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How to be this Awesome (or how to Hunt)

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Behold, perhaps the first person on the server to get this


Not that I have any way of telling, but I am super proud of it LOL...even though all it took was grinding. No, not via the Hunt board. I'm getting a lot of questions as I run around Ul'dah in it, so figured I'd share how to get this. This took about 3-4 days' worth, not including the hours at work (12 hours) and today, which was a day off.


Find a hunting LS. There is 1 B rank, 1 A rank, and 1 S rank in each zone. You want to go after A ranks that give 20 seals, and spawn every 3 hours or so. B ranks offer 5 seals and spawn every hour. Not enough intel has been generated about S ranks.


Be a tank or bard or otherwise something that generates a crapload of enmity very quickly. Be polite, and wait for people to enter the zone once you find an A rank. It doesn't matter if you wait, so long as you're in an 8-man party, you will likely get the max seals so long as enmity is generated (credit is not based on damage). Avoid hunting during EU or NA uptimes (though EU uptimes seem far less crazy). Inform the hunting LS, of course.


It's aggravating and be prepared for a lot of trash talk. I was impatient, and REALLY WANTED THIS (i don't even have the other pieces as you can see). It really needs fixing, and expect to miss out if you don't teleport to the zone the INSTANT you see it called. Expect to lose money over teleporation fees.


Yes, you can get Sands of Time for 750 Allied Seals...but I got that cuirass for 1000.


Worth it.

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Where do people find these Hunt LSs? Just through shouts of people finding the A rank and S rank hunts?

Every hunt LS I've joined has ended up going quiet -- eventually people stop relaying their information in order to mitigate the crowds that end up in front of hunting mobs.


The hunt is hell, but I've managed a decent amount of success by hunting at obscene hours. I don't do it during primetime at -all-.


Edit: I join hunt parties at WHM and get Medica II going before a pull. That way I don't have to do much more than cast aero on the mob for full credit >>.

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Where do people find these Hunt LSs? Just through shouts of people finding the A rank and S rank hunts?


Me and Zac are going to start running B's and A's alot next month after I start my new job. If you want Kage you and your chocobo can join us. I'll even shout out over FOM if you like.

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Well, anyone who hangs out on the Balmung's Finest linkshell knows just how much I absolutely despise the Hunt and every detail about how it's been implemented.


GOOD NEWS! Yoshida has confirmed that 2.35 will include some pretty drastic changes to the Hunt in an effort to curb the current craziness going around, so hopefully there will also be a corresponding decrease in whining related to the subject. Fingers crossed! ;)


Source: http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/186993-52-Minutes-of-Yoshi-P-unleashed-D-Here-s-my-interview-with-our-fearless-leader?p=2363967&viewfull=1#post2363967

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