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Hello, World!

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Hey, folks. I'm new here. I took some time to fill out the newbie template. Check it out! :)


  • MMORPG background

I first started with MMOs with World of Warcraft.  I played a Undead Warlock back when they were designated as the "support" mushroom class in the DPS, Tank, and Healer trinity. Later on, I started focusing on tank classes. Some other MMO include: Guild Wars 2, Planetside 2, and FFXIV. I primarily enjoy world exploration and large scale world PvP. It is safe to say I am competitive for PvP. Strangely, I have not gotten into FFXIV PvP. For both PvE and PvP, I opt for tanking and/or bruiser roles.


  • RP experience

I've had my fair share of text based roleplay and in person roleplay through D&D sessions. I can't say I have too much experience with roleplay within a MMO.


Off the top of my head, I could say that exploration and slice of life roleplays are probably my favorites. Story driven roleplays are also a plus where there is a long term objective that a character can slowly work towards. I value the journey more than the destination. I immensely enjoy survival aspect roleplays. Yep, I'm the dude who keeps track of food, water, and inventory space during D&D sessions.


The character I have the most experience has to be a orcish warrior archetype. A character who is brash, straight-forward and simple minded. I typically opt out of any sort of magical, unnatural abilities, and teleportation since I prefer more conventional solutions to roleplay problems. I try to balance out every positive aspect of my character with a disadvantageous aspect.


  • Character ideas/info

For FFXIV, I want to play as a roguish character for a change of pace. I have a melting pot of ideas so I'll just list them as quick points. Constructive feedback is always welcome!


Feats (Referencing D&D 5e feats, description only:


- Quick Fingered

- Shadow Skulker

- Sentinel

- Defensive Duelist


Some noteworthy skills

- Proficiency: Notched Bill (Ceremonial Hunting Weapon)

- Proficiency: Short Sword (One handed only)

- Proficiency: Medium Armor

- Herbalism (Poisonous Herbs Only)

- Alchemy (Paralyzing Poisons Only)

- Sneak

- Pick Pocketing



Flaws (Severity)

- Impious (Major)

- Acrophobia (Medium)

- Near Sighted (Minor)

- Tribe Educated (Not really book smart! Medium)

- High Functioning Alcoholism (Major)

- Susceptible to Temptations [Gil, Booze, and etc] (Major)


This is a work in progress and a rough draft. There might be some typos.


C'rookh had a typical childhood. He was taught the basics of literacy and basic communication. When he came of age, C'rookh was initiated into his family tribe's hunting ton by the tribe's elder. Before his hunting of the world, C'rookh prematurely challenged the lone Nunh and lost, which resulted in him remaining a Tia. Eventually, C'rookh goes on his Hunting of the World with a notched bill, flask, and earrings from his adolescence.


[Year passes, Calamity Occurs]


C'rookh returns from the hunt with a effective paralyzing potion recipe. He continues to be a Tia and hunt within the family tribe's hunting ton. His tribe had relocated due to the Calamity. Patrols were stepped up for tribe protection.


[Years pass]


C'rookh awaited for Azeyma's Rest and challenged the Nunh once more. C'rookh opted for first blood. Similar to the first attempt, C'rookh was slated to lose. However, the challenge was interrupted by a marauding pack of Ixali. Almost Immediately, the current Nunh shish-kabobed by a Ixali spear which coincidentally satisfied the first blood requirement. As tradition stated, the title of Nunh is passed onto C'rookh. Unfortunately for C'rookh, this title also had the position of leadership and it is during a period when his family tribe was being butchered. C'rookh tried his best to lead despite being inexperienced but the tribe is eventually overwhelmed and routed. C'rookh succumbed to his wounds and blacked out.


[The next day or so]


C'rookh had awakened in a neighboring Coeurl tribe's hut which is wounds patched. It was explained that he was rescued by hunting pack who were investigating a trail of smoke. News broke to him that others within his tribe family were either missing or dead. After the news was broken to him, C'rookh had a mental break. Shrugging off offers to join up with the neighboring tribe, C'rookh had managed to sneaked out so he could make a trek back home. Once there, he'd only find ransacked huts and charred remains of family. The Miqo'te managed to find that worn notched bill from his hunt and earrings from his youth. Be it a sign from the twelve or not, C'rookh took this as a divine mockery and started to resent Azeyma. After several spouts of denial, C'rookh realized that this was no longer home.


For a lengthy duration, C'rookh just drifted aimlessly. Due to the fact he blames himself for all that occurred, he had turned to liquor. It was a cheap and easy to obtain beverage that could  drown out the 'what-if I did this?' scenarios scratching at the back of his mind. He picked up a short term job here and there for extra Gil but could never stay committed at staying for a long period.


C'rookh now spends his time on the lookout for unattended Gil pouches or skulking around taverns. Still, C'rookh abuses liquor but to a lesser extent. With only a haunting title to his name, he pushes through to do what he can to make ends meet.



  • How did you learn about the coalition?

At first, I didn't know what the coalition was. Though, as I typed this post I happened to notice Coalition on the site's banner.


  • What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? (e.g. Light, medium, or heavy)

I would like to be a heavy roleplayer but sometimes life gets in the way and I have to stick with medium/light. If I can find the right people then I would welcome heavy roleplay. I plan to have injuries and consequences stick with my character regardless of the depth of roleplay I get into.


  • Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc.)

I'm a college student located in California. I enjoy camping, hikes, and gaming. I currently work part time and I'm hoping for a more stable gig.


  • Follow up questions

How would I go about moving a character page or changing its title?



How do I go about linking my character to the other pages so I show up on the character pages?



