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Where do I lay my head?

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Where a character makes their home, and what they do with it, often says a lot about them. Is your house a cheap hovel in Ul'dah, even though you've got enough gil to buy a bevy of chocobos? Maybe you spend all of your gil on a lavish apartment overlooking the seas, and constantly adventure just to keep food in your belly. Could it be that you travel from inn room to inn room, sharing a bed with a different companion each night? Knowing how you live gives others' clues to who you are, and gives a possible connection with your neighbors.


So, in this thread, post where your character lives and two or three defining characteristics about it that people can use to run into you or discover how you live.


I'll start.


L'yhta lives in a small studio apartment near the fishermen's docks in Limsa Lominsa.

  • The interior is filled with books, though they've been carefully arranged so as not to block the sun coming through the small windows. There's only gauzy voile curtains on those windows, too.
  • A music stand with an complex piece of antiquated music sits next to the window; perhaps she likes to sing while watching the water.
  • The bed may never be made, the books may be load-bearing, and the clothes may be strewn about, but there's a worn rug in the center of the room that's surprisingly clean and clear of any obstacles.

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Amaare travels from Inn to Inn, his favorite rest place is Vesper Bay he has also slept on the beach in Costa Del Sol many times with beautiful companions


  • He has inn rooms especially set aside for him in Limsa and Ul'dah
  • While not there as often he has an occasional friend with benefits in the treehouses of the Black Shroud (see the tour of Eorzea 1 video to see these) usually a beautiful Elezen of either sub race.
  • He also frequents Inns that are located near hotsprings and beach houses all around Eorzea
  • It is rumored that he has put a down payment on a room at the Gold Saucer while it is still being built. It will be more than likely be built near any casino/gambling areas.
  • He also has special arrangements with several brothels as he is a repeat customer and in good standing


It is rumored that he actually has a house but to prevent companions from finding it he doesn't tell anyone about it. This has been surmised due to nights where he isn't found in one of his typical hangouts, though it could just mean that he is at a new companion's home - which more than likely probably is the case.

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Much of the time Myxie would lay her head down on a workbench, probably over some piece or other that she had been drawing or building. Since the day shift at the guilds tends to frown upon vagrancy in the guild hall during prime business hours, she keeps a room at the inn.


  • There's always an apron with several different tools laying around.
  • Though the material within will change based on her latest scholarly pursuits, she always has a few thick books as well as a journal and sketchbook handy.
  • She always has a beat up toy chocobo made of tin with fading yellow paint that's been largely worn off sitting on the back corner of her desk.

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Nako'li has rooms in the Sandstorm set aside for him, since he hardly leaves Ul'dah unless returning to the family group he doesn't need anywhere else currently.


usually theres the following scattered around:

  • Various tools and devices for measuring Aetheric currents and strengths.
  • A couple of different artifacts that he is currently studying.
  • annotated drawings of creatures and artifacts and how they react to/provoke Aetheric responses.
  • several scrolls and treatises on the behaviour of the Aether in thanalan. 
  • several plates of half eaten meals where he got too distracted by his research to continue eating.

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Rogier spends most of his time locked up inside the place he has called home since childhood, surrounded by books on magic and his own research. Occasionally, but rarely, food can be found in the home though it is frequently ignored. He will typically lay his had on whatever surface is in front of him when he passes out after one of his insomnia driven research bouts. 


  • The walls are often covered in dust making it obvious what materials are part of his current research
  • gems and his Grimoire can always be found
  • It is said that no one else ever enters the home

He is most often found wandering the various markets in search of food and research materials.

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Being new to town, "Amiabelle" does not yet have a place to call home.  For the time being, the owner of the local chocobo stable has allowed her to sleep in the loft above.  "Ami" is not at all fond of the smell, and it is somewhat warmer than she'd like, but it is cozy and surprisingly comfortable.


  • "Amiabelle" falls asleep quickly and generally awakens refreshed.
  • She is a side sleeper and doesn't move about much when asleep.
  • Although she's loathe to admit it, "Ami" is a light snorer.
  • "Ami" hates it when people (or animals) drool while asleep.
  • She is saving her gil to purchase a proper home

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Li'ur lives within Panther Lily, a pleasure house in Ul'dah whose workers are solely Miqo'te. Like his "sisters," he has his own room, but he keeps it separate from the private ones the house provides for guest activities.


  • Not a single piece of literature rests inside his room, not even a writing utensil. Frankly, a single blank piece of paper seems to be an impossible discovery.
  • The bed is neatly made, and the his clothes are properly folded away.
  • A small table by his bedside, a sewing kit sits. Broken needles and empty spools lie around it. Even a (mostly empty) jewelry kit makes it residence there.

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Zirn lives in a moderately sized, several room apartment on the water, near the shipbuilding guild in Limsa Lominsa.


  • Zirn appears to be a weapons aficionado from the looks of things. He has what looks to be a broad variety of just about every weapon conceived, from a tiny stiletto to a massive two-handed warhammer. From their haphazard display, it is a wonder he does not stab himself or sever something important just by moving around the place. They do look spotless, however, as if he polishes them regularly.
  • Near the bed, he has a board set up on one wall with a number of wanted posters. On it is a mixture of various individuals, with the most prominent being that of Captain Swarzoeng, arrayed in a similar way as to how normal people might display portraits of their friends and loved ones.
  • Other than these details, the apartment is only sparsely furnished. The bed is lackluster and frankly looks rather uncomfortable. A single chair and a small table, which surprisingly -- when compared to the rest of the apartment -- holds only a single ax, adorn the center of the bedroom. It has the look of a place he spends little time.

