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I wanted to make this separate to keep it a little more orderly from my other thread. I'm doing emergency-type commissions. I'm doing what normally costs about $30-40 for $20.



It would be a piece of work like this: FFXIV - Ophelia de Winter



If you are interested, please send me a PM, post here, or add me to Skype! ("eirirhea")



Thank you.



Until I catch up on everyone's order, I don't think I should take anymore. ^^; Will open them back up as soon as I do!


I wanted to use this post to keep everyone updated. Below is a list of people who ordered something from me (in no specific order). If their name links to any images, then it's done! It will take me a while to get through all of these. I really appreciate everyone's patience.


If your name isn't listed and you ordered from me, please PM me! Include your real name, as that is what Paypal lists, so I can confirm your order. There were many people who didn't use PMs to order, or didn't put their info in the notes of the paypal transaction. ^^; I want to make sure I got everyone.










Order List












(Don't mind the asterisks. For own reference.)

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Oh, I'm definitely jumping on this. (Not that I'm exactly glad to have someone forced to do emergency commissions, but I'm glad to be able to offer money to someone who needs it, and the discount helps as I'm not exactly flush myself at the moment.)

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Hey guys! With Phase3's lift of the NDA for screenshots, I wanted to remind people who either haven't given me references, or want to change their old 1.0 ones, to take some new screenshots!


The game goes offline at 4am Central time, Sunday (Tomorrow morning).


Until it comes back up online, I'll be powering through more orders.


Please, get me those appropriate references in! =]

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