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LF Other (Former) Tribal Seekers

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I'm looking for other tribal seeker miqo'te, I'm really hoping there's a community of us out there. I really enjoy the whole aesthetic and the way their society works.


G'liri is currently estranged from her tribe so meeting other seekers with a tribal background works too even if they're no longer an active part of their tribe ICly.

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Hello! Val is a very tribal Seeker (wolf). While he is currently no longer in a tribe, it has (and still does) influenced a lot of his life and the way he acts around others. If you want them to meet up sometime, I'd be happy to! His wiki is in the signature if you'd like to see more about him :)


As for a community, there are people that RP in tribe-based FCs and the like. I've seen them around, but I'm not entirely sure on who you would get in contact with for that.

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Hi there I, funnily enough, also have a Wolf triber to offer up as a contact! She is still an active part of her tribe but regularly travels due to her job/passion for being a map maker. The tribe is fine with this as it brings in income to fuel their little desert home and keeps her out of trouble. Not really but trouble away from home. Ha ha. I'd be more than happy to meet up sometime if you like, her name is W'mine Mihata!


Her tribe is completely NPC'd by me when they do turn up unfortunately, no one is currently playing them, not that I've even offered them up. xD

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Hello there!


U'kijah also has very tribal tendencies and behaviors. She is no longer a member of her tribe, but loves to interact with others who understand what Seeker culture is like. She also loves to learn about other tribes' unique customs and cultures.


Feel free to message me on here, or if you see me in game feel free to say hello!

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Over a year ago, tracing back her origins was quite relevant to my character's story. My Seeker is not Tribal, so I do not meet your criteria. But she is interested in Seeker culture. It might still be an interesting meet!


The character name is; Maariya Genhu. She is so estranged from Miqo'te culture she does not use a tribal prefix in her name however.

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I literally just transferred to Balmung yesterday, but... A'razh is a rather traditional Seeker, not long removed from his tribe and so ICly undergoing rather a lot of culture shock as he gets used to being around other races, and less orthodox Miqo'te.


I'm still kinda ramping up getting into RPing him (don't even have a decent glamour yet, but 3 more days of hunts should help remedy that). But I'd certainly be happy for any opportunities to connect with other tribal/traditional Seekers.

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