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Meishuya is now accepting applicants!

Visit: https://meishuya.carrd.co



Within the beating heart of Thanalan lies an oasis for misunderstood souls. Like a piece of Hingashi plucked and placed in the desert, the Ishino sake distillery acts as the face for a deeper association: the Meishuya. It fashions itself as a home for ne’er-do-wells from across the Star.


We're a medium-sized, 18+ FC, containing morally gray themes with a focus on Yakuza inspired crime. We’re mostly active in the evenings eastern time, and this is when we hold many of our events. Our community is centered around the idea that everyone should curate their own experience. We’re focused on enabling people to enjoy themselves and become a part of our narrative. Members and associates (see carrd for more information on the distinction) can freely submit events through a form. We believe that many hands lighten the load, so we have an Assistant role for those who wish to directly involve themselves in our FC's narrative, granted on an opt-in basis. We want you to curate your own experience while being as involved as you’d like with everything that goes on in our FC. 


You might like Meishuya if you enjoy:

  • Roleplay that focuses on interpersonal connections and loyalty to criminal organizations. 
  • Complicated social dynamics for your character, including things like secretive partnerships with leaders and peers, morally ambiguous events and other, secretive, criminal activities. 
  • Lore abiding roleplay with allowances for bending.
  • Robust character systems for events that allow for creativity and freedom – but, with that interesting layer of randomness that TTRPGs provide. 
  • Long event series, shorter storylines and social gatherings. 
  •  A safe, welcoming LGBTQIA+ community. 
  • And other things! SO MANY OTHER THINGS.
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