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ell, I figured I'd jump the bandwagon.


Own stuff:





Fulfilled Commissions:
















Drawings (Closed for now)

I may also take drawing commission, but that depends how quickly I can improve my lineart in the following weeks, with the limited time i have.


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What resolution do you work at when you're doing lineart? If you work super big and then shrink down after when you save for the web, you can wind up with crisper, snazzier lines. (It's how I hide all of my mistakes :V )

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I wouldn't say it's faking. Comic artists (at least in the US) work several times larger than print size and the art gets reduced before going to press. You'd essentially be doing the same thing.


The other benefit to working bigger is that you have more pixels to work with, so visually your lines wind up looking smoother. Especially when you taper lines off, larger resolution means they'll look less clunky. Can't hurt to try, yeah? It might feel weird at first, but keeping your 'zoom' out at 25-50% or whatever feels like your usual screenshot-size on your screen could help.

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Love your style! I would NOT say to respect the lines though, honest. That 'sloppiness' adds some flare to your work as your personal method. 


Just might have to commission something in the near future but I've yet to get the opportunity to make a character on Balmung. The window is so small! D:

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Holy crap. You've been using a mouse? Good lord, trying to do lineart with a mouse requires a heck of a lot of patience. You've had some pretty dang spiffy results so far without a tablet.


If you reaaaaaally, really want to keep up with digital painting or just any sort of digital art in the long term - I would strongly, strongly suggest saving up for a drawing tablet. All the tutorials I know kind of go by the assumption that you have a drawing tablet with pressure sensitivity and it'll speed up your process by an ungodly amount.


The "Intuos Pen & Touch" is just $99. It's the cheapest wacom tablet available and it has enough pressure sensitivity to make you toss your mouse out a window. Put away $20 bucks or so a month somewhere and in five months, you'll have enough money to get a tablet for yourself. Or if you're on a painfully strict budget (we've all been there), but you still see yourself plunking away at the digital art 2 years from now, just tuck away $5-10 a month. It'll be worth it.

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