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Tokyo's New Final Fantasy Cafe

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My apologies if this has already been posted; I couldn't find any thread on it. Most of you have probably already seen this, but I thought I'd share it here!




Behold, the Eorzea Cafe. Modelled after the Carline Canopy, it's named after Eorzea, the region where Final Fantasy XIV takes place. Inside the cafe, you can see weapons, armor, and cute Moogles as well as a giant map of the world. There are also PCs where patrons can play the game.


Read the full article here!

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Having been to Tokyo, and several theme cafes, this is totally not as awesome as everyone thinks it's going to be.

Most of them have a fee just to sit down in them, require you to order something even if you don't want to, and are quite expensive for what you get. The atmosphere is neat, much like the Gundam Cafe; but I doubt it's going to worth the money it takes to be there.

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Needs more cosplayers and people dancing on tables and appearing in your seat.


That's the true Eorzean experience.


Also, someone in subligar spamming skills and emotes on top of your table.

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