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HRPC at the FFXIV Fan Fest 2014

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Hey everyone, Edward Oswell from Balmung here to talk about the upcoming Fan Fest in October!  After receiving my ticket I got to wondering how many of my fellow RPers would be there, this festival seems like the perfect time to meet the men and women behind the faces of Eorzea's defenders!  That being said, is there any plans for anyone in the HRPC to set up a place and time for those of us who have tickets to meet?  If not, I'd love to schedule something for everyone!  If you want to meet me personally PM me on the forums and we can chat about it.  I'd love to see people there, maybe (hopefully) even some of my fellow Blue Skies members!


-Reach for the sky, Edward

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Six people from my FC (AW-RP), including myself, are going to this year's Fanfest. We'd love to see and meet other RPers in person!


Just PM me if there's anything that's being set up, and I'll keep an eye on this thread too. :)

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I'm thrilled to see responses to this thread!  As we get more information about the Fan Fest, such as schedules for each day and such, I will be able to plan this out more solidly with everyone who wants to meet.  I am hoping to have all of us at least spend an hour or so each night talking fun, discussing the upcoming changes to our world, the announcements, and just enjoying each other's company.  As the date draws nearer I'll contact you all through PMs and we can talk more, and you can pass the message along to your friends attending as well!

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