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Most Popular EU RP Server?

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Hello all!


I've just returned from a long hiatus and I was thinking about transferring off Balmung to a more EU oriented server popular for its roleplay. I have looked around and I see a bunch of answers from Mateus, Omega and others like Lich and so on. So it's been difficult for me to really get a decent, accurate answer.


So would anyone please be able to tell me the most populated EU RP server please? I'll stay on Balmung if the EU is really, really lacking in RP because RP is pretty much the #1 thing I enjoy most about MMORPGs in general. Some first hand replies from people actually on EU servers would be much appreciated! :) 


Thanks in advance!


Edit: Oops! I was meant to post this in the RP Discussion forums sorry!

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Omega has some presence but it's very small. A lot of EU folks went to NA servers because that's where most of the RP is.


If you don't mind a community like that then it might suit you but don't expect the casual RP you can get on Balmung or Mateus.


I am EU myself but I'll stay on Balmung even if the schedules can be hard to follow.

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Omega is technically meant to be the EU RP server but honestly, I've not heard much activity from it in a long while. As an EU roleplayer myself, I would recommend staying on Balmung for now and make an alt on the other servers to find out whether it's worth transferring off Balmung (since... once you do, you're very likely unable to get back on for a LONG while due to them closing transfers and character creation.) I have a feeling that the RP community is going to be a lot quieter on the likes of Omega and other EU servers and more difficult to get into/find, and if RP is your main goal, it can be quite disheartening. Balmung may be NA and yes, sometimes scheduling can be hard, but I found it worth staying just for the sheer amount of RP here. I literally only play to roleplay and I've never thought to leave Balmung. Just my two cents!

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Omega is easily the most active EU RP server.    It is not as busy as Balmung, but still quite active - but little of that activity shows here.

Most discussions/talks/announcements etc. for RP on Omega happens on Discord for some reason.   (I think this is true for Mateus as well.)


See this post for an invite link to the Discord, as well as some more information.


Personally I much prefer playing on Omega over Balmung, simply because the disadvantage of having somewhat less RP to choose between is more than weighed up by the advantage of having all events happen at times at which I am awake.

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Thanks for your answers! I think i've decided Omega is where i'll be moving to in the near future. :) 

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