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RP starter set?

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So I've recently picked up FFXIV as an MMO since I want a new game to play and a new universe to explore.

I never really had the idea of picking FFXIV as an RP game but since I am enjoying the game a decent bit I thought, hey why not give it a go? 


I have previous experience with WoW RP so I am not a stranger to RP in general in gaming.

Only thing is that in WoW I've learnt so much lore and such, but here I'm COMPLETELY lost since I've never really been a FF player.


So like the subject says, is there a little RP starter set, perhaps some videos or threads that I can read to get started in this universe. Or perhaps I simply need to sit down and read a bunch of books/play through the other games.


That is all I had to ask, have a nice day everyone!

Kind regards, Snulfur~

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Search for posts by Sounsyy. She's responded to a lot of lore questions, either in the thread itself or with links to another info-dump elsewhere. She's covered a huge range of topics so you'll probably find anything and everything you're looking for.


And even if she hasn't, if you pose the question, she or someone else will likely pipe up with answers for you.

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I'd give some of Sounsyy's lore compilations a check.


There's a work in progress thread to host all the compilations here: Sounsyy's Lore Compilations Index


I'd probably start with these:


Eorzean Lore Starter Kit

-Racial Lore Compilation

-Class/Job Lore Compilation

-Hydaelyn Geography Lore

-Settlements in Eorzea Pre-Calamity

-Eorzean City-states' Political Structures Lore

-Eorzean Units of Time and Measurement Lore

What Year Is It? Time Passage in FFXIV

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You could also take the route of "learning while doing" rather than by study: Roleplay a character who is a hyur midlander who's only recently reached adult age, and previously lived a sheltered life under the care of overprotective parents. Thus, the character likely knows very little about the world, so you as the player needn't worry too much about knowing either. As the character encounters situations, the character learns and so do you, and you'll learn enough after awhile that you'll feel comfortable playing a character with a different race or background (or maybe you'll be attached to your fledgling hyur and stick with them).

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