Is there a suggested source for a quick and dirty review of the game's lore? I had to click "next question" when I registered my account until I could answer with "Warrior".



Thank you for reading!

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Welcome! If you're looking for lore, just head to the lore section and look for Sounsyy's compilation posts. If you're curious about something specific, you can just ask there too. As for your questions about character pages, you mean the wiki? There's a help page there that can help you set things up.


If you're looking for some connections, my character L'ohba also has a very traditional tribal background. It might be an opening to some interesting exchanges. I'm also no Sounsyy, but I can answer most lore questions. Feel free to throw me a PM!

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Thank you for the warm welcome. I try to leave all doors open in terms of where my character can end up. It makes things quite interesting.


Yeah, its some stuff about the wiki. I got a page set up already albeit with a incorrect name. lol I might take you up on your offer and ask you some tribe questions when I develop him a bit more.

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I think you can "move" your page that has the incorrect name, and thereby give it the correct one. I did that on my former main when her name changed in-game. 


Welcome, in any case! 


A note from what you'd said - if you favor tanking type roles in PvE, and you're wanting the character to favor using a bill or short sword, you'll want to level as Marauder and Gladiator so that you can represent your character having those weapons visually during RP. You can always equip armor that doesn't look heavy if you want to go for the leathery rogue type look, and, once you have at least one class at level 50, you can unlock the glamour system which will let you overlay that type of appearance onto your adventuring gear (so that you can carry on with your leveling while still looking as you feel the character should in RP, if that's important to you). 


Lydia, for example, has high levels in both Rogue and Gladiator, and I intentionally chose outfit items which are compatible with either class so that I could make her outfit glamour look the same regardless of which class I'm actively using. Thus, the only difference visibly is whether or not she's sporting a pair of daggers or a short sword and round shield. :)

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Thank you for the kind welcome and advice. : ]


I happened to find the Move menu but I am unsure of what (main) implies. For reference what I'm talking about, see below. Is that a option I just leave default?




For glamour purposes, I've leveled up glad to ~50 and I'm working on a warrior so I can wear the same glamour between the two. I need to find if there is a "Emperor's new shield" or something small so it can look like I don't have a shield at all. That storm's elite cutlass caught my eye. I'll just need to farm up some company seals now.

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I happened to find the Move menu but I am unsure of what (main) implies. For reference what I'm talking about, see below. Is that a option I just leave default?




I need to find if there is a "Emperor's new shield" or something...



I think you just leave that as (Main), yeah. I did and it worked out fine. :)


Alas, there's no glamour to make your shield disappear. However, there are some low-level shields which look like very small bucklers. One of the things I dearly hope will become reality in this game one day is some freedom with weapons... in the original design of the game, your choice of weapon dictated what class you were, but it ended up turning into jobs which are dictated by the crystal you have equipped, and so it doesn't really make sense anymore that weapons should be so restricted. We can dream!

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Thank you, I was concerned that (main) implied the main page. While I would welcome the influx of attention to my incomplete character page, I don't think the site administrators would like that. lol


That is pretty interesting regarding the weapons and crystals. Oh well, I'm just happy that I can dye gear and glamour it. lol Unfortunately, I'll always been spoiled with GW2's dye system. Now THAT was a dye system.

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I need to find if there is a "Emperor's new shield" or something small so it can look like I don't have a shield at all.


You'll need either the Heroic Spirit Shield, which is obtained through PVP, or the Divine Beast Shield, which you can buy in the Gold Saucer for 100k MGP. Both of these shields are invisible! Hope that helps! ^^


As for a quick down and dirty of the game's lore... unfortunately there's really no such thing. This game has mountains of lore, but I've been working on compiling a lot of it here in this thread. If those posts and links don't quite scratch the lore itch, feel free to ask more questions and hopefully we can find the answer for you!

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Oh I will definitely keep those options in mind. Which shield do either of you believe would be easier to acquire? I have a rough idea on the gold saucer but that is pretty much limited to those scratchers.


Personally, I think the PVP option is the quickest to obtain the shield, but you'd require a level 60 PLD to equip it and at least one level 60 character in general to PVP with. Doing a daily PVP roulette (either Shatter or Seize) will net a decent number of Wolf Marks, even if your team loses. So doing like one run a day you can probably get the shield in a week?


As for Gold Saucer, you can very quickly accumulate MGP via your weekly challenge log. The scratchers are very hit or miss. Doing G.A.T.E.s are great, especially if you have an FC buff or consumable that increases MGP yield. Chocobo races and Triple Triad are other great ways to get MGP, with the added bonus of leveling a race chocobo if you've yet to do that or getting more cards for achievements if that's your thing. The more cards you get, the easier to win the game becomes. The challenge log only counts times played and times won, so beating up some of the really easy low level TT NPCs in the Gold Saucer room is a great way to rack up wins, as well as gain a very small amount of MGP as a bonus. Doing the Botany or Mining arcade game 3x can net you another 2500 weekly. While you've got options, unless you're actively doing Gold Saucer stuff as part of your daily/weekly routine, this is still a slower-going option than the PVP queues imo. The pro to this is the Gold Saucer versions of the PVP Garo gear are level 1 so you can glamour them easily for non-leveled classes. The con is that the Gold Saucer versions cannot be dyed like the level 60 PVP versions. (Though that bit is irrelevant for the invisible shield.)

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Oh I see. I'll definitely keep that in mind then! Thank you again for taking the time to type up that guide. It would seem I got some learning to do in regards to those casino games. lol Well, that or get carried by a (hopefully) good team in PvP. I'll probably go towards PvP.

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