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Portal page removal

Should the portal page come back?  

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  1. 1. Should the portal page come back?

    • Yes
    • Yes, but only if the content is regularly updated
    • No

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You may have noticed that the portal page (the thing with the flash animation and the headlines text) is now gone after our site move. That wasn't an intentional change; it happened because it was being called up by our Apache configuration on the old host, and I didn't copy any of that over.


So, what do you think about that change? Should I change it back? Keep it as it is now? Something else? Please vote and post any other ideas in this thread.

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I lean somewhere between the latter two options. Generally speaking I never really gave the main page more than a brief look as I'd simply take to this forum directly if I had anything to post/comment on.


However since it seems like a lot of people do want to see it make a return on the condition that it is updated more frequently then I'd suggest that it evolves it cover a broader range of subjects.


It'd be more work but I think it'd be cool if during periods where there isn't much FFXIV news to go around or there's simply a shortage of role-playing events to report on then there could be some sort of 'community spotlight' that highlights a particularly well written story, a constructive poster and a vast variety of other similar things.


That's my two pence, anyway! I'm not sure if this is precisely the sort of feedback you're looking for but this is the best I can come up with on a Sunday morning. :P

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I never really cared for it myself. For me, it was just a nuisance I immediately ignored and hopped over to the forum page. :P The updates were useful! But they were generally the same each day/week/month and I just tended to stumble across their contents on the forum boards instead anyway.

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I actually managed to read news first there a couple of times, and also all of the stuff about the page moving about I'd probably never have seen if they hadn't been on the front page. So, for what it's worth I think it should return so we can at least see somewhat important stuff there ^^

It's just a bit easier than checking the news section.

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As most everyone here has already stated, I would not mind seeing it back if it was updated frequently. That initial page was a place that events and such could be put out there right away, I think of it was sorta like the front page of a newspaper. Big pictures and some headlines to grab attention and direct the reader to where they can go to find out more.

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