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Free Paladin Looking for Adventuring Companions & Connections!

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Notable Affiliations

These can be used as points of contact.


Ul'dahninan Roots
Natives of Ul'dah are welcome to know Gospel, either by name or simply by reputation. She is a known free paladin adventurer that offers her services as a caravan guard, a defender of the smallfolk.  Common adventurers are welcome to have seen her in passing, coming and going from the Adventurer's Guild or talking and turning in various contracts with Momodi. 

Merchant's Daughter
The Lightfaith family name is commonly attached to a small arms and armor merchant whose emblem is a radiant sun.  Buyers and purveyors of arms and armor are also welcome to know Gospel through her merchant family. Until she came of age, the silver-haired, well-mannered young woman travelled with them frequently as they travelled Eorzea to peddle their wares.


Maelstrom Captain

Members of the Maelstrom, both current and former, are welcome to know Gospel from her time in service. A long-standing member of the crew of "The Silverwing" she worked her way through the ranks to become Captain Esmerelda Harlock's First Mate. She was in line to succeed her Captain and take over the captaincy of "The Silverwing" but Gospel retired to return home to Ul'dah, much to the Admiral's ire (and admiration.)

"The Silverwing's" greatest claim-to-fame is the daring rescue of "The Tiderunner", a privateer blockade runner that ran afoul of the Garleans. The privateer vessel was on its last legs, turning to make a last desperate charge for the mid-ship of the Garlean battleship. However, "The Silverwing" swooped in at the last moment, a bombardment from their broadside cannons drawing the Garleans away from "The Tiderunner" so the merchant ship could make a limping escape to safe harbors.

"The Silverwing" and Captain Esmerelda, along with her First Mate and her crew, were known to be sent regularly on Missions of Mercy, carrying troops to beleagured areas, ferrying refugees to safety, and delivering relief aid to coastal villages that needed it. Gospel served as both Strategist and Tactician for the vessel, as well as a Diplomat when needed.


What I'm Looking For...
Mostly just friendly folks, age 21+ to Roleplay with, because I'm a 40-year old player that prefers to play alongside other adults.  I'm not particular as to character race or background, though their interactions with Gospel and how she reacts to them will ultimately determine their fate.  I'm wholly an "organic" roleplayer; I've never liked the idea of scripted relationships or allegiances, rather letting them grow as they will based on what happens in roleplay.   Long-term, short-term, I'm perfectly content with whatever time a person has to donate.  I'm more than happy to play a bit part in plots and personal stories.  

♦ Long-term or short-term contacts, friends, and connections.
♦ Night owls and late-night players. Preferably age 21+, but 40+ crowd a bonus!
♦ Strong OOC Communication. I believe the best RP is between people who communicate OOC regularly.
♦ Para/Multi-Para Roleplayers. I prefer immersive experiences and writers, one-liners don't provide that.


What I'm NOT Looking For...

♦ I'm not looking for drama or people who can't keep Characters separate from Players.  What happens in roleplay is just roleplay; it has no regard or reflection on you or me as people behind the keyboard.  Please, keep that in mind.

♦ Exclusivity; I don't expect to be attached at the hip to anyone.  I enjoy playing the game on my own at times, as well as being a social butterfly.  
♦ People who cannot respect boundaries.  If I stop a scene for any reason, I expect that to be the end of it with no hard feelings.  If you have a problem with that OOC, then we have no business roleplaying together.


These are all deal-breakers.  I don't have the time or energy these days to cope with people that can't respect these very simple rules.


I am OKAY with...

♦ In-character Conflict.  Again, see the IC=/=OOC caveat.  Just because my character doesn't like or get along with yours doesn't mean I dislike you on a personal level.  If at any point you feel like something is crossing the line, you're both welcome and expected to talk to me OOC to clarify and I will be more than happy to talk it over with you.
In-character Dungeons/Questing.  I thoroughly enjoy mixing PVE and RP!  I like using all of the world instead of just the city or specific taverns.

♦ Romantic Connections.  I'm perfectly fine with romancing my character, but I only engage in it  through organic roleplay and extensive time-investment. Slow burn romances are my jam. I don't conjure relationships out of thin air and I don't do "love at first sight" or one-night stands. Character development is key. 


I'm NOT OKAY with...

♦ Roll-based Combat.  I find it boring.  I'm sorry!  That's just how I feel.  If I want to play roll-based combat, that's what my D&D nights are for.  

Mature Content.  This includes, but is not limited to: excessive gore, violence, sexuality, maudlin, or horror.  I may be older in age, but Mature themes are something I prefer to opt-in to once I know what's going on.  There are some subjects and scenes I do NOT want to engage in.


Player Availability

From Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, I'm usually online from 8pm (Eastern) until whenever I decide to log out for the night. The latter half of the week, I tend to do Real Lifey things (D&D and Hubby Date Night, woo!) so I can be pretty hit-or-miss since things come up spontaneously.


