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Question about the Padjal

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Okay, so I've been trying to dig up as much information about the Seedseers and the Padjal as I can for the purposes of RP.


My character is very in touch with the elements, well more so water, wind and earth.  She can "hear them speak" so to speak.  She can hear fire ice and lightning but doesn't always..understand them..


Initially I was guna have her be essentially a Padjal who hasn't been fully blessed yet, no horns or any of that serene awesomeness that the others seem to have.  Anyhow, I'm trying to figure out if the Padjal are a race of their own, or if they're just normal people who got touched by the elementals and can now commune with them?


Don't get me wrong, not trying to uber mode the character or anything, it's a minor part of her backstory but would still like to understand the full lore of it before I go and make anything official.


Any help would be hot.  Thanks.

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Padjal are probably the result of supernatural meddling in the birth of a child. There are a select few Hyur families who consistently - but extremely rarely - give birth to padjal children. While they are born to Hyur, they may as well be a different race. They don't seem to age at the same rate, living for much, much longer than any normal Hyur, they have an uncanny affinity for the elements and nature and its voices, and of course there are those horns.


I honestly would advise against trying to roleplay a padjal, considering how very rare they are and how significant a role they play in Gridanian culture. It would be akin to roleplaying as part of the ruling body of Ul'dah.

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Padjal are mysterious figures in Gridanian culture in Final Fantasy XIV. They are seemingly unaging children born from normal people (likely exclusively Hyur) in the Twelveswood. Every Padjal has thin horns growing directly outward, and is gifted with powerful Conjury. As soon as a child is confirmed a Padjal, he or she is indoctrinated into Stillglade Fane.


Padjal typically become mentors to other Conjurers, if not members of Gridania's government. E-Sumi-Yan is the master of the Conjurer's Guild at Stillglade Fane, and Kan-E-Senna leads the Order of the Twin Adder. 



As the equivalent of real-world holy men and women, they are often referred to as "Brother" or "Sister". They do not use the titles "Father" or "Mother." This could possibly indicate that they are eternally children.


If they are indeed ageless then it becomes unlikely that the Padjal themselves can ever reproduce, being biologically too young to be fertile.


Source for Padjal


Also might want to check out this youtube video




Hope this helps

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these help a lot, thanks.


I'm not trying to RP as a Padjal, without the ability to actually choose that "race" I wouldn't even want to try.  My character just has abilities similar..able to commune or at least listen to the elements (Well some better than others).


So no, not trying to put her on the level of the Padjal socially or even power wise, but was just making sure that what I'm doing with her backstory isn't something that couldn't be explained via the lore of the world.

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The implication I get from the Conjurer class story is that all Conjurers can, to varying degrees, "feel" the elements; that seems to be a necessary component for learning Conjury formally. However, some people can wield some of its powers (particularly healing) without that ability or training in it, although doing so comes with a terrible personal cost. I think it's a reasonable extrapolation to say that an individual Conjurer might "hear" the elements, after a fashion.


So, since the existing Conjurer story line supports what you're doing on its own, I definitely wouldn't have your character be even related to the Padjal for reasons others have mentioned.

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Being a Padjal means having a strong connection to the elements, but having a strong connection to the elements does not necessitate being a Padjal.


Now, I'm not suggesting you become a Wildling (An individual who has accrued too much woodsin too quickly can become 'claimed' by the elementals, becoming forever linked to them and the Twelveswood, serving them as penance and unable to ever leave) but there are options, and the flavor text of the Guild indicates that most Conjurers tend to have a certain talent or leaning... some speak best to earth elementals, others hear the wind most keenly, some can't really hear them at all, but excel at healing arts.


Just pick some aspect of Conjury to have an aptitude for, and go from there.

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