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Lately I've been feeling pretty awful about my art, but this little piece I did yesterday made me feel a little better.




My character Kivhi, lost in thought under the light of the moon.


Color and backgrounds aren't something I usually do in pieces, but I felt like going out of my comfort zone for once and I'm glad I did. :)

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You're all very kind. <3  I wish I could express just how thankful I am.


I've been noticing myself plateauing a lot more than I should and I know that has to do with me not venturing outside of my comfort zone very much.  When I suddenly crank out a piece like this one, it feels really nice to know that you can never stop improving if you go that extra mile.

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Well, it's neither FF related nor was it created yesterday morning, but...




It's not nearly as good as my first painting, but I've been hit pretty heavily with the art block and feel like I need to travel back to my LoL fan art roots to get something out.


So there's some Frost Queen Janna from League of Legends.

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Well, it may not be as cool as any drawing or painting, but...




This was my hobby in high school.  On the left is the square of paper I'd work with and on the right is the finished product on top of a dime.


Making those tiny cranes was my trademark before I transferred to a different school my senior year.  I'd give them to students, teachers, and leave some in the classes I was in.  When the earthquake/tsunami combo hit Japan, the kids in Japanese club, including myself, set a goal to fold a thousand cranes and sell them to help raise money for support.  I'm pretty sure we folded well past that number, as well as made some $600-$700 in the span of 3 days.


That thing in the back is what I made when I wasn't just making the tiny cranes solo.  I'd stick a tiny bell on the end and loop the excess so it could be used as a cell phone charm or a keychain.  I only ended up making three for the event, but they sold very quickly and I wish I had made more.


Nonetheless, I've recently been taking up origami again after a year or so of not, so I thought sharing this was appropriate. :)

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(waves)  Long time no see.




Here's a Kivhi.  I picture her being kind of androgynous and maybe kind of tired-looking all the time.  All the thick leather and chainmail she wears covers up her already rather flat chest.  She's a very dedicated hard worker who spent a large amount of her time after the Calamity helping Gridania rebuild.  That being said, she often pushes herself too hard and hurts herself in some way.


She's not too good with people and finds herself feeling pretty awkward in social situations.  But she's very polite and I could almost see her being gentlemanly.


When she's not doing hard labor elsewhere, she's a diligent student at the lancer's guild, as she finds the lance to be the most practical weapon she has access to.  However, the idea of becoming a dragoon is one that would frighten her.  (She's very afraid of heights, you see)


ICly, I imagine she'd be a carpenter as well, but I haven't actually gotten around to picking that up. <_>  I've also thought about botany.


For those who are into tarot, I imagine her being represented by the reverse Tower and upright Justice.  I also love the idea that, despite getting all grimy and dirty most of the time, she takes extra special care of her especially fluffy tail.


I haven't gotten around to RPing her yet, but when I stop being a skittish butt, I hope to soon!

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