Deitrych will have only recently moved into a low-rent apartment just down a back alley from the marketplace, run by a kindly (until rent is due) Lalafell landlady. Due to having only just moved it and having no real possessions of his own, it is bare except for the necessities that come with every room. A bed, a small multipurpose table, a set of chairs, and so on. He seems in no hurry to personalize the apartment either.

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Aeriyn Ashley lives... wherever she happens to be. If she's in Ul'dah, she gets a room from the Quicksand, or she stays at the Ashley family manor, depending on if her adopted sister was involved or not. If she's in/near Gridania and/or the Black Shroud... probably a tree branch. If she goes to Limsa Lominsa, she can often be found sleeping on shipping crates in the docks. For some strange reason, none of the thugs or criminals ever seem to bother her.


Ariene Ashley lives in the Ashley family manor in Ul'dah, but she often sleeps and eats at the Immortal Flames barracks and mess hall. Being a rather conscientious Flame Captain, she likes to stay close to her people.


K'airi Thalen currently lives in Gridania, using the Adventurer's Guild as a base of operations for the time being. She doesn't actually have a true home any longer since she abandoned the Hipparion tribe due to the disappearance of her mother and a clash between her own ideals and those of the tribe's traditionalists.


Linala Lin lives in Limsa Lominsa, near the Arcanist's Guild, of which she is a member. Her apartment is small and sparsely decorated, but comfortable and warm as would fit a Plainsfolk lalafell woman.

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Eva presently has no home to call her own.

She is temporarily staying in a modest apartment that belongs to one Alex Silversheath and is situated a floor above an apothecary in Ul'dah.

Prior to that she was staying for a short time in a tiny guest room at Randirrim Temple - a [RPer-created] temple devoted to the goddess Nophica situated in the Eastern Shroud.

Before that, she was sleeping outdoors in woods out behind the lakeside cabin that had once, five years ago, belonged to her.


When she does have her own residence:

  • Her living space is kept inordinately tidy - a place for everything and everything in its place. Even the unfinished knitting project on the coffee table in the living room appears to have been left at just such an angle by design. This woman probably has OCD.
  • An enormous grand harp sits in a corner of her bedroom. She won't deny knowing how to play, but she will usually refuse if asked.
  • A lance cast of some sort of bluish-clear crystal or glass hangs from the wall of her living room - a weapon her father once wielded that she says is much too heavy for her to bear.
  • The sounds of a small bat rattling around in a cage may be heard emanating from her bedroom.
  • Her home is designed such that most furnishings and other objects are white or black, with lavender or purple accents.
  • The entire home usually smells of lilac and sun lemon.

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Xha'li is currently staying in a rented room at the Drowning Wrench in Limsa Lolimsa.

  • Off to the side of the door hanging on a peg is a well-worn, but still quite sturdy pack containing a few days of basic rations and canteen that has been (re)filled with water within the past two days.
  • Lying on top of the dresser are the two halves of his lance, the wood obviously well oiled, and the tip polished till it shines.
  • The table is covered in notes and books, with the only clear spot being where-ever he last left his grimriore.
  • A chair has been moved to be in front of the window, and by the book normally by it it appears to be well used.
  • The bed is only made if he's paid to have his bedding washed that day, otherwise its blankets and sheets are a mess.
  • There is no sign of any food in his room as he always eats at the Bismark or the Wrench's common room.

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I like this. I've been writing a story about my character for a while now and this was one of the first questions I asked myself about her. Where does she live and how?



Pre-Calamity, Sounsyy lived in a small bungalow on Tiger's Helm Isle with her closest friend Ceirtette and her husband.

  • There is only one bedroom. Sounsyy sleeps upright in a chair by the porch window.
  • The front porch faces the ocean. Ceirtette sits quietly on the porch and listens to the ocean for hours at a time. Sounsyy will sit with her for a time, before taking a walk to the water or to Limsa Lominsa.
  • No paintings or flags or tapestries hang on the walls. The only decorations are bundles of small flowers. Some of these flowers hang upside down on the walls, others occupy vases on countertops and windowsills. 
  • The front door is made of ash, and it creaks. So it is kept open all day. 

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Alex Silversheath - (lost his home near Ala Mhigo (The Spiegel Household) when Garleans came through in 1557, lost his home in Gridania due to Bahamut's big hissy)


First Residence (Gridania)

A modest one-story home generally lacking in keepsakes from beyond five years ago. Two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen/living room.


By the kitchen there is a rack of dried/drying herbs

The second bedroom houses Alex's alchemy/botanty stuff

The living room houses bookshelves full of books. Aside from his big puffy chair is a case full of incense and a tinwhistle.

His bedroom is pretty bare aside from journals kept from 1575-present, a Nophica and Rhalgr shrines. His closet has clothes of all walks of life (field, dress, monk clothing) and some smut mags/novels in the back of the shelf. There are a couple of pinwheels that sit in a vase on the windowsill

There's a couple bottles of rum on some shelves.



Second Residence (Ul'dah)

A somewhat small apartment above an apothecary granted to Alex some years back to serve as his home away from home. It lacks even moreso in individuality than his Gridania residence, but still houses an alchemy/botanty station, two shrines, rum, clothing and naughty mags/novels. :D




John Spiegel

Hasn't had a home since Ala Mhigo fell, occasionally stored stuff at either of his childrens' places -- which was usually weapons or trinkets. So the timejump really hasn't hurt him financially.

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