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Hello all!


As I noted in my player directory post, I recently got my main RP character Rhysa Verkoh all transferred over to Balmung (finally!), and am seeking a number of different connections I think could be really fun! 


Some of the things I had in mind, ranging from pretty broad to oddly specific:


  • Sun Seekers to encounter, especially males, as she A) has never met a Sun Seeker and B) has had very little contact with male Miqo'te's, due to their low numbers in Moon Keeper tribes. 
  • A mentor, someone to reign in her crazier inquisitive tendencies and provide some answers for her various questions. 
  • Likeminded, equally curious individuals who would share in her general excitement at discovering new things. 
  • Potential family members, though this would have to be worked out beforehand, as it's a pre-existing relationship. 
  • Other pre-existing friendships with those who grew up in Gridania. The closer to the Black Shroud the better! (Again, would have to be worked out by us OOC, to figure out the details.)

Of course, I'm also open to new ideas that anyone else may have! Hit me with'em! 


I'm also looking for an FC to call home, with these things in mind:


  • RP-Heavy. I like to RP, and I like to be able to do it often. 
  • An FC-house. I don't really mind where it is, or how big it is, but having one is a plus. 
  • Not evil or too darkly-themed. Rhysa's a good person at heart. 
  • Regular RP events! All the events!
  • And of course, a friendly atmosphere. c:

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Hi there, Rhysa! I'd really love to RP with you sometime, if you'd be open to RPing with a mooncatte priestess.


As well as that, I run a RP-PvE FC! We're about 75%+ RP but we also do nice PvE stuff like Aquapolis, farms, and midcore/hardcore things. If you'd like to check us out, feel free! We're the Verdant Enclave and we have a post here in the Free Companies section of the website. I am also available to answer any and all questions you might have.

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Hi! If you're looking for a small group of people to rp with, check out the Outriders! I know I'm a bit bias since I run it all, but we're a mercenary/investigation based FC that is located in the Mist. We deal with everything from your average monster hunt to curse removal! We're chaotic good if anything, but I run Naomi more as a lawful good character.


As for my character, her name is Naomi Kett, she's a sun-seeker if you're looking to met one. She's an energetic, pun-loving swordsmen, who're looking to expand her magical prowess with "sword magic" (red mage stuff). So she can be a mentor of sorts or someone to get excited along with!


You can contact me here, through pm, or through Discord at #Amanda7359


Can't wait to hear from you!

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Hey there!


I would love to meet your seeker! Rini herself is a half-breed, seeker and keeper, and is always enthusiastic to meet others. You can view more on Rini in my sig, there's a wiki link. ^.-


I look forward to meeting you!

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Thanks for all the replies everyone! I'll be sending some private messages out about some of those connections, for sure!


In the meantime, anyone else who would like a connection with my plucky Keeper, feel free to post!



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Hello Rhysa! I have several characters I'd be happy to RP with you on! One is a Seeker of the Sun that is kind of a douche but may get along well enough with her. There's my intellectual/book guy that was a good guy driven to do bad things and then somewhat struggling to be/remain reformed. And then there's my good character that had a string of horrible, horrid luck and became a bit dark. He wants to help the world, but doesn't feel like he can---much less have a place in it!


There are other characters, of course, but these feel like they may better fit what you're looking for in companions/people to meet Rhysa. If you're interested, feel free to drop me a message :)

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