roleplay outside of it.


Having an FC house is a boon, but constructing the majority of your social side of things around FC-only chat channels will mean that anyone who would prefer to stick with their old FC is inherently on lesser footing. They'll get to join in IC on events, but they won't be able to share OOC character-building, plot-planning, development-sharing...


And it means it has to be all-or-nothing. You're either in the FC or you're not. So if someone starts burning out on the plot, or wanting to diversify, or their character develops in a diffent direction, or even they just want to have an FC room in a different housing district to the one you picked... if the majority of your communication is FC-only, it's not like they can keep in touch and join in with stuff they want to. They either stay or leave.


But you can have up to eight linkshells, and a billion discord servers - it's much easier for someone to drop in and out as their character's attitudes and OOC schedule dictate. The thing that will dictate whether they want to drop in, and the extent to which they participate in the thing you want them to (i.e. RP-focussed conversations about Othard resistance matters), is the structure you provide as leader - in terms of events, plotlines, in-character social nights...


TL;DR: Free company VS linkshell is inconsequential. The thing that makes the difference between a general social group and an RP-focussed group is strong leadership and clear direction.

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I'm just going to echo what a few others have said: I'd be able to do this, but only as a linkshell. The idea is interesting, and one that my FC is already heavily centered around, but as I am in an FC I couldn't join another to do things with. None the less, the idea is interesting, and I wish you luck with whatever route you decide to go with!

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Hi there!


First of all, wonderful idea on the resistance roleplay! I will parrot a lot of what others here have said in that keeping an active well-organized Linkshell + accompanying Discord server is probably the best. There are already a few FCs out there dealing with resistance stuff. (I am actually in one catering to Doma, more specifically, but I believe there is also some for Ala Mhigo, too!)


On my part, I would gladly assist in anything I can, but I am content in my FC and unwilling to leave it!


As far as Housing, I would say to try and snag a couple of apartments, if possible, and set those up as the meeting spaces, or when the expac. comes, try to snag a house! Even if it's just 'your' house, you can still decorate it for the Resistance stuff you want to accomplish. 


So yeah, best of luck to you, and let me know if you want some help!

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The idea of a free company is not bad however i feel that would limit the idea, a linkshell would be better as to connect more Othardians/Domans characters, Discord would be a great idea as well as other said. 


:D and i am pretty sure many others players have their Domans/Othardians Clan, and connecting these clans for future RP and events to the liberation would be interesting. 


Looking forward to see what will be done out of it.

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Gonna echo the above- have a character that would be interested, but "resistance fighter" is not exactly her core identity, and as such, she already has an FC that is unrelated to that theme.   So an FC, in this case, is of no use to me personally, but maybe others will enjoy it?


An LS about this topic would be welcomed, though, if someone decides to take up that effort that would be great!

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First of all, the more the merrier! I'm not going to repeat what everyone has already said though I will say we started an Othardian Resistance LS, that is open to anyone who would like to be apart of multiple FC events to this genre, as well as an opportunity to rp with other Doman/othard/Resistance rper. The LS is ooc, but obviously, can be used to approach people IC with permission from that player!  The IC linkshell is obtained through rp!


LS : Othard_Resistance   

Contact for invite: Mishi Mizuchi , Jeremiah Walker, Baien Yatsurugi, Von Sayrillont, Rahka Goro, Saya Igarashi  (please specify which LS you are requesting as some have lead in multiple LS )


Our FC:Kasasagi Dojo


We also have a discord! Feel free to message for an invite

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