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Your character(s) irrational fears

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 Irrational fears are a common quirk many of us have, so how does this affect your character(s)? Think of the things they shouldn’t be afraid of, yet still are. Keep in mind that actual dangers like poisonous snakes don’t count because those types of fears are perfectly rational. This thread is for the things which don’t entirely make sense to be afraid of.


HARD MODE: write the post in-character!


I’ll start us off with my two characters...


Thilo: “The ocean. I’m afraid of the ocean. Not of drowning or sharks specifically, but the entire ocean. It’s silly, I know; thousands of people sail every single day, and most of the are fine. But the idea that there’s a whole other world down there, with things I couldn’t even imagine swimming beneath me where I can’t see what’s coming, terrifies me. I never relax for one minute when I’m aboard a boat.”


Vrez: “I’ve always been startled by doors being slammed near to me. I suppose...I suppose that I only need to be worried if I stick my hand through the doorway, but it’s not like that. Even if I’m a few feet away, the act of a door being shut with force makes me lose focus on everything else. Sometimes I imagine that my toes or ears are being slammed in a door for no reason; I’ve even felt phantom pain before.”

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(OOC: Thilo is correct, the ocean is terrible and it should be feared. This sounds neat, though. Let me give it a whirl!)


Talha: "I'm not afraid of airships. It's not my fault I'm the only one who sees them for the deathtraps they are. Floating up there... like they don't have a care in the world! Well, what if one of those balloons pops a leak, or a wing breaks off? Now who's irrational? I'm not irrational, you're irrational for not finding anything wrong with just floating through the air on a bit of wood!"






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Elaris: " Well I can't say I'm scared of most things, I'm a very brave individual. I got to brave it out for the lads that be depend'n on me and the like, it is the way I sees it.  I do fear loss of my brother though, family means much to me, as it should for most out there. I do often have the fear of betrayal, I had been let down in the past by few folks so to let it happen again bothers me, some. It can be scary to have these trust issues, but I can not let it continue for much longer.  "

Thyren: " I fear rejection, I guess. I do not like the idea of somebody turning me down for a nice conversation because I'm too used to it. I grew up in a community that constantly shunned the person that I was and here... I ramble of course. Bringin' up the past like anyone gives a damn, aye it is a fear that just angers me really. I could continue, but I'd rather not bring that up over and over as it is the past.  It is funny though, as a voidsent hunter. I fear them, I fear what they did to me and yet I continue this fight; But that is because I do have a few that be dependin on me. "

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