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Looking to take on a new student.

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Back toward the beginning of 2.0 I came upon a thread here posted by someone seeking a teacher, sort of in the sense of a Jedi and his/her student. This sounded interesting to me so we struck out. The game and our characters were both forming and our styles clashed here and there, but we approached our differences together and worked through them. She has taken her character off into her own direction, having grown up in a sense. From that I gain a really good friend, someone I really respect as a real person that has creative RP, she was a great RPer to begin with, but the time together made me appreciate her greatly. When she comes up, I can only say good things. But with her character having moved on outside of my character's zone, I find myself suffering from a bit of empty nest feelings.


I tried being a trainer IC because it sounded interesting, and her influence on me made me a better RPer, and I want to experience it again. That said, another great rper I know had another interesting deal, a set of Trials for new Sultansworn. So considering I am one of only two Sultansworn in this community, and seeing as the other is.... indisposed, our numbers could use a boost. So this is not a recruitment thread, just a fact finding one. Is there any demand for players wanting to join the Sultansworn, either as a student in training or simply to do the trials? If I see a demand I will do as my predecessor did and post a recruitment poster in the Town Square forum. Those just seeking to apprentice can approach me freely.


Let me know what you think.

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I do think taking on a mentor, or a mentor taking on a student, is a GREAT way for relationships to be made, for characters to meet other characters.


Erik was Roen's first mentor when she arrived to Ul'Dah looking to become a Sultansworn, and one of the first players I met when I started to RP in this game! While their stories eventually branched away from each other, as all students eventually leave their teachers to grow on their own, I have to thank Erik for helping me out regarding learning some of the new mechanics in this game (I was an FF newb) and through him I met many other lovely characters too (hi C, Siha, and Jace!) early.


Natalie and Gharen were also her mentors and needless to say, that has lead to so many interesting stories that are still going!


So yes, I wholeheartedly recommend players starting out, that mentorship is a great way to go.

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I know, she is amazing.


You give me too much credit :blush:


Nyalie is also a Sultansworn, she's in the Sultanswarm linkshell.

Bartolomeo Filangerie as well, but he's been on vacation the past few days.

Anelia was gone for a while I think. I met her briefly. She is also in the shell.


I've been trying to tag everyone who RP's as Sultansworn in game.


If Crofte survives the collar, you need to put her through those trials, Erik!

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Ahh! Nyalie Lihzeh is in my FC. Awesome, awesome person. Glad to hear you guys found her; I know she'd recently been expressing a desire to RP more.


More on topic, playing out the camaraderie that comes with the role of Master and Student is one of the great joys of roleplaying, to me. And as a player and as a character, one would be hard pressed to find a better mentor than Erik. *salutes*

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Too bad Erik is not just teaching the way of the sword. If the becoming a Sultansworn wasn't required, I would have a student for you. So, yes, there is a place for mentors in the community.


Kiht was even doing the mentor thing for awhile before she got into her current mess. And her mentor Yvelont, played by TheLastCandle, is basically my go-to source when I have to explain why Kiht is so awesome with the lance :D


Anyways, I think Erik would be a great mentor.

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I feel bad because it seems like a sultansworn is something that I should know what it is and... well... I just don't but what I do know is that whatever it is it sounds just blooming awesome! I'd love for Mira too learn all about and become a student! She could definitely use some kind of mentor figure in her life as she's generally prone to lacking any kind of track or definition (a trait she shares with her creator, which is why she's abandoned being a monk and is trying to become a bard) so I'd love to here more and Erik is still recruiting a student I'd bet Mira would love to be that student!


Edit: If I'm logged into the game you can just send a tell to Mira Polaali, otherwise a send a message but yeah I'd like to know more!

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