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A question about multi-jobbing

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Hello folks! For my character, Sadu of the Kha, I have been toying with a concept that I love, and I just want to work on some small details to see if it is lore friendly! Sadu is mainly a samurai, but with the multi job system, I thought it would be fun for her to travel and wish to learn the other ways of fighting. While for most of these, she would only be doing the absolute basics (like taking time to learn to wield a spear or bow) and would in no way ever be like... a jill of all trades or just about any advanced job, there is one other class I thought it could be neat that she could have spent significantly more time learning, and that would be ninja. So, to break it down, would it, in lore, be possible for an outsider to taught such a skill line? Now, she wouldn't be very good (I'd probably never go past chunin) but I was just curious to the possibility.


TL;DR: Could a Samurai earn her way to learn basic ninjutsu?


Also, in the ninja story, they call aether chi. Would Samurai do that as well? Since the ninja said it was an Eastern thing


Thanks in advance!

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I think this is going to be a case of figuring out exactly what you want your character to do.

Going with the spear example, are you:

  1. Trying to be a Lancer? This refers to specifically the Lancer Guild in Gridania and their skills and practices.
  2. Trying to be a lancer? This refers to anyone who's learned those skills and practices, but not necessarily through the sanctioned guild.
  3. Trying to be someone who can wield a spear? (This may not even involve outside training.)


Outside of a few of the more lore-restricted jobs where the main character is the exception (White Mage, Black Mage, one of the 13 or so Dragoon soul crystal carriers, etc) many of the playable classes and jobs have multiple varieties and what we see in the game is just a single interpretation of it. Compare it to like, general education. You can get a Bachelor's degree from a variety of schools. Is it from <named school> with a lot of prestige? Or from another <named school> of prestige? Maybe all you want others to know is that you have a degree in that field. Or that you just have a degree.The same separations exist in FFXIV's system and there are only some very specific cases where your class/job should be so intertwined with your character's development.

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For all of them except for specifically samurai and shinobi, my idea for rp is more of a, wandering eternal student. Like... she goes to the various guilds and learns their way of doing things. Not necessarily ever being descent at it, but she wishes to learn the way others think and view combat. Will she ever use these skills outside of her time at the specific guild? No. But she wants to learn more of the mindset. Like, for archer. One who uses a bow on the steppes would be different from Gridania.

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Samurai IRL actually were trained into various weaponstyles, the yari or naginata being ones of such. The bow was also one. I know the FF job specifically refers to the skills with a daisho but well, this is even less a stretch than actually learning a completely new trade like ninjutsu imo.


Samurai, including ingame, is also more of a mark for a warrior of hingan or doman caste that goes with it. Like Gladiator is someone trained in the way of the sword/shield in the eponym guild, it's before anything someone trained to fight in the pits of the Bloodsands. A Samurai is someone trained with a katana to fight like one, but is before all from a warrior/noble caste. 


Like for Gladiator, it doesn't mean that a sword wielder HAS to be a gladiator, anybody can take up the sword and train their own way. Same for a katana wielder, you dont technically need to be a warrior caste samurai, or a commoner stock samurai trained in the sekiseigumi. Also the ff14 lore seems a lot more lax in that regards since the WoL seems to be able to walk around in Kugane perfectly fine with a katana and dressed up like a samurai without anybody telling them anything anyway...


Point is, classes and jobs in that game refer more to a specific background or school rather than the weapon art itself.

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Yeah, I think it's okay for a character to have multiple jobs, though it may imply different things about their background. For instance, a MCH character could be a really skilled sharpshooter, or someone who's an inventor and innovator that tinkers around with automata and firearms. There's a lot of ways you can spin things!

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