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RPC Lore Hunting Team

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Hey there everyone,


In an effort to further bolster the wiki and its resources, I thought it would be a good idea to see if there was any interest in putting together a team of players who would be willing to hunt down and gather all the confirmed lore and various articles presented to us over the course of the past few years, compile the various sources, screenshots, videos, etc. and link them here in an organized manner, and eventually add all the information to the wiki itself.


If you are interested in taking part in this, drop your name down below! It would probably be easier if those volunteering focused on particular lore bits, e.g. Ul'dah lore, Geography, Bestiary info, Timeline bits, etc. 


I'm currently at work, but once I'm at home, I'll try to get all the resources I've compiled myself and add them here. I'm aware there are other threads and sites that do have this, but in my experience they are incomplete and missing details. Furthermore, it would probably be wise just to have our own copy of details here on the RPC for easy access. :)

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I'll certainly assist with this.


As for specifics, I suppose that I'll go and hunt down advanced job lore, or even just class lore in general, including history of the guilds (where applicable), and the crafting and gathering classes.


Other than that I could also assist with Limsan lore, which I suppose will include Sahagins and Kobolds.

Unless someone wants to focus specifically on the Beastmen races of course.

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I'd be willing to help with this. I've done extensive lore write-ups for other mmos and would like to get to know as much of the lore here as possible. Right now Merri and a few others seem to really know their stuff which I gotta hand it to them, I'd also like to know much of it myself as I often included lore in my rp and conduced in character "lore tours" to help people unfamiliar with the lore in GW2 get familiar with it.



Teach teach teach I always say.

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I don't think anyone (least of all me) would describe me as an expert in lore, but I'll help out where I can. It seems my specialties are main scenario quest and miqo'te lore.


Well when talking lore in general, it is kinda hard to be an expert.

Usually what it comes down to is how good you are at digging up the small details (if they exist) and your ability to transcribe these facts in a manner that is inviting to others.


Don't worry about it too much, if there is something you feel that you need to learn, then you'll learn soon enough.

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I can help out as far as taking people's resources and dropping them on the Wiki in an organized and articulate manner. I don't have a lot of quest caps from the beta, and I didn't play 1.0, so I have nothing to contribute there. What I do have is a few years of experience managing another RP community's wiki, at times completely by myself. For that game, I was thought of as a "lore guru" because I do tend to latch on to the little details.


I'm totally new to FFXIV lore, but I've already been picking up on little things that some tend to miss. Typing it out also helps me to memorize things and put them together. :)

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Something like this is such a great idea, just so hard to organize... x_x I am totally in for helping gather info once the game is back up. Pulling things from leves and talking to every NPC in Eorzea is high on my list..

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How about listing Lore that needs working on, then a person or a team of 2 or so can pick that specific topic to work on, when someone has picked a topic their name is added behind it?


Ex - Gladiator's guild - Xeon - WIP

Cactuar - Steve - Complete

Ul'dah - George - Complete(?)

(insert more topics here - user - status)

(insert more topics here - user - status)

(insert more topics here - user - status)


(?) meaning it might need more work or a look through to see if its actually done.

And so on. that way we can see what there is to work on, whose is currently working on them, what is done and who completed it.


Its good time now ahead of the ob to start listing topic so people can perhaps starts looking for facts during the ob.



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I'd love to help any way I can. I've learned much from people citing references over at the forums which may not exactly be in the wiki and have thought about then editing the wiki pages to update with what I've seen/found/pointed to.

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Hey Hey Hey! 


Sorry for the delay in getting this started! I've been a bit busy with other things.


I'll be reformatting my initial post here soon as information begins to be linked in the comments (I'll be adding my stuff as well soon enough). 


Here's how things will work:


When posting a comment with lore bits and details, please put the details in a spoiler tag. Because we can only take confirmed lore, we need to be able to provide citation and proof. To this end, please provide link to the page with the details, an image, or a video. Good resources for lore are the lodestone, the official FFXIV page, Gamerescapes, and Youtube videos of quests and NPC text. 


As details get posted, I'll organize them in the first comment with links to the comment/lore details in question. For those who are choosing to focus on specific lore details, please feel free to begin updating the RPC wiki with the found info and please be sure to also include the proper notes, references, and external links at the bottom of the wiki page.


Lastly, if you can't verify the lore in question, do not post it here until you do. If you wish to discuss the validity of any details, create a new post for it. Let's try not to needlessly clutter this thread :)

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Hopefully we can get Extension:Cite installed on the wiki to help with this. It makes adding references a lot easier.


I'll start working on the miqo'te stuff soon. I was thinking of taking what's already on Category:Miqo'te and splitting it to a new Miqo'te (lore) page, then adding a disambiguation template and using it to link the Category page and the lore page together. (So, just like on Wikipedia, when you go to Category:Miqo'te, it says "This page is about miqo'te player characters. For information on miqo'te lore, see Miqo'te (lore)".)


Then my plan is to summarize the lore (to avoid copyvio) and use cite tags (if available) or internal links (if not) to reference the source material being summarized.


EDIT: The reason I'm posting my strategy here is because I think the wiki editors on team should have a consistent approach to what they do so the wiki looks all nice and professional. :)

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Currently working on the class guilds lore, starting with the 1.0 guild quests.


If anyone has information on the Elementals of the Twelveswood, please do tell me, as I can't find that much on them in my notes, and they're mentioned in all of the Gridanian guild quests.

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Pure speculation at this point so I figure it won't be mentioned anywhere, buuut seems like thus far we've got a fairly decent idea of Garlean surname prefixes.




Sas = Tribuni (Rhitatyn - Right Judge, Livia)

Tol = Frumentarii (Nero)

Nan = Minister (Cid, Midas)

Van = Legatus (Gaius, Nael)

Zos = Emperor (Solus)



Probably won't know for certain until Fern finally replies to my Garlean naming conventions thread like he said he would~

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