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Looking for ideas in RPing performances

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So, my character is a bard, essentially. He can sing and play violin. I'm a bit new to the FFXIV / MMO RP scene, so my knowledge on how people RP their performances is a little new to me.


I RPed with someone recently who gave me advice that I should pre-write messages and copy paste them whenever I have my character do his performances throughout the whole song. I thought this was a good idea, so I plan to try doing this.


I was wondering if anyone else had any other ideas in regards to RPing performances in game? I'd love to hear some ideas!

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I would look for performances to attend to get some ideas from watching others. That's what I did! Also my character Sayuri is a singer/pianist and would be happy to do some 'rehearsal' to with you to 'practice' it and maybe get a feel for it.

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Most of the performances you'll see are people who have made macros beforehand, or at the very least have their acts prewritten somewhere to copy and paste.

If you're looking for something that would make you stand out from the crowd, I'd suggest writing your own original material. A lot of the performances tend to just be macros containing lyrics that are either word for word taken from existing songs, or have been altered slightly into a lore-friendly parody.

Interaction with the crowd is probably another good one. Add in bits to your macros that involve someone in the audience with . People come to events to RP, and IMO it's a lot more fun for everyone when the performance is something more than just copied and pasted Beyonce flooding the chat log one line at a time.

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Everyone's talking about preparing and honestly, I just free write poetry for song lyrics in emotes...I kinda take inspiration from some events in FF14 (like Dalamud and the dragons and what not) but I kinda just wing it. I know that's not necessarily helpful, but it really depends on what works best for you. For me, it's easier to come up with things on the fly for a bit more variety. But not everyone can work that way.

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The Coven hosts a few performances here and there but the one that stood out the most recently... well, they used a streaming service to stream their music in real-time so it synced up exactly with their emotes, lyrics, and dancing. They incorporated spell effects, dance emotes, even non-dance emotes, and I'm pretty sure they have everything macroed with timings so it syncs properly with the music stream. Play the music, hit the macro, sit back and watch as people go nuts. It's magic.


That is, frankly, an almost insane degree of effort in the setup, though.

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...That is, frankly, an almost insane degree of effort in the setup, though.


Those 3-4min performance take a lot of preparation, if you also compose your own songs & stories... much much longer. I have so much admiration for anyone who performs.

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