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This is a test...


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...of the emergency Lallafell system. Lallafell in your area have set up this system to maintain contact in the case of an emergency. If this were an actual emergency, you would be instructed where and when to go to your nearest Roegaedyrn in such situations after the tone.


This now concludes the test of the LEBS.

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Does the Emergency Lalafell System come with a complimentary Lalafell? >_>


(Welcome and stuff!)


*breaks out emergency pie and places it down* Hello!


And thank you two as well for the welcome. As with Zarek.


And it could come with a Lalafell.... one of the alts I am interested in would be Lalafellian (Lalfell-ite? Lalafelling?) So they could be complimentary.


And want to compliment Elkabong on the Macross-Valkyrie wearing super-armor. :) I do recognize that.

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