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[Dev. Blog] Flying Fairy

Havoc Snow

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We already got to see the new Egis, so now it's time for the new Fairies! Scholars rejoice, here is a look at your AF gear and both of your pets.


August 04, 2013



Bayohne here with the third in our "updates that take a look at the upcoming pets" series!


Today we're looking at the scholar's pet fairy!


Here's fairy "Eos"




And fairy "Selene"




[align=left]"I can't believe she said that!"

"I know, right!?"



The scholars wait patiently for their fairies to finish catching up.



Their fairies off on adventures, the scholars sit home and wait.








So there you have it folks, Fairies!

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I'm not sure whether to be more impressed with the fairies or that you and Ellie posted at the same time with the same thread and almost the exact same title. :D


They're the two fairies doing deep cover marketing, duh.


It's cool that Scholars get a cool summon too, though, not my style of play but glad my nerdier Arcanist bros won't be lonely :cactuar:

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Not quite digging the Fairy Vibe, but still looks interesting. At first I was hoping it would be along the lines of the other Job's summons, but I suppose a different job would require a different type of summon-- just certainly wasn't expecting fairies.


But again, still pretty neat, and they're certainly gorgeous! Would be great if you could customize your fairies...

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