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Getting Gil

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I recently started playing this game and am looking for a quick way to get Gil. Does anyone have any interesting way or good article? Unfortunately, I don't have much time for long farming this currency. 



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Truth be told, gil is mostly useless in this game for general gameplay. You'll easily accumulate enough for repairing your gear through playing the game as normal and after that, it's really only used for teleports or if you want to attempt to buy a house, which moreso depends on your home world's availability.


I've seen some people amass a fair amount by reselling NPC vendor items on the market boards because people don't really go to check who sells what. And crafting/gathering materials that are in medium/high demand usually sell pretty alright too. 


Otherwise for casual gil earning, treasure maps with friends/FC members/(even random parties) is a good way to get some gil and possibly some rare things to sell too, if you're not looking to get into some extreme crafting/gathering and market play.

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You can gather, craft, and make profits on the marketboards. That's generally how you make big gil. Otherwise, I'd recommend just making your way through the MSQ and to level 80 if you haven't already. For passive/fast gil, send your retainers on ventures, do your roulettes and challenge logs, wondrous tails, and do treasure maps. And remember to extract materia from any of your gear that has reached 100% spiritbond. It's a little difficult to make a lot of gil easily and quickly because like Franz mentioned, it's not really important to the game. It's mostly for more cosmetic stuff like housing and glamour items.

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