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RP Activity on Balmung?


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Very active! There are a lot of EU players, and even some linkshells and free companies especially geared toward the EU population, so I think you'd have no trouble finding RP.

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I would say active with some hubs like the adventurers guilds. Not much LS RP support I find, most seemed to dry up, but certainly some active FCs.


I'm EU based, and some events even stretch to cover late night UK. In the mornings in UK though there are a lot less people on but you can still get RP if you are patient.

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Guest Ragnar

A friend of mine had the same problem, he just ended up buying expensive items and then reselling them after he transferred. You might try creating a character on Balmung to check out prices to see what would be your best bet.

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Europa LS is active with an average of 40-50 members online in prime time these days, and my FC has EU-timezone friendly barnights twice a week (tuesday/thursday). 


If you ping me one of the coming days I can get you an invite sorted.

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[align=center]It's eerie-ific![/align]


If you're looking for some spook-tacular fun and random roleplay, you could always talk with Gus Pumpkinweed or one of his various employees.


Every 13th of the month, we host "Spooky the 13th" where there are competitions, news going around Hydalen, prizes, food and drinks and a chance to congregate in far off places that aren't always a tavern!


If you ever want, send Gus Pumpkinweed a tell in game! I'm sure he'd be all for meeting another person.



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