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Fort and Kelli decide to be polite.

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There's no rule on combining intro threads. Right? I didn't see one.


Anywho, I'm Fort, and the other half of this thread is my long-time RP/writing/life partner, Kellisto. Now, generally we're alt-aholics (can't live without that alt-ahol), but considering the leveling process in this particular corner of the RP world, we're coming to the community with single characters. I'm playing a dashing scoundrel of a Highlander smuggler who's perhaps half as clever as he thinks he is. Kelli's playing a Seeker wrench-wench with a sweet-tooth that could founder a dreadnought.  


I'll spare Kellisto the ignominy of trying to tell you lovely people about her, but I'm not tired. Or Proud. So, with that in mind, I'm an old-hat DM from the days when Elf was a character class. I pen and paper as often as I can, because it keeps my crazy-stupid-marvelous writer brain limber...because characters that are actively working against you tend to make you pretty good at improvising. And that rather leads me to RP. I love collaborative story-telling, at the end of the day. And when I'm surrounded by a bunch of people who share that passion for telling a compelling story, I'm happy.


This show has been on the road for years, and we might find a couple familiar faces among this crowd. We've done our share on SW:TOR, Guildwars 2, WoW, and ESO. If we seem familiar, we might be.


So...let's see. What else do you need to know to put this random name into its appropriate slot in the ol' memory? I was a nationally ranked fencer in my college days, a bartender to afford fencing classes (and a fencing instructor to afford alcohol...), a modestly successful local rock star there for a minute, a military aviator, and now a happily-married father of two trying to beat my sword into a ploughshare on a small, sustainable family farm.


I like the sound of old guitars, the taste of old whiskey, and the smell of old books.


That ought to get us started. Let's make some magic.

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-Waves excitedly.- There's so many of you here!


Ahem. I mean. I'm Kelli, a veteran RPer, chearleading-est NaNoWriMo partner ever, and just generally looking for fun and wordsmithing with new friends.


My RP style is the facilitator. I enjoy making events or scenarios that give characters a chance to shine. If you like character driven RP, I am your girl! Not that you will not find me in the occasional tavern RP. ...I'm the one in the back. Causing trouble.


In meat space I am forever chasing two young children, so I tend to RP in the evenings. Read: glorious bed time. I have more hobbies than anyone should have, and am happy to chat OOCly on most topics. Just buzz me for any little thing, I don't bite.


Can't wait to catch you all in RP-land!

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You had me at this.


I like the sound of old guitars, the taste of old whiskey, and the smell of old books.


And this.


My RP style is the facilitator. I enjoy making events or scenarios that give characters a chance to shine. If you like character driven RP, I am your girl!


Welcome to the RPC!


I will eagerly await anything either of you put up in this forum here.


And maybe even running into your characters someday. :)

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By the by...no one's seen my ship, have they?


Sorry, I don't know anything a-boat that. ;)

 That was... like the worst pun.  Good Work.


Also I have not seen your ship either, the responsible practice is to have ships microchipped, that way if they loose their masthead they can still scan it to find the owner.

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