I have several auto-immune conditions that require careful management, so anyone who plays alongside me has to be understanding.  I may need to reschedule a scene or duck out of one early as my pain requires.  I will do my best to communicate as much and as early as possible so I don't waste anyone's time, but Life being what it is -- sometimes you just can't.  


Other Methods of Contact
Discord:  casualcatte#1384
In-Game:  Gospel Lightfaith @ Balmung

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I would be down to potentially set something up. I play a crafter/gatherer/trader character who is always on the hunt for valuable stuff to collect and trade. I was actually thinking of some fun ideas for adventuring out into the wilderness with a guard to ICly collect crafting materials for orders. My character is a jack of all trades and master of none. Her main value is in her knowledge and stubbornness. If you would be down feel free to hit me up! In-game my characters name is Kinara Banhi on Balmung and my Disco is Bauldric the Crook Neck Knight#1337. 

A little about me and my character:
OOC: I am just returning the game after a couple year hiatus. I used to roleplay a lot (not just in FFXIV) before I left so I may be a little Rusty. I quit RP and MMOs and replaced it with being a DM for smaller adventures in a DnD group I was apart of for a while. Work and life eventually ended that and right now I have an eye condition that may make me a little slow to read or need a break. 

IC: Kinara Banhi is an Ul'dahn native who set out to see the world and learn where she wanted to fit in. Her father was a smaller Merchant who believed in only selling his own crafts which he made and gathered with his own two hands. He taught Kinara a lot before she set out to find her own path. She now basically is a crafter for hire who in between jobs goes out to find rare and valuable things to sell. After spending a few years abroad she has returned with a lot more knowledge and a few more skills. 



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1 hour ago, Bauldric said:

If you would be down feel free to hit me up!


I am absolutely game and I've sent you a Friend Request on Discord!  Let's get some ideas rolling!  I have a couple of Free Companymates that may also be interested that I'll introduce you to later.  ^_^

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I'm still on the lookout for great roleplay experiences and adventures!   If you're new to FFXIV roleplay or just new to roleplay in general I'm happy to be a guinea pig as you figure out your character and how everything works.  ^_^  There's no reason at all to be shy, I don't bite, I promise!  Just leave an indicator of interest and I'll be happy to set something up if you leave some contact information.  

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11 hours ago, Iranda said:

I'm not the one you are looking for but I am curious why so many roleplayers have so many conditions in their carrds etc that more or less mainly benefit themselves and put them in positions of power.


Like the OOC is not IC one sounds a lot like "what happens in rp stays in RP so if you dont like it and make a fuss about it its not my problem because it's just IC" but arent RPers responsible for what happens IC as we control our characters? It confuses me. OOC and IC should be separate for the most, but it's impossible to truly separate.


Exclusivity sounds a lot like "I do what I want when I want and you're lucky if I happen to have time for you." Shouldn't it be more fair towards someone you partner up with? It just sets off red flags in my mind, really.


And that last one with boundaries can be taken as another one-sided way of saying "If I dont like something in RP I will quit instantly and if you talk back at all OOC we shouldn't RP ever". I reckon you mean for icky things or taboo topics, but the phrasing sounds really entitled, I sure wouldn't want to RP with somebody who's a minefield and won't let me justify myself without telling me to *** off right away.

Maybe it's the phrasing but all of these sound super self-centered, no offense intended.


Nothing personal but I struggle to see why anyone would want to agree to these terms and I want to understand why so many good roleplayers are like this on FF XIV.

I suspect I'll get ignored since people these days tend to be really quick on the trigger finger when it comes to anything that could be negative feedback, but maybe we'll learn something out of this?

I'm sorry for hopping in here because I know Gospel is more than capable of explaining herself, but I thought it might help to offer my input as a third party here--Everyone is welcome to set their own boundaries and expectations. This role-play community is huge and there is no reason for someone to waste time with a person or content that they don't vibe with. It doesn't benefit anyone if they aren't having fun, and the people they're role-playing with aren't getting the best interactions because their heart really isn't in it. So we use our carrds and LFRP posts to communicate what are we looking for, what we expect from others, and what we will offer in return. We are in positions of power because we get to decide who we want to RP with, what, and when.

"OOC is not IC" - It is a pretty common mantra among role-players. It means someone shouldn't assume a character's personality or actions reflect upon the player, and also that RP shouldn't serve as an avenue to harass people you dislike OOC. It does not necessarily mean a role-player isn't willing to discuss or alter the RP or their character for someone else's comfort.

Exclusivity - It literally sounds like boundaries. That's it. There are people who want to RP with their RP partners daily or are looking for someone to do everything in game with and many of us do not have the time for that due to other obligations in game or out. Why shouldn't someone be up front about that?

Boundaries - The phrasing is perfectly fine. The way you are "taking it" is your own projections. Nowhere does it imply she won't fairly communicate about the issues. Also, yes! Anyone can and should drop an RP if they don't like what's happening. We are doing this for fun. This is not a chore or responsibility. If you wouldn't want to RP with that person--then don't, and leave them to their own business. I doubt they'd want to RP with you, either. There's no point pestering them about it.

