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Best Combat Class for a Healer?


Which Class is better for a healer to move to ICly?  

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  1. 1. Which Class is better for a healer to move to ICly?

    • Archery
    • Arcanist
    • Elemental Thingy I can't Spell Properly that leads to Black Mage
    • Sword Play
    • Axe Play
    • Lance

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So, I've come to a point where my character has decided they no longer want to just sit at the sidelines and wait for people to get hurt. What would you guys suggest for a combat class that could be a believable transition for someone who's spent a good chunk of their life in the Shroud studying Conjurery?

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Conjury is not just healing. You have DPS spells, and in the questline you learn how to wield the elements for offensive purposes before they even let you attempt healing. There's really no need to adopt a different class unless you just want a change of scenery.

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I'd find an RP connection you can use..


  • Did they have some links and friendship with some Archers?
  • Maybe they are sent to study other forms of magic, like Archaists.. or go to Limsa as an ambassador and just happen to try and "when in Rome Limsa"
  • Why you would put on lots or armour or hit people with your hands may take a bit more creativity, but all is possible.. a legacy weapon, a pastime, loosing a bet, self defence, guild exchange etc..


My own character was kicked out of the Archers, made her way as a bard in the backwaters, then had that strange talent to heal looked at by the conjurers.. who sent her to the sylphs.. who sent her to get a grounding in all forms of magic. So she is today a kind of hedge witch offering alternative remedies with just enough knowledge but not that many book smarts. Oh and she can still turn out a good song. I put other combat down to the eclectic life of the working travelling bard.

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Well, if your char has never had combat training before, I could see Archery for the sole fact that they wouldn't be in-the-monster's-face. Plus, archers are fairly popular in the Shroud, so it could be something that your char is more familiar/comfortable around.


Arcanist or Tharmaturge, those could make sense in the fact that they're still caster jobs. What could be a nice IC-struggle would be learning the different ways of casting (Arcanist being mathematical formulae, Tharmaturge being aether manipulation if I remember correctly, versus Conjurer's borrowing from nature).


Really, what you should do is sit down and come up with some sort of IC reason for changing. Branching out for more knowledge? Frustration from being the one in the back 'always being protected'? Starting to feel flabby and wanting something to use as exercise? Maybe something has happened and your character needs to start developing non-magical abilities to avoid detection? Got an invite to start training at another guild with a friend? Did something happen to get you thrown out of your current guild. Unless you put some sort of restriction on your character yourself, there really isn't much that's keeping you from doing any change you want. I would just suggest you find an IC reason rather than a 'Hey guys! Look! I'm suddenly a !"

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