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Hachi's Finger Painting

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This isn't actually finger painting, so I apologize if you have been misled. It's really just some random coalescence of SAI and PSCS5, and my Livestream with Khy'zen coaching my coloring. ( so thank you Khy)


I'll add more FFXIV art as I produce it. Basically, I have a month to pump out as much as I can, because once the game goes live... *zip cloud*


So, ladies and gentlemen, Hachi Ten'ahn.



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UWAAAAAAA, that pic looks so cute and professional!! Anime style is my absolute favourite style, and you're so good at it! This is a pleasant surprise ^^


I also love the way you designed your character, she looks very unique. Somehow, her colour scheme reminds me of a cream cake.

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