I think these are perfectly reasonable expectations that I have no problem with and myself and most of the people I RP and chat with generally uphold for ourselves and expect of others. They're not the least bit offensive or unusual. And for whatever's it's worth, Gospel is a lovely person and wonderful RPer that anyone should be glad to RP with! You are missing out perhaps, but I know she'll have no trouble finding folks who thinks her boundaries are perfectly reasonable. I'd much rather RP with someone asking for healthy, mature boundaries like this than someone getting offended at another person possessing those boundaries. Nothing personal, I hope you won't mind some negative feedback to your negative feedback. ;)

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First and foremost, thank you, @Faye for eloquently explaining a lot of points!  I'll try to elaborate in my own words as well.  To take things point-by-point:

1.)  OOC is not IC is exactly what it sounds like.  I'm not my character; my character is not me.  At no point should it ever be conflated between the two.  If my character doesn't like yours, it doesn't mean I, as the Player, dislike you, as the Player.  My character's emotions, perceptions, intelligence (or stupidity) is not a reflection of ME as a person.  This does not and has never meant that I'm not open to discussing things OOC.  In fact, in the same post I say that I'm a huge proponent of OOC communication so that we -- as a team -- can ensure everyone has a good time.

2.)  Exclusivity simply means I don't want/need to be attached-at-the-hip to someone 24/7.  I have other friends, I have Real Life obligations.  I cannot and will not be any one person's sole source of fun and roleplay, that's an unfair and unrealistic expectation.  I don't see the issue in being up-front about that.  If someone's looking for a permanent and exclusive RP partner (which some folks do look for), they aren't going to find it here.


3.)  Uh, excuse you?   I absolutely reserve the right to leave a roleplay session no matter WHAT my reasoning if it's not something I enjoy or something that makes me uncomfortable.  Nowhere did I say that I would be unwilling to communicate about it (see also: aforementioned caveat of OOC communication being a Big Deal to me...) The fact that you think that sounds "entitled" says a lot more about you than it does me.  No roleplayer, anywhere, should ever HAVE to stay in a scene for fear of upsetting the person they're roleplaying with, ever.  As Faye said, we do this for fun.  No one should have to do something they find "unfun" simply to please someone else.  That expectation alone is revolting.

You're more than welcome to feel the way you do and find my expectations off-putting.  It simply means I'm not the right kind of roleplayer for you, and you're certainly not the kind of roleplayer for me if you find these conditions harsh and self-centered.  Negative feedback doesn't bother me in the least, but when a lot of what you say is purely your own subjective assumptions of what you think I mean, that really just sounds like you have a chip on your shoulder about me being up-front about my expectations... well, there isn't much I can do about that.  There are plenty of roleplayers who find these expectations clear, concise, and welcome.  I've even been complimented on them.


Thank you, though, for your time and attention in getting this far.  I certainly hope you find what you're looking for in Eorzea!

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I have hidden and requested deletion of my previous posts, as I think we exchanged our opinions and should just part ways.

Is that agreeable? You may hide or remove your replies now as well, so that things look clean again.

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Thread derailings aside, I'm still on the lookout for some great roleplay partners, particularly in the late-night/overnight hours in the US.  You're welcome to contact me on Discord (listed on the carrd on this advertisement) or to drop me a PM here!  ♥



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Hey there! Your character sounds super interesting and your OOC stuff sounds like we could vibe as writing partners! Our boundaries are extremely similar and I'm also a EST late night-owl. 😄 Kiara grew up an orphan rogue in Limsa and now travels around as an adventurer/thief-for-hire disguised as a street performer, so she's a bit morally grey but has a soft spot for helping out commonfolk and loves to meet people from all walks of life, so it could be fun to see what dynamic they might have if they interacted!


I'm Kiara Nocturne on Mateus, and my discord is lil nosferatu#1313 if you ever wanna set something up or bounce around some ideas! ❤️

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3 hours ago, SinfulFox said:

Hey there! Your character sounds super interesting and your OOC stuff sounds like we could vibe as writing partners! Our boundaries are extremely similar and I'm also a EST late night-owl. 😄 Kiara grew up an orphan rogue in Limsa and now travels around as an adventurer/thief-for-hire disguised as a street performer, so she's a bit morally grey but has a soft spot for helping out commonfolk and loves to meet people from all walks of life, so it could be fun to see what dynamic they might have if they interacted!


I'm Kiara Nocturne on Mateus, and my discord is lil nosferatu#1313 if you ever wanna set something up or bounce around some ideas! ❤️



I'm always down for meeting new people, as is Gospel, so I'm sure we can manage something between the two of us!  :D  I'll shoot over a Discord Friend Request shortly and we'll see what we can come up with!

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Interested! I'm also a night owl (3rd shift life) central US time. I just started browsing these forums yesterday, but I sent you a Discord friend request to discuss some ideas. From Kitsune#0254. New-ish to XIV roleplay but I'm a WoW refugee from Moon Guard (I have 10+ years of experience writing there and on other platforms).

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