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"Poke in the Eye Night Fever" [EU friendly]

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Hello there,


I have to begin this topic to announce this is not a RP event, so if it's on the wrong place, feel free to move it on another part of the board :) . Though, we would like to adress this message to RP player who would like to poke some boss in the eye, this is the reason why I choose to post here.


Every friday the four members of the LC FC will organize semi learning party on some "end game" dungeons / boss.

We'll gather at around 21h GMT+2 (3PM EST, I encourage you to use WorldTimeBuddy to convert time) and will run between 3h and 4h one dungeon we'll pick earlier in the day/week.


Those party will be in "semi learning". By semi learning we mean that people should know the basic mechanics of the fight so we can make some progress (if we have 4 others people not knowing anything, it will be pretty hard to move on the differents phases of the dungeon / boss).

If you're in a situation where you cannot move on because you don't find a good party (Titan Extreme is the best exemple I think), if you know a part of the fight and want to learn some more, if you wanna try some dungeon in a new class, if you wan't to learn without the party falling appart after 1 wipe, you're knocking on the right door :) .

We'll take our time every wipe to give some tips and advices for every class, the point will never be to make you feel bad but to help you get the mecanics of the fight in the most friendly way possible, without anybody around barking on you if you die ♥ .


For now, we'll mainly focus on those dungeons, but feel free to give your opinion if you're interested by some others :

- Leviathan XM.

- Moogle XM.

- Coil T5.


About the class : We already have 1 PAL, 1 SCH, 1 BRD and 1 WHM/BRD. Which mean that we'll open the event to 1 tank 1 healer and 2 DD (or 1 tank 3 DD) every week.


Of course, we accept veterant and people who would like to learn. Point is to have a friendly and nice PVE party which could help people who needs to progress and (maybe !) have a win ♥ .



PS : Feel free to pm me IG (Ilwe'ran Hlaiwa), here or to answer to this message if you have some suggestions.

PS' : Sorry for my english mistakes, still not pro !

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Hello! (I've been told it was okay to reply here; I hope I'm doing it right).

I'm a WHM in need to learn any of those raids, so I wonder if I could join you any Friday if the healer spot is open. I might fail at first, but I'll do my best to learn if you accept me >_<


EDIT: Forgot to mention. I'm playing at i98, but can go a bit higher if needed. I just chose not to use some of the Soldiery pieces because they don't give me spell speed, but I can equip them in case you consider I need more ilv.

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I spoke to Ilwe'ran in game, and said I would post stuff here.


I have cleared T5 as a BLM, but for Extremes only managed to do Garuda (also as BLM).


The Jobs I have geared are:

Tank: Paladin (i99), Warrior (i96)

Healer: White Mage (i91), Scholar (i91)

DPS: Black Mage (i93), Summoner (i93)


ilvl may not be important to you, but I know that some people are funny about it :P


I will be trying to clear Leviathan and Good King Moggle Mog so as to be able to help with Ramuh :D

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I tend to think that ilvl isn't that much important as you can have people with high ilvl that don't know what is a rotation and people with low ilvl who knows what to do. There are DPS checks in this game, but not on the dungeons we tend to run all together so you really don't have to worry about that ♥ !

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Just some advice to get the most of of this, which may seem obvious.


1. Watch the/a video, maybe read a guide. Understand the main mechanics and your role.


2. Use Duty Finder (or Party Finder) to try out the dungeon. Don't expect a win to start with, just get a feel and add some experience to that theory from the video. 


So when we run you at least know some basics and we don't spend 20min explaining or waiting for you to watch the video.


4. Come along expecting to wipe, discuss, learn and progress.


5. Smile, enjoy.. something, something, cake!


As Ilwe says, iLevel is not important. I would say anything i90 or above is more than suitable. What is important is to bring your learning face... and cake.

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I'm interested in getting involved in this if there's still room! I'm particularly interested in Garuda EX, Turn 5 and Leviathan EX. My character is a DRG and I'm reasonably well geared. I have a bit of experience and know the gist of the fights but have so far struggled to find a reliable and consistent group despite managing to make a fair bit of progress.


So far I've managed to complete Thornmarch EX but I'm willing to tackle pretty much anything!

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1. Watch the/a video, maybe read a guide. Understand the main mechanics and your role.


2. Use Duty Finder (or Party Finder) to try out the dungeon. Don't expect a win to start with, just get a feel and add some experience to that theory from the video. 



As way of a reminder. And for Levi you can try the normal mode and avoid slides into the barriers and the aoe, not the best training but less stress to let you see what is going on.

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