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Name change: Confirmed.

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Today, Hvinire on the Official forums made a post finally confirming that we will indeed be able to change our character name at the launch of ARR along with a few other things.


5/2/2013 01:07 PM (CST)




"I know confirmation has been a long time coming on this one, and we're glad to finally detail how this will work! When you log into A Realm Reborn for the first time with your old character (specifically after phase 4), you will have the ability to redo any aspect of your character -- one time only. This includes the ability to change your name.


Everyone's getting a second chance at a first impression!"


Source: http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/61584-Name-change-Is-it-happening?p=991245&viewfull=1#post991245

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This is cool, I came up with a nice visual appearance for my character back at launch, but I certainly won't turn down a free 1time shot at possibly making some tweaks to em and maybe a slight tweak to the name.


Note: Forgot that when the forums got hit my post was lost lol

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